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Stereo Analog VU Meter


Version 1.51 - Now with option to make your own BMP panel and style!

Professional analog volume unit meter. DSP & Math algorythm to emulate a real VU meter. Logaritnic scale. Applicatiom use: to control and tune PREAMP volume in Winamp EQUALIZER. Now with option to make your own VU skin or panel!

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July 18, 2001 by Boris Ribov211519 downloads

Stereo Analog VU Meter - RMS - Version 1.51 - Now with option to make your own BMP panel and style!

Staff review

Vu Meter for Winamp

Classic analog style... cool VU meter readout. Pretty straightforward. New version that is skinnable. -dg


Since 2001 not updated - Since 2001 not updatedBut it's nice vu-meter parameterizable - August 6, 2009 by accbster

Just what I needed - I was looking for a VU meter to complement Nucleo_Nlog_v102_ skin and found this. Then I made a skin for it using art from Nucleo. Have a look: - March 17, 2009 by eldino 1

very nice, now better then Aimp2 - the only bad thing is the development is freezed and so you can't change Needlecolour, NeedleWidth, and so on. Would be nice for better self made VU-Meter skins ;-) - December 8, 2008 by ALEX Vercetti

doesn't work - Can't get it to display...when loading the plugin the window just flashes on and then disappears. How are you guys getting this to work? Tried multiple times uninstalling and reinstalling. - December 1, 2008 by Michael Ludwig

similar to what I am looking for - What will make it cool is to make it look like a McIntosh power amp Blue meter - April 24, 2008 by Rick Cheng

WOW! nice - pefert - April 20, 2008 by soon peng

nice - this is verry cool. looks nice near my equalizer. still... one question: can i configurate this so it can start when i start winamp? not when i press play, not when i press start plug-in! i want it to start when i start winamp! thanksps: i made 2 compatible skins for the vu.. compatible with 2 classic winamp skins... how can i post them? - April 20, 2008 by a b

???????? - This plug-in just seems to be a bunch of HTML, JPG and GIF files. I can't find a DLL file for it anywhere and so of course a bunch of pix of VU meters isn't gonna magically turn into a viz in Winamp. What am I doing wrong. - April 7, 2008 by Daniel Rueben

vu - nice plug.... - November 25, 2007 by tony argy

Nice Try but only basic - i cannot place the window anywhere else, it has to be displayed on top, left, right or bottom of the main WinAmp-Window. No support for docking on other Windows (Playlist or Equalizer). The Main function does it work good and it is the first Visual that allows me to see the parts of a mp3 that are too loud. - November 8, 2007 by Richard Wroblewski

Not bad but take care - This is not a bad little plugin with a good pleasant meter. however remember when you right click on the face of the meter, don;t mess around with "panel", cos it crashed my winamp. - May 4, 2007 by Edmund Tan

Super - Alt und gut! - January 4, 2006 by Juergen wickert

GOOD but still have to work on it... - good job, keep up the good work and make this work along with winamp5 (current vers works only with big panels). I highly appreciate the precision and I sugest to make a modern skin (I have in mind reel to reel ZDL analog studio) to fit with the plugin or viceversa whatever you like it:) - September 27, 2005 by Firekeeper 1

VU accuracy - As an old radio guy I really appreciate these meters. Well done. GOOOD, Good good. I sit and stare at the screen watching the meters. Thank you. - March 6, 2005 by Dean Tiernan

Wow - I have always been a fan of VU meters, one of the reasons why I like Modern Skins. However, some of the Modern skins with Vu's are just ugly, and the VU meters are not too accurate. I have always like the way that Classic skins look and I have wished that there was a VU meter on them. This plug-in fulfills that request - September 14, 2004 by the bonehead

Best help for recording - It was not until this analog VU meter that I noticed the 10 dB difference in output level between CD's. The VU are a bit nervous compared to the real (yes, still have them) ones. But, over all, this plugin is for me the reason to go back to Winamp 2. Skins are thrilling. Hope you can make more and bigger ones.. - August 10, 2003 by Joop van Steijn


New WEB site with many skins and panels... - Here you can find more skins and panels for VU meter! Regards, Boris - February 28, 2003 by Boris Ribov

Best VU Meter I've ever used - Man, this is the best VU meter out there. It would be nice if it could capture the elements from the Winamp skin the user is currently using, but I kinda like it the way it is. Excellent!!!! - February 25, 2003 by Professor Tom

Skins and Winamp 3! - May be you can do this great thing for Winamp 3! That would be great! And maybe you could make a skin, that is styled more independant, so that it doesn't *grmpf* with any other WA Skinz - December 8, 2002 by Marcel Schroeter

Skins - Internal skin is best but want more - June 6, 2002 by Antony Smith

Not under XP - Doesn't work under Xp - but it's my favorite! Hope it can be made to work...Thanks! - May 16, 2002 by Dennis Hill

WOW! - What can I say?!! - March 7, 2002 by Ani Savage

TNX - It gave to me not only good memories, but more good feelings. TNX - November 25, 2001 by Toni Angelov

Best - Best that I ever seen, but I want more VU designs, like reversed ones, verticale ones and more. - November 25, 2001 by Marian Johnes

Hey, Great! - Gread old style. It gaves to me good memories.... - November 23, 2001 by Dimo Filev

Good... - Good work my friend. I'll be waiting for a new version. - November 23, 2001 by Danny Morati

Hey... -'s cool! - April 7, 2001 by Anders Str�m

Great Plug-in for WinAmp! - That looks veri nice and it moves exactly with the rhythm. Very good work BoardMan!!! - April 5, 2001 by J T

Great, Simply The Best!!! - That's fantastic plugin for my favourite mp3 player WinAmp!!! It looks like the old analog stereo meters and that's why it's so cool!!! I like it very much and i hope so that the author will continue to invent other plugins like that!!! Good Luck, BoardMan!!! - April 1, 2001 by Krasi Makaveev

Super realistik - I`m very surprised that there is a fans for analog (clasic) gadget - April 1, 2001 by Dimitar Kolev