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SqrSoft Limiter

This DSP plugin is useful for normalizing the sound level of your MP3 files.

This DSP plugin is useful for normalizing the sound level of your MP3 files.

This DSP plugin is useful for normalizing the sound level of your MP3 files.

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May 2, 2002 by Mariano Lopez106323 downloads

SqrSoft Limiter - This DSP plugin is useful for normalizing the sound level of your MP3 files.

Staff review

Compressor/Limiter DSP plugin

Straightforward and easy to use... this limiter/compressor plugin helps to normalize the sound levels of your different mp3 files. If you know your way around compressors/limiters you will be able to tweak this to get some nice sounds. For those who aren't familiar, you still can move the sliders and experiment with the sound. The 'default' button gives a fairly solid sound. However, it would be very nice for a future version to include presets...the ability to load and save.


Just normalizing level on the fly. No need in complicated Replay Gain - January 26, 2011 by eZH

This one actually works! - Tried a bunch of volume limiters and compression plug-ins but this one was the only one that actually worked well. The others were either too complicated or cost an arm and a leg. I would recommend this one highly for anyone looking for an easy to use and free limiter program. The only thing I'd wish this one had was a manual to explain what/how it really works. Not a big thing as you can probably figure it out. - May 13, 2009 by Joe Geek

Knackser - Viele Einstellmöglichkeiten. Leider schlecht dokumentiert. In der Default-Einstellung leider fiese Knackser bei leisen Stellen. Durch rumprobieren der Regler leider nicht wegzukriegen. Ansonsten klarer Sound. - May 2, 2007 by der Voegli

Exactly what I was looking for... - I had been trying to find a good plug-in to "equalize" the volume level of my MP3's. I like playing them at night when I'm going to sleep and I had several different tracks from different sources. One track would play and I couldn't even make out the bass-line much less the lyrics and the next would play and be on the edge of the neighbors calling the cops on me. I installed this plugin and just left all of the default settings and it worked PERFECTLY for me. My neighbors thank you! :) - March 19, 2007 by Chris Dean

It had a good run, but there are better options now - For a while this was the one of the best native Winamp plug-ins for compression. It is easy to use and doesn't consume too much CPU. I used it for years in my webcast. Unfortunately, even with very reasonable settings, it tends color the audio with faint clicks and tones. The author does not appear to be supporting it any longer, and there are better options for compressor/limiter DSPs now, so I wouldn't recommend this plug-in any longer. SqrSoft's Advanced CrossFading DSP is still quite good though. - October 16, 2006 by Mike Brown

great plugin - Finely a normalize plugin that does exectly what I have in mind. Almost without noticing it, it ajusts my music sothat every sound has the same volume. Great....and I have tried a few before. If I were you, I'd try it. - June 2, 2005 by Eradus Falk

Sounds like an Aphex Compellor! Mariano has done it AGAIN! - I downloaded this plug-in last week and was totally amazed with the sound that this little gem can do! One of my college FM's uses WINAMP and uses an Innovonics David II processor/stereo generator as their processing. (Very basic.) The moment I added in the SqrSoft Processor to the WINAMP player, the station sounded like it had an Optimod on line. I kid you not! In addition, on my Internet station "SuperStation WXRB" AND at WXRB-FM/95.1 (Dudley, MA) at I simply added the plug-in to my WINAMP player. The station already uses an Optimod 8100A for stereo generation and processing. WOW!! What a difference! It sounds like I added an Aphex Compellor to the audio chain. If you don't believe me, listen on-line, and see for yourself! Mariano..... you've done it AGAIN! I am very pleased with the sound if this plug-in. In fact, all of my FM'ers use this plug-in NOW! Keep up the good work! All the best, Peter Q. George (K1XRB) General Manager/CE WXRB-FM & "SuperStation WXRB" - May 19, 2005 by Peter Q. George

It works!!! - This plugin is excellent. Some presets would make it even better, but it works perfectly just as it is. It actually made my very disparate collection of mp3 files (which goes from the softness of Stan Getz with Joao Gilbert to the full bast of System Of A Down, all recorded at very different levels) sound consistent and solid. Great work here! - March 3, 2005 by Gustavo Medina

This does the job - This plugin works perfectly with shoutcast and files on my computer. All of the stations from the very quiet to the very loud are exactly the same volume. - February 20, 2005 by Jonathan Penny

Finally -- I can leave the volume alone! - I love this plugin because now I can finally leave the volume alone! (Even better, it doesn't look like a monkey is adjustimg my volume for me.) After experimentation, I came up with the following settings: 10dB -3dB 100 50ms 3s -2dB I also think reducing the bass a little in the eq reduces noticable volume changes when your bass goes away. 60: -5dB and 170: -2.5. I've been looking for something like this for a long time.. Thanks to the author! -Chris - December 28, 2004 by Chris Lowman

Hm... - Does it work with ShoutCast? - February 11, 2004 by Eliseu Carvalho

Excellent - Does an excellent job. If your library has been pieced together from here and there the volume levels are probably all over the place. This plugin fixes that nicely. - October 31, 2003 by Neil Gregory

Amazing. - This program really is amazing. It works incredibly well, does exactly what I wanted it to do, etc, etc. My only problem is that I have some songs I converted from vinyl to MP3 and whenever there is silence, it amplifies the pops and clicks and general fuzz in the background to deafening levels. Awesome otherwise though. - October 18, 2003 by Luke B

The best I've ever tried - This sound level normalizer is the best one for using Winamp. It works very well - expecially together with SqrSoft Crossfading. What more it's easy to use. It's like listening to prefessional radio station. Would be nice to have these plugins for Winamp 3 also. - January 9, 2003 by Daniel Korkes

Finally, a compressor that acts as a compressor - Thank you, Mr. Lopez! It's about time that someone made a compressor plugin that actually had controls like a compressor. Now those of us who are accustomed to walking up to a rack-mount comp can just set things as we want them and walk away. No stupid, confusing, and utterly meaningless settings in this one - just things you'll find on the front panel of any normal studio compressor. Does have some minor bugs but they're easily overlooked when you consider how easy it is to use [if you're used to analogue equipment, anyway]. - May 14, 2002 by dex Otaku