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SqrSoft Advanced Crossfading Output

A fast & smart crossfading output plugin, perfect for radios, parties or what ever!

A fast & smart crossfading output plugin, perfect for radios, parties or what ever!

SqrSoft. Advanced CrossFading v1.7 can crossfade two songs, the one Winamp is playing and the next in the playlist. The crossfade is made by analyzing sound level of the last seconds of the song to determine the best mix point, applying the level envelope curves to the beginning and end of the tracks.You can set different crossfading parameters for normal crossfade on track end and when you skip the track. This includes the mixing length so you can set the mix to 10%, 20%, etc.This plugin includes a Gap Killer that eliminates the silence or any sound bellow the trigger level, this is applied to the start and end of the track.This plugin also includes format converter that gets activated when you try to mix two songs with different bits per sample, sample rate or number of channels. The sample converter will automatically change the track to the format selected in the "Open wave device as...".This plugin can send the crossfaded audio data to a second DSP for Compression or Shoutcast.This version supports non-linear crossfading curves.

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April 18, 2002 by Mariano Lopez2181528 downloads

SqrSoft Advanced Crossfading Output - A fast & smart crossfading output plugin, perfect for radios, parties or what ever!

Staff review

Crossfade your playlist

Very well written. So smooth. i'm always a sucker for these crossfading plugins, it makes the worse deejay sounds terrific! I feel like a commercial, but this is great for parties.


Very good !! - February 18, 2011 by SuperCelso

The latest version is1.7.6 1179 from brothersoft.comclose winamp before installing this babyany questions [email protected] - September 3, 2010 by michael burns

like to say been using winamp..10 years..the best..and ur crossfading..brill..wish wernt old and broke..cause both keep me sain..wish could afford..wpro..and donate to u m8..great prg..dont 1 out apreciates..cause we do:-))..ty - April 18, 2010 by [email protected]

This is great I use it every weekend in my Club allows me to work the crowd instead of the crossfaderAfter using this for over 3 years (Does not work with Version above 5.4 winamp on Vista)about to try version 1.7.6 DJ Sandy B - March 26, 2010 by Sandy Beasley

afd - September 23, 2009 by Heather V

Awesome CROSSFADE!!! - This is one of the best plugins for output that I have used in a while. Simple is always coming out on top. I only took half of a star because when I attempted to get to the options for this plugin, it stalled winamp 5.56 and I had to close out. Other than that, the plugin works very well. I would recommend to all useing winamp. You can visit my review on my site and also download this plugin at - September 1, 2009 by sonchip

Perfect ! (minus the adds) - Great for parties !To remove adds:1- Download latest version from Configure -> Advanced -> Disable Adds3- ENJOY ! - May 4, 2009 by Vince Emond

Very usefull - I was looking for something like that very long time ago. I tryed it and... works fine. No gap between songs! Thank you - March 26, 2009 by jose louro

Great plug-in... but... - ADWARE! No excuse, no tolerance. No ADWARE should be allowed unless stated so in the description. How dare you!Very nice cross-fader, but every few songs it opens up your web browser and begs for donations. Yeah, right. Nice try. PLONK! - February 27, 2009 by John Collins

Fantastic, shame about the hidden stuff! - Have to say that this is the best cross fader for Winamp, or at least I thought it was. I do not appreciate having my web browser hijacked into visiting SqrSofts home page at random intervals. Hidden nasties, just hope that I've managed to get them off my computer. Best avoided if you don't hidden nasties. - February 23, 2009 by Christopher Dussen

Works good, but one important click - Until now the best Auto-crossfader for only one instance of winamp I could found.Its not hijack your browser.There is one IMPORTANT control: Config > advanced > General: Disable adds !!!There is an new version on "".After that its works with V5.54.There is also another plugin, calls "ACF Controller General". It looks like an live control unit for this plugin, but there is absolutly no change (no problems, too).Finally: Many controlls, many function! - February 2, 2009 by DJ GT

Nice, but.. - This hijacks your browser, plain and simple.Do not walk, run away. - December 16, 2008 by Fred Ogle

Here's the fix for v5.541 crashing - It's not posted here at Winamp, but there's a new v1.7.6.1180of the Crossfading plugin posted on the author's site that fixes the crashing problem.Get it here:, after you install the new version, you'll get an IRRITATING Sqrsoft.acf control panel popup window on your desktop, everytime you start Winamp. If anybody figures out how to disable that annoying window, PLEASE post how. I've spent the last hour trying to disable it with no luck & can't find any documentation on it. - October 9, 2008 by Terry Korensek

Unhappy - As mentioned it crashes Winamp's latest version 5.541 when one tries to configure this plug-in...The fact that it installs adware is totally unacceptable...I have found that SqrSoft support does not have the courtesy to respond to my e-mails.SqrSoft BLOWS!buckycool - September 24, 2008 by Michael Buchanan

Great! =) - Very nice working plug-in, you'll never be in silence! =DP.S.Only it crashed WinAmp, when i was trying to configure plug-in. I have MS Vista Ulti, WA 5.541. - September 16, 2008 by Raimonds Barakausks

It's Vista that's the culprit! - Just thought I'd put in my thoughts as I've also had probz with this crashing.I've used this together with my Shoutcast stream since it was first released and that's for at least 6 years.ALWAYS worked without any issues. A brilliant plug-in and very configurable........that is until I installed Vista (which everyone knows is a pile of shite anyway)and then it started crashing when I wanted to configure the plug-in.Remember people, this was designed way back in 2002 and I still use it on my old xp machine that I use for the radio stream.Just wanted to even up the comments a bit because I've been extremely happy with this for years on xp and w2k. - September 2, 2008 by Klaatu Gort

wow, then darn it - Worked great for the first day, but STOPPED WORKING AFTER THE FIRST DAY. After day one when i tried to configure the settings it made winamp crash. When i reopened winamp SqrSoft was no longer the default output and every time i tried to change the output back to SqrSoft the whole program crashed again. i made sure winamp was allowing multiple instances and tried uninstalling and reinstalling but it didn't work. ironically i was just about to give into the please donate pop up when i discovered this. Moral of the story DON'T DONATE UNTIL YOU'RE SURE THE PLUG IN IS STABLE. - August 18, 2008 by DJ Ness

Config aborts Winamp 5.541 - I just discovered yhis fantastic plugin but... I confirm Config aborts Winamp 5.541 (not with 5.431). - August 10, 2008 by Phil Hilsz

great! - I love it!Totalmente recomendable :) - August 3, 2008 by abc xyz

HATE IT - Thought this would be a good plug-in, however be warned. They put something on my computer so that everytime I am on the internet....a new tab opens up with SqrSoft asking me to donate. IF this was a pay site, then maybe I might have money to donate, but since this is a free site, that means I'm not able to donate and I resent these jerks asking me to's like a homeless person begging on the street for money, SO RUDE!! I will be deleting this plug-in. - July 24, 2008 by DJ Collide

great plug-in.. - winamp 5.54 crashes when i tried to configure the settings of this plug-in.anyway,i guess this is just a minor bug of 5.54 because it works great on 5.53 and earlier versions of winamp.i hope this would be fixed in the next update of winamp. - July 15, 2008 by rhonz anzano

volume - is this a global problem with this plugin or there are some problems with my pc. Anyways, I wanted to watch some videos, but, u know, Im running my i-radio and so I turned off volume in winamp and what do u know - it turned off volume also in my VLC player. Can someone help me ? -1 star for pop-ups and -1 star for volume - July 6, 2008 by aga freims

At Last! - I was looking for this kind of plug in since version winamp 2 :DI love it! - June 3, 2008 by Diego Coppari

Cracking!! - I love it.My birthday party will rock now. Thank you - May 8, 2008 by hilary hilary

Good Little Set-Up, BUT !! - It's Great On Music Tracks Fades And Bends Lovely. But Doing DJ'ing And Doing Karaoke I Find It Impossible To STOP It From Cutting The End Off The Karaoke cdg Causing The Karaoke Song to Finish Before The Singer!! Almost Got Punched...TWICE!! Very Annoying....Maybe It's Just Me? - March 31, 2008 by Billy Wilson

Webcaster's Dream - I used plugin Ver 1.72 recommended below that is now at this url: it solved all of my broadcasting problems. It allows for two DSP plugins to be used at the same time which is what I needed to do to get my broadcast to sound right. This is how I did it: First, go to the site above and get 1.72 and install it. Then go here: get the RockSteady 2.1 plugin and install it. Open Winamp and go to preferences. Go to DSP and select the RockSteady plugin. Now go to Output and select the SqrSoft 1.72 plugin. Click configure and select the DSP tab. Select your ShoutCast/OddCast broadcasting plugin and run from here. Click configure to bring up the plugin to set it up and your'e good to go! With this setup, what you end up with is a broadcast that crossfades beautifully and with the RockSteady plugin working also, your listenrs won't have to jump at the volume every time the song changes! A note about Windows XP: Because of the way XP uses memory, you may have to add some to the PC to keep Winamp from crashing. I had identical setups in both servers, one XP SP2, the other 2000 Pro SP4 with Winamp 5.24 (current 5.51). XP gave me problems untill I added memory. I highly reccommend this plugin (1.72).SnowHowMyWindowsPage - January 21, 2008 by Jason Snow

Best Crossfading Plug-in there is - It's Simple and It's Perfect - January 14, 2008 by Gedalja Leene

Awesome - This plugin is just awesome, after some minnor changes on it's config works great, thanks - December 2, 2007 by Juan Manuel Lopez

UMMM!!!! - Well it is the program that I need to do DJ work but it crashes winamp faithfully. Come up with a plug in that does not cash winamp and I would pay for it. - November 30, 2007 by Paul Oleskiewicz

Great, but ... - It works well on most type of music. But IMO for agresive (like house music) one, it cuts down the lower tone (maybe - November 24, 2007 by Andy Gan

A little concerned, because it works - At first I was a little concerned because it works so good. I thought, "This can't be true." However, it is and it cross fades nicely! This will hold me over until I can stream with NexGen Digital, by Prophet Systems. Meanwhile, listen to my stations and see if you or 96KBPS.comROCK IT! - August 26, 2007 by Jay Rock

Just The best - Just The best - August 17, 2007 by Akilleas Strapi

the new 1.75 version even better! - The really great plug-in. Works properly with Win XP SP2. - February 19, 2007 by Giora Sluzky

Does what I want it to - some glitches - My orchids and onions for this plug-in are just about the same as the previous ones mentioned. I love that it fades in and out on seek, too. That's really nice. I like the amount of control you have with this plug-in as opposed to some of the others. Now all I need is the money to start a shoutcast station. What I have never liked is the fact that when I have this plug-in installed, every time I close Winamp, there is a memory access error. I was told this was "just something windows XP Pro does", and didn't realize it was the plug-in until I ran across a mention on another discussion forum, not here, that some Winamp plug-ins cause this. On a hunch, I uninstalled this one first, and voila. I sure hope this can be fixed, because I really love this plug-in other than that. - January 12, 2007 by Bluejay Young

Absoulty PERFECT!!! - As a professional DJ AND KJ this tool comes in extremely handy. Especialy when I'm doing Karaoke shows.. When I'm to busy looking for the next karaoke song or want to run out for a smoke this takes over. I haven't had to look for a CD for quite some time now. I know running MP3's are extremely frowned upon by the AVLA here in Canada, but if I have the originals sitting right beside me no one can say anything. So needless to say I've got 2 thumbs up to the creator of this great plugin. Keep up the good work on future editions!! DJ Venture - November 28, 2006 by Dave Wright

hmm - Glitchy at times, but gets the job done.. some silly pop-ups embeded to promote dontation are kinda annoying. - June 7, 2006 by Jason Priest

Not a good plug-in - I am very dissatisfied with this plug-in. From the minute I installed in I thought it was bad. It doesn't like you having two winamps open, it won't let other sounds play while winamp is running, and it is very unstable. The only good thing I can say about this plug-in is that you can crossfade your own radio broadcast, but that is it. I might consider installing this plug-in again only if all these bugs are fixed, but for now it is to stay uninstalled. - May 20, 2006 by Andy B.

Use version 1.72! - Given you use version 1.72 build 1021 ( and NOT version 1.75 (found here), this IS the perfect crossfade plug-in. 1.72 is rock solid (I've been depending on it for years), and 1.75 crashed as soon as I tried it. I'm not sure about 1.75, but in 1.72, it is simply false that you can't crossfade into the next song by pressing the "skip" button. Just un-check the checkbox "Flush on stop/skip". And if you really don't want a fade-out on stop, you can un-check a box for that. I recommend a 16000ms mix buffer, with 20% crossfade, and 10% stop-skip fade times. Version 1.72 build 1021 is the gem you want. - May 10, 2006 by John Paquette

WA 3 is STILL the best (for me) - Ok, so, this is the only plug-in so far that comes closest to what I need from crossfade in Winamp, which is good. Now what sucks is that you can't crossfade into the next song by pressing the "skip" button, and why would anybody need that? Suppose you don't wanna listen to the entire song and wanna jump to the next song in the middle of the currently playing song WITH crossfade, OR if someone at the party double clicks on some other song on the playlist and instead of crossfading into it, the player just goes into the song that was double-clicked (SUCKS!!!!). Neither winamp or this plug-in lets you do that. Winamp 3 allowed you to do that and I think it's a significant feature. This plug-in would be PERFECT, if it made a distinction between "skip" and "stop". In the menu they're considered the same thing. Then if you could give options, like if a person double-clicks on another song in the playlist, it crossfades into the song double-clicked, if you right-click on it and select "play now..." then it wouldn't crossfade and would go straight into it. THAT would be awesome. The plug-in FADES-OUT when I need the mp3 to stop, but it cuts the mp3 off and plays the next song WITHOUT CROSSFADE if you press the "skip" button, EVEN IF THE NEXT SONG IS IN QUEUE. Seriously, just one step away from being the perfect crossfade plug-in. - March 21, 2006 by Dave Charleston

Thank you - Great - March 19, 2006 by salvatore amato

A great plugin except... - This plugin is everything you need for crossfades. This is an output plugin. You can however set it up to send the processed audio to a DSP plugin. I've used DSP stacker within this. The settings are excellent, totally flexible. You choose the exact level to being fading, fade slope, maximum and minimum fades, gap killer, its just awesome. Now for the bad part, it's quite unstable and "crashy". Almost every time I use it it will hang up the sound card. It will lock winamp when skipping tracks. Buffering action is a little weird. Improved stability would make this the ultimate plugin for building shoutcast streams. - March 12, 2006 by Rockin_Rick Ferguson

Not really adware... - The version on Winamp?s site does have a nasty popup ?feature? that you cannot turn off. This is build 1109 dated Mar 28, 2002. If you read the very fine print on the SqrSoft donation page popup, it reads ?To disable this window download the last plugin version from the SqrSoft web site and go to the plugin advanced configuration window to turn it off!? That is download from their site. This is build 1129, dated May 26, 2002. The version on the Winamp site does not have the option on the advanced configuration window to turn it off. 4 stars given only for not having the most current version here, at - February 24, 2006 by Robert Morbitzer

Great utility. And WTF to the previous review? - I've been using sqrsoft crossfader for years now. I've never seen any ad-ware come from it. Are you really, REALLY certain that it came from this plugin. I highly doubt it, at least I haven't updated it since about ... 2001. If you're having adware issues, go grab some scanners (there's plenty FREE ones around, eg adaware, spybot etc.) Your problem with delays when you seek is easily fixed by *actually changing the options* ;) - February 4, 2006 by Ratznium No

Adware - Well the plugin seems to work decently, but I don't understand how everybody lets these people get away with adware. Anything that pops up ads all the time deserves no more than one star. And the reason I say it works only decently is, I don't know if its only me because I haven't heard anyone else mention it, but there is like a 2-3 second delay whenever i seek or stop, besides the fade length, and I can't figure it out. Whatever, I don't support adware anyway. - January 30, 2006 by Jay Rosenblum

wont work with enhancer 0.17 - Drats...I knew it was too good to be true...this plugin (which works like a charm)really causes my enhancer to chop up like crazy...damn!....that enhancer plug has been my main thang for 3 yrs now....desicions decisions - January 27, 2006 by Nelson Lovell

Perfect plugin, but with a catch - I used this plugin with winamp 2.xx and it was amazing. But 10 minutes ago it just created a popup to this page Isnt it considered Adware?? - January 4, 2006 by Papadopoulos Nick

excellent crossfader - all you need! - December 29, 2005 by Claude K

Excelent - The best one! - December 24, 2005 by Ricardo Alarco

bad bad bad - I notice how many reviews go something like "5-stars when it works." When it works? No, no, no, if you are streaming Internet radio to a worldwide audience, if it doesn't work ALL the time, it is worthless to you. This plugin will, willy-nilly, instead of crosfading to the next track will just plain cause Winamp to stop sending signal through the output device. This, of course, is disaster to your Webcast. Even when it does work, there is nothing this plug-in does better than DirectSound. So, yeah, if you are just dinking around at home maybe this think is an okay toy, but it is NOT meant for any serious Webcaster. - November 4, 2005 by Douglas Giles

Never found anything better... - ...and I've been using this plugin for several years! This is the only free bit of software I've found that bases the crossfade on sound levels instead of time. When I'm DJing, I don't want a song to fade in as the other is fading out...I want the new song to start full volume and the previous song to disappear quickly. This plugin handles 95% of the crossfades the way I would if I were handling it manually. I try every new crossfade plugin I find, and none work as intelligently as SqrSoft. I use it for my Mobile DJ service as well as my Internet radio station, TigerRadio. The only downside is that there hasn't been an update in some time, but nevertheless, it's the most intelligent crossfader out there. - October 29, 2005 by Gary Teel

Pop-up window - The popup windows can be disabled by downloading and installing the verion that is distributed trough the website of the author. In that version there is an extra checkbox in the advanced tab that allows you to disable the popup window. - October 25, 2005 by Lennert Collee

great plugin, pop-ups kill it - The title says it all. This plugin seems to be the best for crossfading out of the selection here. But what kills the deal, is the pop-ups for sqrsoft. It's almost as bad as spyware, anytime you play music, it pops up in you browser, it will even takeover the page your on in IE, and switch it to sqrsoft. This is unacceptable. I can't recomend this to anyone, It would get 4 stars, but because of the pop-ups those cost minus 2 stars! It's that bad! Especeally if you listen to winamp all day while working on the net like I do, your in for a real treat! - October 25, 2005 by Jason Kotara

When it works it's brilliant - I've been using v1.75 for about 6months now and am very impressed with the cross-fades it produces. Except for lacking beat-matching, it does a better job than most DJs. It can be quite uncanny, especially with PL's sequences created by Predixis. The two problems I've had are: the persistent nag function takes your browser to SqrSofts homepage about once an hour, while Winamp is playing. The SqrSoft site says this function can be turned off, but not in the version I've seen. Secondly, about once every 8 weeks, for reasons unknown, the plug-in no longer works. No data seems to go through it, so Winamp plays fine, but there's no cross-fading. this is easily fixed by re-installing the plug-in, but it does tarnish the impression. - October 22, 2005 by Mark Finney

Very useful - First of all this is a very good plug-in and exactly what i was looking for. It's highly adjustable to your own preferences and the presets are useful. I'm only having some trouble with it on some systems. I experience gaps when the buffering for fading starts and sometimes it even makes the system hang completely. Again, this is only on some systems. When it works, it works fabulous! Keep on going! - October 20, 2005 by Lennert Collee

i like this - With a smooth crossfade within - every playlist sounds really better - for party and other -> a must to have - September 15, 2005 by Volker Suess

The Best Crossfade Plugin - Don't be fooled by the about dialog shown here. SQRSoft's Advanced Crossfade plugin is the output plug-in I've used solidly for YEARS (Winamp 2, anyone?). Many presets, options, and features of this plug-in make it the logical choice for your winamp output. You can set fade levels by time and/or by decibel level of the current song. This plug in plays your current song, and depending apon the set buffer length of the plug in will then jump to the next song while your current song is still playing, and buffer up while waiting for the mix point. I personally use the "RADIO" preset, because I like a nice tight mix. If you don't want to crossfade your tracks, use this to listen to a CD that you ripped without those annoying gaps of silence. Just go into the options and uncheck "ENABLE CROSSFADE". The plug in will do the rest! - September 8, 2005 by Curtis Kline

Clap Clap Clap - Great Job... It really works and it works with the ShoutCast Source plug-in. It fades out of the end of a song and fades in when the next songs comes on. - July 8, 2005 by Andrew Weisz

Version 1.72 is INCREDIBLE - I have been using this plugin, version 1.72 (NOT 1.75 -- it's crashy), for years now, and it is extremely stable and works *fantastically* except for long silences in the middle of songs, where it gets a bit hung up for some reason (probably searching its butt off for the end of the song). I have found NOTHING better for crossfading in Winamp. It works STUPENDOUSLY with Sound Solution 1.31b as its post-fade compressor. These two plugins combined turn Winamp into a DJ's secret weapon. I used them at a party and came out a star. - June 10, 2005 by John Paquette

Adware sucks - If this was a halfway decent plugin, you ruined it by having it try to access your web page. DONTATE??? HA HA YOU GOTTA BE F****** KIDDING? You should pay ME for the aggravation you caused. JUST FOR BEING SO ILL MANNERED I WILL NEVER EVER SEND YOU ONE SINGLE DIME!!!!!!! - June 10, 2005 by Ed Nielson

Not that great - The plugin is good when trying to play two songs that go down to zero volume at the beginning or at the end. But it screws up when you try to put two songs at their peak right next to each other even when they were burned off the same mix CD and are supposed to be played back-to-back! The program can't beatmatch, so don't put two songs of radically different tempo next to each other. And then there are those pop-ups. Lets just say you're better off getting a mix program off the internet and make your mix. Some of them beatmatch automatically and let you do all sorts of things (scratches, rewinds, equalizing). Or better yet, mix manually! - March 24, 2005 by Lisa Spartolisano

supoib - I downloaded this after having problems with gapless output and mp3 splice. You can configure to only remove gaps - good for mix CD's, or crossfade or both. Seems to work with no problems and you can tweak the crossfade to get longer/shorter fades depending on your preference. Great plug in to make dance music seem less gappy when you just lump a load of random tracks into the playlist editor. - March 8, 2005 by Michael Hitchen

crossfader is not working - I cannot get the crossfader to work. I have input the reccomended settings and still nothing. I had it working but it was inconsistant and now will not work at all. Has anybody had this problem. Please Help!!!! - February 27, 2005 by Erin Martinez

is a nice Toy.. - Very handy piece of software, thanks to the writer! I personally would change the options section a little bit. instead of having a "use fade on seek" checkbox in the advanced register , i'd put a "flush on seek" checkbox in the "fade on seek" register, like you did in the "fade on stop/Skip" register, would make more sense to me that way. Only Problem I'm really having, is that it won't be triggered by the "Toggle crossfading"-Button in the winamp equalizer, or maybe I'm doing something wrong? Anyway, Nice tool! - February 27, 2005 by Axel Gieck

wow :) - It's just gr8 :) full of options and comes with custom presets :) what more do you want? :) - February 8, 2005 by Nica Radu_George

Very good. - I'd rather said 'excellent'. It is the very best crossfadin' plug-in I've ever experienced! - February 1, 2005 by nayk Zakharov

some bugs.. - First I would like to say great job so far. Easily the best plugin out right now. The mp3 crossfade sounds excellent, but when the crossfade kicks in at the end of wma files you can hear a really long gap (about 1/20th of a second). And some of the options cause winamp to crash. Keep working on it. - January 16, 2005 by blah blah

great stuff - easy to set up and great features, its hard to believe i have used winamp for so long without this sort of thing - December 28, 2004 by Keith McBride

this is pretty damn good - As a DJ I'm a disaster but with this crossfade plugin I'm a master. DJ Tiesto eat your heartout! - December 15, 2004 by Niels Heeres

Very well done program. - This is very good program. I never believe any automated crossfading prgrams, but this one is doing it realy proffesional. Especialy the Club pressets is very nice mixing settings! - December 11, 2004 by mmm mmmm

Mixes like a Pro (12-07-2004) - Amazing program. Just add files or playlists, turn it on in your PREFERENCES/OUTPUT and it will make you sound like a professional radio station. Great for parties, lounging etc. Just say no to silence! - December 7, 2004 by Love Rocket

Is it me? - Why can't I adjust any of the settings on this thing? As soon as I drag a slider the thing crashes Winamp. Is it me? Or is this thing just a piece of junk? It works well enough with the default settings, but I wanted to change a few things. I guess it's too bad for me. - November 21, 2004 by Kevin Ranville

For a Crossfader it cossfades good... - Set-up it's not easy and given support it's even more difficult for those of us who don't know much or have no practice of these audio things. After quite a lot of patient trials I did succeed and works fine. However, there's still place for some improvement work. - November 13, 2004 by Agostinho Ferreira

MUST HAVE - This plug-in is an absolute MUST HAVE! Listening to music fade away is terrible when you could be listening to a new song insted... ;-) - October 31, 2004 by 7rym Nevestad

great tool! but works only with old input plugin - this is a great tool for crossfading. the best I've seen for beginners. Easy to use but with some advanced features. Unfortunatelly, it has not been updated to use new WMA input plugin. so you need to downgrade this plugin in order to make it work - October 26, 2004 by Ricardo Coronado

Be careful! - Be careful with this pluging if WinXP uses, since I have had serious problems and almost it finishes damaging my computer. If they know how to configure it it will be of great utility. - October 16, 2004 by Edwin Huggins

crossfading - Works very nice. It gives you the idea of listening to your own radiostation. - October 14, 2004 by Etien Hemelaar

Great plugin - ...but it has a small problem, it doesn't work on multichannel systems! Is there anyway you can help me? - June 16, 2004 by Iusein Stefan

Slows Down Sooooooo Much - This plugin Works Fine, but it slows down your computer sooooo much when using a dsp like SAM, shoutcast or oddcast. - June 5, 2004 by INDIGO CEYNOX

Well, it works - I have tried two more other similar plug ins that are listed here but this one really works superbly. I do not know wether I have configured the other two correctly but I did nothing with this one and... it works very very well. Besides it's highly configurable and we can also include our favorites DSP's on it. Well done. Well, must I say more ? - April 26, 2004 by Artur Nogueira

Great plugin(5 stars), kinda adware vibe - It is fairly annoying when a program pops its webpages up without asking permission. I have uninstalled it and am looking for a crossfading plugin that has better manners. Great program though! - April 22, 2004 by mr picky

cool - super plugin. But don't forget to change your sounddevice from the Microsoft-soundmapper (default) to your soundcard. Thanks for this proggie... - March 19, 2004 by derVoegli

EXCELENTE! - Este plug in es sin dudas el m?s completo ?y el mejor! de todos los que he probado. Hay una infinidad de combinaciones, se puede ajustar por todos lados, se le puede acoplar un dsp, ?se pueden guardar las configuraciones!?Y EXPORTARLAS! Es liviano, y funciona muy bien en la versi?n cinco incluso. Felicitaciones a Mariano. Fans of acf write to [email protected] (in spanish if it possible) - February 16, 2004 by Martin Tebes

Simple and Effective - I was looking for a simple solution of crossfading the songs while playing a playlist and this plug-in worked perfectly. Excellent. - February 3, 2004 by Devender Chopra

Crossfade between songs - Engancha una canci?n con la siguiente - Este plug-in realmente funciona, hace crossfade entre dos canciones aunque interrumpamos la canci?n actual con el bot?n \"Next\". Lamentablemente la versi?n 5, aunque est? muy buena, en la instalaci?n por defecto incluye un plug-in que permite el crossfade entre dos canciones, pero s?lo cuando una canci?n est? finalizando y hay una siguiente en la lista. Si queremos interrumpir una canci?n y saltar a la siguiente con el bot?n \"Next\" el plug-in que viene por defecto no puede hacer crossfade. Este plug-in s? puede hacerlo. Lo recomiendo. - January 25, 2004 by Walter Nieto

Real, advanced crossfading - This think has so many parameters, you have to play around with them to get the results you like. I really like the adjustable buffer size. I use this frequently with streaming radio, when it likes to hang out at 85-98% buffer. - December 22, 2003 by Mark Nielsen

Best Ever - Man this is the best crossfadder ever. i really liked it when i use to have wwinamp 2.89. then when i got winamp 3 i couldnt get it. now that i got 5 i got it back and its still kicking a$$. It even helped my songs not studder when i connect to the internet. Rock on !! - December 21, 2003 by psycho _maniac

I give it a 2 thumbs up! - This plug-in really kicks-a**!! It is really a very intelligent program and it works well here at "Solid Gold in Stereo", WXRB-FM. If you don't believe me, take a listen to it, live on-line at and see for yourself. This plug-in makes the mixes sound like "someones on-the-board". With the oldies format we run, blending the music "just right" is very important. No matter music your into, you'll be very pleased with the SQR Crossfader. Way to go Mariano! Jay P. Quentin III CE WXRB-FM/SuperStationWXRB - December 13, 2003 by Jay Quentin

is it really "free" if it crashes? - the plugin works pretty good except for the drain on the resources while changing songs, however the advertisment asking for money that pops up every 10 songs or so causes winamp to become unoperational making you have to end task and restart it... VERY ANNOYING and is making me not use the plug in anymore... I understand the need for funding for freeware but this is not the answer... have a manditory email sign up or something thanks - December 9, 2003 by Chris Camp.

too speed... - good in output but in is too speed and not good..under XP! - November 18, 2003 by JJ RULEZ

Dissapointed - This plugin is just fine on 98 and xp UP TO A POINT! I installed it plus the preset i wanted and turned off the pop up but the next weekend the ting started crashing my computer!! I would gladly bung the creator a few quid for his trouble but I want to see it work without crashing before I hand over the cash!!!! - November 10, 2003 by tim bryan

Doesn't work - Most of it is fine, but you got some serious issues in the coding when you get to edit the advanced Fading and Buffering features - no thanks to a little shoddy programming, every time I try to edit such features it crashes. If possible, could you please sort these bugs out for a future release, as this seemingly useful item has now suddenly become useless. - October 30, 2003 by Svend Joscelyne

1st Class - 2nd to None - Everytime I install winamp..I never forget the only proper X-fade component. AOL should buy this too and integrate it in winamp 2.92 ;-) - October 25, 2003 by Aaron Desforge

Author - This is not so much about the plug-in, but the author. I had trouble disabling the pop-up as well as the DSP section of the plug-in. I have e-mailed both of the contacts for authors on the web page 5 times now, and have not gotten so much as even a response. not even anything saying "We got your message, and we'll get back to you" The first e-mail I send was over 2 months ag now. The plug in good, but when I need help with it, and the author won't respond, that makes it not so good for me. - October 21, 2003 by Capt. Spastic

This plug in is useless - i dont even see why you made it, it crashes Winamp on WINXP and hell, kinda pointless to try it on only one windows system! - October 18, 2003 by brandon floyd

Good mixer - This is a good mixer. Very happy with it although I havent tried others. Problem right now is that its a bit buggy since everytime I try to load a preset it crashes. It also crashes winamp when trying to change some of the settings. Im running win98 on a tecra8100 laptop. - October 15, 2003 by Vid Luv

Awesome. Awesome? AWESOME! - It's perfect for my home radio station! Without it, it just wouldn't be the same. I have a customized setting that makes me sound better than most local commercial station. Lemme tellya, I use a LOT of plug-ins, but if they don't play well with this one, they THEY gotta go!!! And Mariano is great! When I couldn't figure out how to get rid of the nag pop up, he was quick to answer and very nice. - August 14, 2003 by PowerFM *****

A*W*E*S*O*M*E - I worked in radio for 18 years -- I really did "work the board -- and developed the art of the crossfade to a very fine level. I never thought I'd hear a crossfade that actually sounded like one from a computer playing mp3s or digital tracks of any kind. The ability to configure it is what really makes it. I was taught that in an ideal crossfade, one is not supposed to be able to tell where one song ends and the next begins. I've already had that happen once and I just installed it five minutes ago. This is, as a previous poster said, good for automated overnights. The only difference in manually executing a crossfade is that if you know the particular songs very well, you can make them sound like one and the same song, sometimes for a very long time. This plug-in makes me want to go back to work in radio! Thanks Mariano! - August 12, 2003 by Bluejay Young

Excellent plugin - This is the best plugin of its kind. Blows the others right out of the water, this little baby does everything. Don't worry about the pop-ups, they can be easily disabled by following the simple instructions on the pop-up itself (you have to do exactly what it says.) All in all, fantastic plugin. - June 23, 2003 by Dale Richards

The Best Ever Until Now - I have been using this SQR for more than 3 years and i havent yet seen any other SQR that can beat this one. Its GOOD for your Speaker. Download it now...YOU WONT REGRET IT :) I'm giving it ***** BESIDE I NEVER FACE ANY PROBLEM IN USING IT FOR 3 YEARS. - June 16, 2003 by ian Stan

Annoying - It's nice enough I suppose, but I don't find the crossfade to be very smooth. Plus, now my winamp always crashes and I have to restart it. Also, the window asking for support is just rude and annoying. At the very least you could have some fucking consideration and have it pop-up in a new window. I've lost several things I've typed from your damn begging for donations. I hit the back button on my browser and everything I'd just typed disappears. Plus, it refuses to delete from my computer, and you don't have an option to uninstall it. I'm content with the winamp I have now, I don't want to have to go in and save all my skins and other plug-ins, delete winamp, and re-download a newer version that I absolutely do not want. This was a nice idea, and it works for some people, but you need to have a little more consideration next time you try something. I am absolutely not happy with this at all. - June 13, 2003 by satori rahyn

Just Perfect! - Now I can play music and sound like I have some really expensive automation/crossfader, but it's just free! Thank You! - May 27, 2003 by N G

Easy to use - Get that studio crossfading quick and simple in a few steps. Makes it sound like you in the studio mixing music. A must have!! - May 20, 2003 by Randy A

Best xfader ever! - I have tried a number of plug-ins that promised gapless or smooth play, but the sqrsoft Advanced xfading is the top! I recommend it to anyone looking for dj style MP3 playback. The xfader's ability to daisy chain plug-ins is an excellent addition as I'm feeding to a normalizer for level sound output - without any problems. - May 17, 2003 by Shannon Oswald

Very good but, - I cannot access the advanced options! I love this plugin, the best crossfader I've seen in many moons, but, not being able to turn off that damned auto-loading webpage is annoying at times. (At least make it pop up in a new window instead of the current ie window!) - April 30, 2003 by Ian Swift

5 yery - e rga reg aerg areg reahreaherah - April 17, 2003 by wef ewfew

The plug-in I was looking for - I'm a DJ in our quite big intranet, so that is the plug-in I have finally found. I'm grateful to the authors, thanks a lot. - April 14, 2003 by Andrew McCartny

It beats winamp3... - The only disadvantage of not using the new (but lame) winamp3 is missing out on the xfader. This problem has been solved by this little beauty (which in my opinion is even better than the winamp3 one). - April 13, 2003 by Jonny N/A

computer crasher - this plugin is good but it always screws up my computer after the sqrsoft website automatically appears, other than that its not that bad of a plugin.. keep up the good work - April 9, 2003 by Dave Jung

Bueno - Sigue trabajando que vas por muy buen camino!!! - April 6, 2003 by rafaga rafaga

Perfect crossfading.. stops pops! - Plainly stated, this plugin ROCKS. The crossfading is the best of any plugin to date of this writing, and as an added bonus, it stopped the popping noises that my chipset likes to inject into some codecs for unknown reasons. Like a charm. Thanks you!! - February 11, 2003 by ForSolei Truelli

not bad - Works quite well, altho seems to have trouble when using the shoutcast DSP plugin, you can't seem to turn it off without winamp crashing :S Also...the popup ever so often, you could be browsing websites...listening to your favourite tunes...then makes a donation page popup. What if you were doin an online transaction at the time? Well that's that buggered up then ain't it. I did think seen as though Winamp is free...then plugins should be free...and you should be FREE from being SPAMMED to DONATE DONATE DONATE! It's your choice. - February 8, 2003 by Neil Wood

Super! But here's some tips... - This thing is great - love it. Very customizable, no crashes on my hp pavillion zt1180 laptop with XP Home. Does exactly what I needed it for. Some issues: For set-up, click on the little tiny icon in top left hand corner of the Winamp, then options, preferences, then the plugin. Then use their instructions for setting it up (configuration) that they supplied you with during installation. They will be in a text document file (just like a "read me" file) in your folder named Plugins at C:\Program Files\Winamp\Plugins. If you changed that location during the installation, but can't remember where it was now, you'll need to look around on your hard drive for the Plugins folder, and click on the correct plugin?s text file that you?ll find there. To create the WAV files with Winamp that you?ll use later to burn to CDR or CDRW, you add files from your collection to the Winamp playlist, and then double-click on the first song title on the playlist, or just click on it once to highlight it, then click the "play" button. Winamp will then go through them each making a WAV file that it quickly puts wherever you designated during installation (see below). It created these WAV files fairly quickly and without any real indication of what's really going on. They could have made an indicator that lights up that says "Creating WAV file and sending to such and such location", and then a "finished" light could come on. But they didn't include anything like that, so you just basically have to keep watching until the little "seeking bar" eventually stops going across. It's that thingy that moves from left to right as a song plays. Then you just open your CD burning application and add the WAV file to it's list of files that it wil burn to CDR or CDRW, and follow the procedure for that application. A really good idea, if you have a CDRW drive, is to burn to CDRW first to practice. I had to tweak the crossfader settings a few times before I liked the results. Again, to do that, you go back through the set up (configure) procedure. This will become easier and easier once you work with all of this over and and over a few times. The main reason I downloaded this application was so that I could make a CD that is a non-stop continuous mix of crossfaded songs. So I had to figure out how to do this: I had to go back into the Winamp plug-in set up procedure (options, preferences, configure, device tab) and make sure that where it says "options" there, that the box next to where it says "Write multiple wave files" was unselected, so that Winamp will write one continuous WAV file. Simple procedure, but they leave it up to you really just as with all of the rest of this, to pretty much figure out this part also. One thing though, if you want you want each song on the CD to be separated with a space on the CD that you burn, you have to check that box so that Winamp creates individual WAV files for each track. But I want one continous nonstop mix, so I unchecked it. I also eventually figured out that I had to have my own software to burn the CD, which luckily I have a few on my computer already. So I just opened my CD burning application called HP RecordNow and clicked on its "Browse" button to go get music files off of my hard drive. Of course I had to know where to look, meaning I had to remember where I had designated for Winamp to put the WAV file(s) that it had created. This was something that was established during the installation procedure. Make sure that during installation you designate a place that you'll be sure to remember, or better yet write it down during installation when you get the chance before going on to the next step. If you forget, just go through the plug-in set up (configure) procedure which I already described, and click on the "Device" tab. It will display in the "Output Path" where it puts your WAV files that it processed for you. Good luck!! - January 29, 2003 by Mike BillABONG

this plugin roxx :) - i used it for some small parties and use it now as default output plugin good work !! - January 28, 2003 by soma itsasecret

Advance Crossfadeing - I like it alot it makes winamp a little more enjoyable. However every couple of songs it will pop up a window asking for a donation. And if you already did and just close the window it will lock up winamp. And you won't be able to use it unless you control alt delete it and start it up again. In the internet window it gives intructions for turning that annoyance off but i tried to do it and it doesn't say anything about turing it off. It really does suck. - January 20, 2003 by Davidwinamp Thorton

Lo mejor - Encima de q es lo mejor para crossfade lo hacen unos argentinos!!! :D:D:D:D:D - January 19, 2003 by Guillote J.

Advanced Crossfader by SqrSoft - This is just a first class plugin that totally enhances the listening experience. It gives a professional finish to streamed music and once the settings are right can seamlessly blend any 2 tracks together. It is perfect & I use it for broadcast work. Well done to the authors! - January 17, 2003 by Miles Warburton

Sucks with DSP - It just screws-up the SHOUTcast DSP when I try broadcasting with it and music sounds choppy to listeners when I use it. On top of that, it crashes Winamp every 5 minutes! - January 11, 2003 by Ross Reynolds

exelente - ta muy bueno - January 10, 2003 by bestia callejero

Quite unstable - It works great in theory, but the thing crashes my WinAmp like no other plug-in. I found the version before this one and it crashes a little less, but it's usually just a matter of time. Can't someone compete with this dumb thing? I'd love an option (aside from the one-trick Nullsoft version). - December 5, 2002 by Johnny Million

Outstanding! - I've used this plugin for several months now, smooth. clean and functional. Even though I can't seem to stop the PayPal pop up, it still gets 5 stars in my book. I can't think of any way of improving it. - November 27, 2002 by Dean Kiley

ROFL - he put his serial in the screenshot - haha. great plugin. its hilarious he left his name and serial in the screenshot. and it works. so if the popups are bothering you just enter mariano's info :) - November 11, 2002 by Chris Putnam

essential - This plug-in is essential! To get rid of Pop-ups: 1/ Email Mariano, throw him a few bucks and tell him how much you LOVE this plug-in. 2/ The pop-ups on my Winamp 2 / Win98SE machine does not crash winamp. It merely disables winamp UNTIL THE NEXT SONG BEGINS. 3/ The screen shot on the main page for this plug-in shows a name & serial. Click on the Preferences->Plug-ins->Output->SqrSoft. Then click About. The third link down under his email and website says 'enter registration info'. Click on that and enter the name and serial you found on the screen shot. ENJOY! yt - November 2, 2002 by Y T

Perfect - Almost a perfect output plug-in.Thank you Mariano Lopez.Essential for a radio station!!!!Thanks again - October 13, 2002 by Gregory Gerasimos

I Thought I Did Post??? - I thought I did post a review. Well If I didn't just one word . .WOW . This crossfade is the answer to my prayers !!! - October 9, 2002 by J.D. Hock

Highly Recommended - Highly recommended to me by a friend as the only plug-in he had to have. I have to agree! Ample parameters and if you are an enthusiast and have lots of time on your hands go to Personally find presets work fine, couldnt live without it now. - September 16, 2002 by Harry Sinanian

Good if the Shoutcast volume didn't mess up... - I used this last night on a webcast and kept getting told at the change of a record the noise was too loud. I had shoutcast volume control at -6dB and when I clicked it to move it the volume would decrease quite dramatically. I only get this problem with this plugin, some bug that makes it turn the music up loads when it changes track. - September 4, 2002 by Darren Forster

Definitely not 5 stars - Great crossfading tool! 1 star less than five because fuckin pop ups with 'donation' requests bust your balls and disrupt fullscreen graphics... - August 1, 2002 by Alexander Tsiolis

Unbelievable - Really, this plugin is perfect. Whether I'm playing d'n'b music at a party or listening to a Seinfeld CD, the crossfading is exactly what I would want. If I could control every level perfectly, I don't think I could do much better than this plugin. Essential no matter what you listen to. - July 30, 2002 by John O'Brien

It could be better with POPUPS - I have to say that the POPUPs are VERY VERY annoying. It says on the popup to disable it in the Advanced configuration, but I can't find anywhere in the configuration, advanced or not, to disable the popups. Now, to make matters worse, I can't even get into the configuration. When I click configuration on this plugin, my Winamp crashes. So, even if there were an option to disable the popup, I can't get into it. What a STUPID CRAPPY thing to do.... Get RID OF THE POPUPs. I'm using an older version on my other computer that doesnt' have the popups. As far as the crossover goes, it works great. But I can't stand the popups, and like others have said, I"m not paying him a penny, becuase it has annoyed the shit out of me. - July 26, 2002 by sir cyro

Does what it says on the tin - Exactly what I have been looking for. Handy for amateur discos or for pissed-professionals who can't lift their fingers to the mixer! Well Done! - July 11, 2002 by brad perry

Best output... best version! - To all those who had crashes with this version: try to register and don't use this plugin on "wma" or other files than mp3's. I have both Win98 and WinXp and had no crash experiences. - June 30, 2002 by George Pribac

Massssaaa!!!!!!!! - la verdad anda Barbaro!! NUC - June 28, 2002 by Christofaro Jones

Good idea, bad coding.. - I had a bitch of a time getting it to work, and I now can't get it to work at all... EIther kills my winamp or can't initialize the playback device. But when it DID work, this sucker's badass! I'm off to search for one that DOES work. - June 17, 2002 by max bats

Great plugin!! - This a VERY great plugin - ok, I know that Winamp got it's own kind of fade in/out feature, but it doesn't crossfade! This pluin does... and you can controll all kind of parameters, just set ip up the way you like it. - June 7, 2002 by Simon Fix

My dream come true - I always wanted my own radio station so I could play what I want when I want.Thank you for making my dream come true. - June 3, 2002 by andy lemieux

Don't use this version of the plugin! - Read other reviews from other will autolink every ten songs, and it will crash winamp every time! What was a decent plugin in the older versions is now useless. If you have an older version of the plugin already installed, continue to use it, do not upgrade to the new version posted on the site! You'll be sorry if you do! - June 2, 2002 by Brian Heckaman

Use to be 5 stars.. but - I have V1.5 on one of my machines and was eager to try 1.7's additional features.. Then came the pop-ups. Mariano, you had something special going and blew it with the pop-up stuff. The plug in is worth a donation, but the pop-up annoyance will stop your downloads and revenue cold. - May 27, 2002 by Scott Westerman

Excelente!! - Tenia tiempo buscando algo que mezclara el final de una cancion con el inicio de la siguiente. Este plug-in trabaja de maravilla y lo recomiendo ampliamente. - May 27, 2002 by Oliverio Martinez

POP-UPS ARE BAD - I like the cross-fading feature, but GET RID OFF THE POP-UPS. I really dont want to be mean here or anything, but this pop-up ruined a huge project of mine. I was playing a 16 minute Power Point presentaion I spent a week making for my church and suddenly in the middle....I get the most annoying pop-up message. The presentation stopped, and in front of over 100 people, my show was ruined by a stupid plug-in in winamp. THANKS TO YOUR BRILANT POP-UP IDEA, I WON'T SEND YOU ANY MONEY AT ALL. GOOD IDEA HUH? - May 27, 2002 by Mike Johnston

An instant classic. - This plugin is the best crossfader for winamp. Period. As "asky" wrote, it should be included in the winamp releases. I'm not using anything else than sqrsoft ACF. Great work Lopez! - May 26, 2002 by Bj�rn J�rgensen

Not impressed... - I would have given previous versions 5 stars easily, but the latest version keeps crashing when the browser popups try to open. That's a great way to get people to send money to the author, just make them angry! I found an older version THAT DOESN'T CRASH. Check it out. - May 25, 2002 by Eric Steiner

Great! - This is great.. but does this guy realise he put his serial number in the screenshot? lol.. check it.. - May 24, 2002 by Thomas Grimshaw

Really good plugin! - This plugin is the best of it's kind! I couldn't find any better than this! It ROCKS!! - May 24, 2002 by Erik Carlsson

Where's the Popup removal? - I've been using this plugin for years, but I just recently reinstalled my system and had to download it again. There's mention of a checkbox to disable the browser popups, but I can't seem to find it in version 1.75 Under Configure, then Advanced, I see no checkbox to disable the register popups. Can someone help? - May 22, 2002 by Corey Vallejo

oops--pop up fix provided - Well--looks like the author provided the popup fix right in the plug-in configuration. Click on the "configure" tab, then click on the "advanced" tab and put a check mark in the last box ("disable popup windows"). I guess we shoulda all looked before we bitched. Mike - May 20, 2002 by Michael Gradel

Correction - The Popups sucks. Anybody knows where i can find a version without silly popups? .. Kei Oey, where is the 1.65? - May 19, 2002 by Dominic R

Winamp Crashes - Ver 1.7 - Crashes winamp everytime I try to configure the plug-in. Happens both in Win 98 and XP. - May 17, 2002 by Patrick Odawo

Awesome If You Want Your Station To Sound Great - I think this plugin is tops, what else can I say.. The brouser pop up can be fixed if you e-mail Mariano Lopez and tell him, he will make it so it's off. W.I.L.D Internet radio vancouver - May 14, 2002 by Ray G

Maddening Browser Popup - I used the 1.65 for month. I gave it 5 Stars cause its great! This one has a Auto-Browser Popup included that pops up frequently (and presents a webpage where u are asked to donate the product...) and there seems to be no chance to switch it of. Folks, try to get 1.65. It works fine on allmost every pc, the improvement to 1.75 is minimal and there is no browser popup! - May 12, 2002 by Kai Oey

Winamp crashes - there is a auto-link to the SqrSoft-Homepage. After listening to 10 songs the plugin activate the auto-link and winamp crashed! what a shame it sounds good! - May 10, 2002 by R S

This is the best!! - YEA!!! It's cool - May 9, 2002 by Bob Bob

THE best!! - I just to use Atomix, but this plug-in crossfades the tracks much better! Sounds very good, with no skipping. Indispensable at a party! - May 5, 2002 by Mads Jakobsen

Great party tool - This is one of the real 5-stars. Due to the subtile settings, you will find your "perfect fading". Of course it's no substitute for a hardware DJ-mixing-console, but who wants to do all by hand! Happens to hang on slow machines, but nothing serious. Download it, as long as it's free. - May 5, 2002 by Chriss Spie�l

kick ass. BUT... - the last crossfader i used had an unfortunate tendency to fuck with audio levels during songs...i'd hear it dipping and raising the volume. it got pretty annoying. none of that with this one, and a whole lot more customizable, too. it sounds great. i have yet to find a crossfader that works with cd audio, though...still have to deal with gaps between songs on albums that were mixed with crossfading to begin with. maybe your next project? - May 5, 2002 by A. Davis

Works for local files but not streaming - Seams to work fine with files on your own HD (and probably networked files) but not when streaming a playlist from a webserver. Any chance of adding one that would be smart enough to pre-buffer to fade? OR is there another plugin that already does this? - May 4, 2002 by Mountain/ \Ash

Great Plug-In! - It makes music much more enjoyable when there aren't gaps between your favorite tunes! - May 4, 2002 by Jeff Overstreet

Great, but... - This is an awesome plug-in, but the only problem is that you cannot play with sound effects in real time. It takes a while to show changes done by a DSP plug-in. Other than that it's great! All the configurations are super! - April 29, 2002 by Guillermo Morales

Excellent - As a former Radio DJ, this is by far one of the best plugins I have for Winamp. It changes the dynamics of the songs. Great Work!!! - April 18, 2002 by Greg A

Excellent Plugin!! - I use this every day. I love it. I have loaded it on numerous different setups (win98, Win2k, WinXP) and it has worked excellent. Thanks alot!!! - March 26, 2002 by Norman Breed

Really Great Work! - This Plugin is a class of its own :) Best Crossfading I've ever heard! I like the advanced options on stop/skip, seek or normal crossfade!!! Thx for this one - March 23, 2002 by Ringo H.

Registration - How have I to register the product? I don't have acces to the following website - March 17, 2002 by Wim Raeymaekers

3 stars, but... - OMG, this was the best sounding fading plug-in I have ever heard. It worked the very first time I used it. But... After the first time, WinAmp would crash on startup. I deactivated this plug-in and suddenly WinAmp started working again. *shrugs* I didn't change any settings nor did I activate any other new plug-ins. Gosh, I wish this one worked for me. :( - March 17, 2002 by Kimley Cherry

Non-Stop Party! - Ohhh I just love this, Feed Winamp a large playlist of MP3's, hit play and it's non-stop party time. Working fine on WinXP (home edition) and Turtle Beach - Santa Cruz (AKA VideoLogic SoundFury in the UK) sound card. It Rocks! - March 16, 2002 by Richard Lane

I LOVE THIS PLUGIN, MARIANO YOU ARE THE MAN - I downloaded this plugin when it first came out a long time ago, and it had all sorts of bugs and gave me a whole bunch of errors. This version, however, is PERFECT! I have experimented with the settings for what seems like an eternity and have found what I think are the ideal settings if you like a slow, gradual fade. basically I put the mixing buffer at 13.8 seconds. so what this means is the first song will gradually fade out, exponentially, while the second song fades in gradually, so that after 6.9 seconds each song is at 50% volume. I'm pretty happy with it and it's really a cool way to play your mp3s if you have a huge playlist and like to press play and leave your winamp alone for a few hours. DEFINITELY DOWNLOAD THIS. One problem, at least on my computer, there is a 1.5 second system delay after each song, whenever the fade begins. this might just be my system, I don't know, but if anyone else has had this problem and knows how to fix it, lemme know please. - March 15, 2002 by Ethan Smith

It sounds like heaven..... - I have an opportunity to download and install the SqrSoft Advanced Crossfading Output program and was pleasantly surprised. One of my college FM radio stations uses WINAMP for automated programming. That itself is fantastic. Now with this Crossfader, it sounds like someone is "running the board". The program is very intelligent. It knows when to blend at just the right time. I plan to install it on all of my stations to give that live board-op sound. Good work, Mariano!!!! Peter Q. George (K1XRB) Whitman, Massachusetts - March 5, 2002 by Peter Q. George

Amazing Piece of Software - The very best crossfader I have ever seen so far. Been using it for some time in Winamp. It's phenominal the way the thing works. I am using Raduga radio automation software. I only wish Raduga would get together with the author of SqrSoft and arrange a compatible plug-in that could be used in the Raduga automation software. What a winning combo that would be. - February 25, 2002 by Mike Simpson

Incredible! - I love this plugin. No goofy windows that have to be open all the time, very small size, and extremely customizable. I especially like the gap killer, it makes fade-ins sound much more professional. This plugin is a must if you DJ. - February 24, 2002 by Nick Bair

Very good!!!! - i didnt really thought that it's so good, because there were too many functions, but then i found out how to import presets... SUPER PLUG! now i can load the presetz and if i want to i can change the settings ... KEWL - February 20, 2002 by Lukas Domnick

Excellent - but what happened to the presets - This is by far the best crossfading output for Winamp! Every1 whinging about it not working properly with Windows XP or 2000 should expect it really, 2000 wasn't built for multimedia and XP has compatibility problems with a lot of software anyway! What is missing from this release is the presets which worked really well!!! - February 16, 2002 by Dan Hutson

? bom quando se quer fazer crossfade - Este plugin ? bom apenas quando se quer fazer crossfade, porque mesmo quando n?o se quer ele adiciona um buffer muito longo, com tempo m?nimo de 5s. Mas ele at? ajuda um pouco na qualidade da m?sica. - February 10, 2002 by Thomas Lopes

Muy bueno!! pero visiten - Visiten mi pagina de trabajos de arte aplicados en playeras... hechos por mi soy de moroleon Gto. Mexico y del crossfading... es maravilloso relamente mezca las canciones que como con inteligencia artificial!!! bueno visiten mi pagina y mandenme un mail alli mismo si se enteraron por este medio y de donde son...bye atte. aerografi - February 5, 2002 by Armando Vazquez

Fantastic........BUT - It radicaly improves the listening experience. Smooth trasfers between songs....BUT it causes my laptop (dell inspiron 4000 winME) to crash quite often when it fades between.Time for a bug fix?I really want to run it but the crashes are pretty bad. Help! - January 31, 2002 by Joel Young

Probably the best of all... - Did not give it 5 stars because with winXP sometimes it does not seem to crossfade at all (I have to run WinAmp again...) But for the rest it is just the best. Especially for mp3 ripped live albums... Good job! - January 29, 2002 by Sandro Strizzi

NIIIICE - This is perfect for me, as I listen to a lot of music. It works fine and it's easy to configure! This is a keeper for sure, so I recommend downloading it. It's worth it. - January 28, 2002 by Ryo Kensuke

Sweet! - I've been looking for a inexpensive crossfader for about a month. I was just about set to order AlcaTech's BPM Studio Private when I ran accross the crossfader plugin (from a search-I wasn't using WinAmp). The rest is history. Downloaded WinAmp and plugin, and the crossfades are as configurable as the ones in AlcaTech's! AND THEY'RE FREE! NullSoft & SqrSoft Rock... - January 28, 2002 by Mel Burton

Quite good! Check - This plugin is very useful. Although it works poorley under 2000/XP, I found out that if you run Winamp in 98/ME compatibility mode, the gaps and locks simply fade away... :) I would give it 4.75 stars, but since I can't, 4 are just enough. - January 26, 2002 by Florin Mircea

Truly Excellent - I've downloaded a few crossfaders but there were loads of glitches in them all... this one is seamless (so far), and so configurable! It's very well made and I don't think it would be possible to make a better crossfader. Five stars plus! - January 24, 2002 by Martin Smith

SUXX - This plug in sux! It likes to crash my computer. At least with the Nullsoft crossfader, I can also use Enhancer v0.17! - January 23, 2002 by Daniel Vincent

very good - very good, nice settings to tweak and very good mixing. i doubt that artificial dj software will get any better than this for a long while, at least until the next version of this software. there are no errors or conflicts with winamp or with windows, unlike some 3rd party software - January 23, 2002 by Andy H

Problemas con DSP - Excelente !! - January 20, 2002 by Miguel Alejandro Z�rate Reyes

Excellent! - I can't sing the praises of this plug-in enough! A must have for anyone who wishes to DJ using Winamp. I just can't get enough of it. - January 16, 2002 by Vern Anderson

Outstanding Plug-in - If not yet downloaded it but i want to post my opinion. It RULES! and so do i - January 16, 2002 by A F

That's one smart developer. - How in the world Mariano Hernan Lopez figured out how to do this, I dunno, but it is quite amazing. With this plug-in installed the segueways between tracks are tighter than on many commercial radio stations. Even if you're not Shoutcasting, you oughta get this -- it makes listening much more enjoyable. - January 13, 2002 by Jon Brams

eh - its ok but it on dee and dfx plugins it drowns the voicals. - January 3, 2002 by Matt Oneil

Nice piece of work!!! - I was very pleased with the performance of that plugin and it worked really well!!! I think it need some improvement in order to crossfade the mp3z a little more smoothly but it would be unfair to say any other 'bad' word about it!Well done! - January 2, 2002 by Yannis Psorakis

The BEST plugin! - This simply is my all time favourite plugin! - December 28, 2001 by Tristan DANIEL

best I've ever seen - easy to use... worked great right out of the box without any setting changes. - December 28, 2001 by Rick Carroll

diego - hola no se que mierda es esto - December 27, 2001 by Diego Garcia

WOW - With this plug-in u can be as DJ. It's the best of crossfading plug-ins on this side. If u don't have it u should download it right now. It's great!!!! ;) - December 26, 2001 by Jerzy Degles

Great plug-in, but no DFX v5 support - I used a previous version of this plugin at a party before and loved it. However, after I enable DFX 5.x, all I get is clicky music. At first I thought it was the buffer settings, but they proved worthless in this case. Other DSP's don't have this problem - December 26, 2001 by chaos xa

Didn't quite work - Still have small gaps. - December 24, 2001 by Steve LeMire

THE BEST!!! - it does what it should do and even more good job man!!! - December 20, 2001 by Nerijus Daunaravicius

It does exactly what is says on the tin - This is a great little plug-in, read here that people have problems running in 2000/XP, I'm running this on XP Pro with a DSP (normalizer) running and it's not even flinching... Recommended download. - December 19, 2001 by Martin Evans

Sits beside perfection - This is exactly what I was looking for. It fades songs in and out and can also just fade a song out when you press stop. It does it smoothly and doesn't lag you computer. No bugs, no problems. - December 19, 2001 by Darron Thornbury

And He created... Crossfading - I think this is the best crossfading plug-in you can find. I'm using it for about 2 months now and you can configure it anyway you want for all possible playbacks. Its especialy good for mixed cd's wich are converted to MP3. Normally you get all those irritating gaps between the tracks. Now: disable crossfade en enable gapkiller and your're done. Its just perfect! :) - December 17, 2001 by Wildcat 415

Kickass - Love it. Finally, a cross fader that works and, most of all, is configurable to suit your needs. I don't see me changing it ever again... like I said, I love it. - December 17, 2001 by Harald Milz

and i thought 1.5b was great - i love this plugin and i haven't even used it to its fullest yet. version 1.5b was great but somehow he's managed to make it better. was there a 1.6, 1.7, etc. before 1.72? also: excellent readme. anyway be smart if you plan on using this. use it with an OS that's been around, like 9x...NT/2000/XP users should be on guard for everything because they've chosen that OS and should know it's not gonna be as supported...face it: you're the elite beta testers who chose to pay for it so please direct complaints to MS and not the author of this fine plugin. - December 15, 2001 by Kurt Arnold

A Fine Piece of Work - When I do parties from now on, I'm taking only one laptop - with this plug-in there is no need to manually mix. I tested this with a large variety of music, and the seque was always 100% RIGHT ON. Very well done! - December 15, 2001 by Bryan Amundson

Best by a long shot - An essential plugin, its the best crossfader by far. Definately get it over the Nullsoft crossfader or any other one out there. - December 12, 2001 by Spooner Javelin

Best Cross Fade Ever - (title as said by the comic book guy from The Simpsons ;) ) Anyhow, I've tried just about every other cross fader made for winamp, and this is by far THE BEST. The only other one that compares requires two winamp instances and that is lame. Very lame. SrqSoft, however, only requires one, and it is packed with features and options. One of the best I'd say is the gap killer, which cuts that annoying little skip between tracks that are suppose to sound like one... You know what I mean, well this fixes it, thank god! The only thing about it is I felt the cross fade needed a little tweak because the default fade was a little short for my tastes, but that takes away nothing from this quality plug-in! - December 10, 2001 by Tony Ranieri

Not Bad but some Probs - Nothin really wrong with in on a Win 9x box but put in near win 2k or XP and you get hell in a minute. This is a good cross fader but it has some compatability issues. If you try to use a DSP effect in series with it then system lag is a problem. Now that wasn't my pc! The configuration was good but it really messed up my music. - December 8, 2001 by Ashley Laurens

Now This Is The Good Stuff - Running one sound card? Having parties and playing songs from PC? Wanna make your songs fade into each other? This is what you are definitely looking for...It's a brilliant plugin that crossfades your sounds without the recommendation of a second sound card. Now you can have your parties without having to completely stop a song and start another... Need I say more??? YES...DOWNLOAD THIS BRILLIANT PLUGIN NOW !!! - December 5, 2001 by Linley Harvey

Do not turn off "Fade on stop/skip/seek" or you'll be hosed - Right after installing, this plug-in worked great on my Win98 ThinkPad. But as a person who likes instant gratification, I decided to change the settings to stop playing when I hit "stop", seek immediately when I press "seek", and jump instantaneously to the next track when I click "next". All of this appears to be possible in the program's configuration ("Don't fade on skip/stop" and "Don't fade on seek" are the options I selected). Sadly, when I press "stop", my whole machine hangs. BRS time. (BRS=Big Red Switch for those of you too young to remember when PCs had red on/off switches.) Re-installing and returning to the defaults made the fader work again, but modifying the settings crashes the system every time. If you download this, be careful when you start changing those "Don't fade on stop/skip/seek" settings! - December 3, 2001 by Peter Dayton

I've been dreaming of WinAmp to behave like an FM Radio station - Sa mga kababayan ko sa Pilipinas. Narito ang Plug-in ng WinAmp na mag-eenjoy kayo. Ang Mahal nating WinAmp naging FM Radio. It crossfade two songs. While the current song is about to stop, the next song is already playing. Off course lots of Option for that. Actually I recommended WinAmp and Square Soft Crossfader to the station manager of our locality. Wahhhhhh! He like it. Now he's in home while listening to his radio station. No need of a Dj. We convert all Audio (CD's and Cassetes) in to MP3. We're happy to have the Option that "Don't crosfade songs lengthing lower than 1 minute, coz we have the commercial (radio ads). Ads should not be crossfaded as a broadcast standard. The same is true with Radio Jingle. So that's it. We reallllllllllly like it. My dream come true. - December 3, 2001 by Bernard Gabon

Problem with W2000 - Otherwise an allright plugin, but slows down reaction time to eq and DSP/effect plugins to something like 10 seconds!!!! (Using windows 2000 pro). Well it might be ACPI problem (all devices in IRQ9) Any ideas anyone? - November 28, 2001 by Henrik Iivonen

SQR RoX! - Best crossfader ever! - November 27, 2001 by Jack Maninov

The best Plugin I ever downloaded - Great Work! No Bugs, no Crashes, keep on! - November 23, 2001 by Sebastian Spieker

I'ts so beautifuuuulll - Just wonderful. If you download it it'll prove it. The best crossfading program I ever saw. And I really had many. - November 20, 2001 by Peter Baumgardt

Sweet Program... - like that you can change so many things about it. The one thing that I would do to improve on it would be to show the 2 fade in/out graphs on the same graph (so you can see how they overlap) - November 15, 2001 by Carlos Nunes

Un bon... - C'est tellement plaisant de pouvoir mixer ces chansons comme ? la radio, sans devoir ouvrir plusieurs instances de Winamp. Il m?riterait d'?tre peaufiner (notamment dans les "presets" mais dans l'ensemble je n'ai rien ? redire. Dommage que certains soient incapable de l'installer intelligemment et de l'utiliser, car il fonctionne dans toutes les configurations, sur toutes les plates-formes Windows... - November 11, 2001 by Jean-Fran�ois Fortin

Sweet Program... - I like that you can change so many things about it. The one thing that I would do to improve on it would be to show the 2 fade in/out graphs on the same graph (so you can see how they overlap) - November 6, 2001 by Otis Begotus

What a great little plug-in! - Finally there is a crossfading plug-in that deserves five stars. Keep up the good work! - November 6, 2001 by Coen Hasenkamp

I find it useful - I like this program it's very configurable. Meets all my automated crossfading needs. I used to work in radio, and just hated all the 'dead air' in between songs. This really is a great program/plug-in. I would recomend it to anyone and everyone. Erm - November 3, 2001 by Eugene Miller

A Radio broadcasters dream... - This plugin is obviously so good the idea has been incorporated in Winamp3 as a standard feature... It would be a great idea for someone to come up with a plugin which could allow a simple toggle between crossfading mode simultaneously with continuous play mode and standard play (eg: waveout) coupled with manual playlist advance mode... Add to this an indicaror to show the modes suggested and you have the perfect tool for radio dj's and shoutcasters... I realise there are other issues like clearing the audio buffers etc on manual, but as this crossfader is so good it's worth seing it developed into the ultimate DJ tool... Chris - Country Radio - 88.4 FM. New Zealand - November 3, 2001 by Chris Diack

Yes! This is perfect, thank you! - Very cool, stop reading this - download it now..! - October 28, 2001 by SkinsNL Webmaster

Awesome! - Taz Zeta, the guy who posted the last review, is obviously the author of another XFader plugin. SqrSoft's is the best, trust me! - October 27, 2001 by DJ Egg

Sweet - Beats the snot out of most of the pro DJ software that I've tested with the specific purpuse of getting crossfading to work on mp3s. I'm using W2K on a laptop for easy transport. I used Real Jukebox Plus which only crossfaded when it wanted to. I'll never go back. - October 11, 2001 by Shem Sargent

This is fading up ! - Oh, my computer is a dj !!! Help me, it crossfades it automaticly !!! Load this plug-in now !!! - October 10, 2001 by Lauri Haga

i dont give fives.. - i dont normally give fives.. i always save the last grade when rating things, since i feel theres probably always something better than what im grading.. but in this case im not so sure.. this plug is the best crossfader ive ever seen and for a while when i thought the developement was down and theplugin was taken away.. i was having suicidal thoughts.. i felt that there was no point in life, nomatter how many other cool plugs i would get, if i didnt have my SqrSoft ACF... thankyou thousand times Mariano L?pez! ps: ive tested both version 1.7 and version 1.5b on winME, win2k and xp and it has worked flawlessly.. so whoever says mr lopez should revise his plugin should actually took a lil deeper look into their system and other software cause this program is not the problem. also i wanna quote casper here hehe.. "this guy?s a frikkin? genius." =) i totally agree! - October 8, 2001 by Alex Palex

Sqrsoft and win2000... the big fiasco - I would have given that great plugin 10 stars.. only if it kept working flawlessly as it used to under win98SE.. but once I moved to win2000 professional, it proved it was poorly written for NT technology (I know you might ask if I have DirectX, Direct Sound, and all its derivations.. dont worry I have it all) the music is litterally choking when crossfading, and hanging the system for seconds, although I tried to change the settings in all possible combinations to optimise the place for winamp to work. nothing! If only Mr Lopez could revise the plugin to check what's wrong under the 2000 code, I would have been so grateful.. because it makes winamp a whole different package. Thanks. - October 7, 2001 by nature spirit

Almost a god! - Well, this is the best crossfading plugin I've ever seen. (a lot better than the nullsoft 'advanced' one)... But how about placing a beatcounter on it and automaticaly change the pitch of the next song (if the difference isn't too big) and disabeling the low frequency sounds (the 'basses') of the first mixing sound...? Anyhow, THAT would make the whole perfect!!! P.S.: sorry for my bad english ;-) - October 6, 2001 by Bene Kar

Better than sex!!! - So brilliant...this guy?s a frikkin? genius. - October 5, 2001 by Casper Christiansen

Outstandable!! - This has to be the best xfade plugin I have ever used! I tested this out on a few of my friends and they thought it was a mix CD!! Also works great when you run visualizations with it. I also recommend getting CD reader plugin for displaying CD title information and for visualizations, DSP's, etc. because it will crossfade between tracks on a CD too (provided it is not a continuous mix CD, but even so it will let it play all the way through like you aren't even using the plugin...same goes for MP3's made from mix CD's). So get this plugin now!!!!!!! - October 4, 2001 by Jason AUSTiN

More than meets the eye here! - The beauty of this plugin goes far beyond the ability to be able to crossfade from track to track. It allows you to finally be able to produce the crossfade in your shoutcast with one computer, wheras before you couldn't incorporate the crossfade into your shoutcast without feeding the crossfaded audio into the soundcard of a second computer, and then streaming the audio from that computer. You can do this by using the muchFX plugin, running that within the DSP tab on the crossfader, and then running the shoutcast plugin (and RockSteady if you like) from within much fx. Best thing since sliced bread. Mike Walker - October 3, 2001 by Mike Walker

Top Notch - Absolutely fantastic plugin goes down great at party's and such. use to have mine and a friends comp hooked up to and amp and crossfaded that way (left right channels) this just makes life so much simpler. worthy of 6 stars ****** - September 29, 2001 by DV ebe9

Excellent - Best Crossfader I have seen. - September 21, 2001 by Damien Good

Rear Speakers??? - Good Plugin but it doesn't seem to work well on my SoundBlaster PCI128. The 2 front speakers are doing well but I get no sound out of the 2 rear speakers? - September 13, 2001 by Pierre Peene

Smoother than butter - Mikey likey! - September 6, 2001 by Mikey Ollinger

Frickin Brilliant! - So perfect it hurts. - September 6, 2001 by Eric Fullerton


GREAT ONE!!!! - Now Ive tested (because im bored hehe) all the division or types of it,yeah sure does may take a high machine but my machine is an a pII with 32 ram and Windows ME , ive used it for a long time ago like a year and ive never got a BUG or error!! - August 26, 2001 by Sebasti�n Holzapfel

wonderfull - This is the best crossfadeing plugin I have ever used. - August 26, 2001 by Eric J

Love This Thang! - Works as advertised. Smoooth, baby! - August 25, 2001 by Cindy Persson

Brilliant - After 10mins of fiddling, ive now got the perfect crossfading plugin. I have managed to make the track jump completely indistinguishable in the mix. I have also discovered how to take off the fading when skipping and changing tracks. Email me to get my settings. [email protected]. - August 24, 2001 by Ollie Maitland

What else could you want? - Best crossfader bar none. It's MUCH better than the versions that what you to start two Winamps. Much easier on your processor that way. If you like this one try their Disk Writer it crossfades onto a CD. I used to do my DJ work live now I pre assemble it onto a CD and then go join the festivities myself. - August 23, 2001 by Stan Coleman

Excellent e NO? Its great - Just wat i wanned for winamp. I got winamp 3 but the crossfading aint dat good so i need one for winamp 2.76 and here it is. DOWNLOAD NOW!!!!!!!! My stars rating:************************************** ********************************************************************** - August 18, 2001 by Gunther Schroffner

Excellent Crossfader, but A few BUGS - This crossfader rivals many DJs and radio automation systems! There is a nasty bug, which causes the audio to stop at the beginning of a song. This starts when you go from an MP3 to a wave, or from a CRC mp3 to a non-CRC mp3 (error correction). I think it does not unload parts of failed streams from memory - eventually, it runs out of available memory and the skips begin. This bug stops only when the machine is completly rebooted. This "freeze the dancefloor" bug needs work! - August 17, 2001 by Neil Schubert

Crossfade... LOVE IT - When I downloaded it I thought that this would be one of these "imposible to understand" plugins, couse I have no idea what a block, trancut or prebuffer is. Still don't... But I love this plugin. In other words, it is the best output plugin out there. - August 14, 2001 by Loxuz Punitor

Super Plugin - I've been in radio for many years and this plugin rivals the "professional radio automation software"! Sound like I've got A DJ running the board mixing my music. Great job. - August 14, 2001 by Gary Morgan

great thing! - very useful plugin.... - August 4, 2001 by Florian Geiges

The most elite plugin I have ever () heard! - This is what I've been looking for. Nobody else can compete with you in the quality of your crossfading output. And it works even without serial :))) - August 3, 2001 by Zdenek Jindra

anoying soft - Is this a joke ? people who gave 5* to this soft may be from the company who made it even friends! Guy have you ever heard a real crossfading disappointed :( - August 1, 2001 by taz zeta

what else is there to say? - as everyone else has said, it works superbly and the options presented in the user interface allow for maximum control and tweaking. a must have plugin for any audiophile. - July 31, 2001 by brian connolly

ACE!!!!!! - v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v. good, KEEP IT UP! - July 29, 2001 by Jim Kirk

Cool :) - With the CD Reader plugin installed it can also crossfade cd tracks too. Great! - July 27, 2001 by Ungermann Bass

Great!! - This was just what i was looking for - a feature that could auto crossfade between songs and it actually sounds good unlike some DJ programs. Thanx - July 23, 2001 by Brian Arnold

Simply... - The best crossfading output that this world has seen! Great job, Mariano! Um ol? do Brasil pra voc? - July 21, 2001 by Denis Gomes Franco

The most useful plugin EVER - "SqrSoft Advanced Crossfading Output" is probably the most useful pkugin I've ever downloaded. Wish I could give it MORE than 5 stars! - July 13, 2001 by Guy Devos

yeah it's good - it's cool, i dont have any funny awkward gaps anymore and i think it'll do fine for the party this saturday! mfk-ing download it!!! - July 11, 2001 by Nicholas Chin

OMG - i downloaded this trying to find something to get rid of gaps between tracks, but WOW this thing rocks. This plugin is perfect for parties, raves, whatever, you can use it to fade in a song before the next one if up, so it gives the illusion of continues music. - July 8, 2001 by carson ferreira

qns =) - I'm rather a stupid guy with quite a slow cpu. Any way, can I know the system requirements and MORE info about the setting/config part? - July 7, 2001 by weiteck gan

Sweet! - It`s agreat thing, this crossfader! Just put all the songs into your playlist, and don't mind anymore! Party Party Party! Also works in shuffle mode! Definitely sweet! - July 1, 2001 by Sebastian K�ster

Sweet - This program is sweet. My brother told me about it and he is a dj. Know i see why he uses it. Keep it up sqrsoft. - June 18, 2001 by Bill Clark

Damn Good. - This is by far the best crossfading program that I have heard. WOW!!! - June 15, 2001 by Karl Pinnock

It works fine for me on ME - I don't know why people are having all of these problems with ME. I have been running it since it came out and it's pretty good. Two things, try upgrading your drivers (audio, graphics or whatever audio in this case) and if you did a upgrade install, whipe your windows directory and do a fresh install. Best to do that then overwrite the crud 98 SE left over. - June 10, 2001 by Joel McLaughlin

Windows 2000 - There is a bug in ACF: I am running Windows 2000 professional and at the start of each title stops after one second and then Winamp plays the file again to the end. When the crossfade begins this problem aapears again....?may be its caused by my number of tracks:25000. - June 10, 2001 by Herbert Horst

gr8 - Its jsut great,it works fine,no problems!This is the definetly best crossfading plugin for winamp!!! - June 4, 2001 by Christoph Neuroth

A very nice crossfader indeed - Use the wrong DSP with it (DFX in particular) and it makes your stuff sound like crap. Except for that little caveat, this plug-in kicks some major butt. - June 3, 2001 by Jeff Seale

Finally - Finally a good crossfader. As a hardened music listener i've been missing a good crossfader to kill the gaps between songs. It's also fun to use at parties. Nice! - May 31, 2001 by Ronny A. �kland

Out of this world - This cross fader is the best 1 i can find and belive me i've searched. if their was a higher grade than 5 id give it more. nice job Mariano - May 26, 2001 by Mark Adams

Crashes. And takes Windows with it. - This plugin crashes at random times for me. When it does crash, it takes out the kernel as well & I have to reboot. - May 25, 2001 by Me You

Fantastic - This plug is so good it's like how the radio plays it newayz gud on ya mate! niz plug - May 24, 2001 by carlo espartero

Excellent - Just had to say that this is a great plugin and I definitely recommend it to anyone who hates the gaps that .mp3s have. I use it on my Internet Radio Station too - The Kat Internet Radio. - May 23, 2001 by Beau Gast

Great, but one question - I love the way the crossfading features work. The only thing that plagues it is the fact that there seems to be no way to turn the crossfaded songs to .wav to make a CD. Anyone have an answer? - May 22, 2001 by Mark Haacke

If You Love Your Music - You Will Love This-gives you total control on blending and mixing music, fading from one song to another or just eliminating gaps. It is great for a live album where the tracks are not really split, just numbered for ease of use on a CD player, but they were never meant to be silent between tracks. - May 20, 2001 by Robert Bruno

indispensable - A must (it changed the way I play music) REALLY!!! - May 19, 2001 by claude lavoie

BUG REPORT - This plugin is really very fine, but, on some very fast machines, a serious system error occurs, when I set some FADE-IN function. The problem occurs when you try to start a song. - May 16, 2001 by Zdenek Jindra

Dont cane my CPU! - All of ya that iz sayin that it is caning ur CPUs should upgrade, my athlon 900 loves it.. BO - May 14, 2001 by gareth terrace

STUDENT - i can only say one thing 5 STARS - May 12, 2001 by tord larsson

Could be used in a professional surrounding - I will DJ a country party soon and I will make sure that the plugin is loaded in my laptop. Awesome. - May 12, 2001 by Enrico Dutch

A hopefully minor problem - The songs crossfade fine but after playing approx. 15 songs winamp jerks or stops temporarily while/during crossfading, and it does so for every "crossfading" between songs thereafter. Can this problem be solved. - May 9, 2001 by Seelen Naidoo

THEE no-hands-crossfade-plugin... - Totally awsome! Load the "Club"-preset and enjoy... Not seldom you'll get a "perfect" crossfade... With a good (better?) beat detection it would be worth six stars. - May 2, 2001 by Sam Persson

Awesome but room for improvement - I DJ'd one of our parties and this plugin was awesome. The neat feature is that you don't have to have 2 instances of Winamp running. The settings are a bit tricky and it's hard to tell if your adjustments did anything though. I like a slow fade and i just can't get it yet. Maybe it's possible here maybe not. - April 30, 2001 by Logan Robinson

Lots and lots of features... - If you're looking for the complete audio output module, this one is it! It has everything, and I mean everything you need. You can take the gaps out, put them back in, crossfade, fadeout, skip, jump and fo anything you want... - April 30, 2001 by Hagop Kazarian

THE best! - if you want a crossfader THIS is the one!! i tried all crossfaders in the plugin section and this IS THE best one!! download it now! - April 29, 2001 by Indigo Flow

Da Best - This is just the best plug-in to have... that sound is great...GET IT....NOW!!!!! - April 26, 2001 by Richard Gagne

Gapless Output - I had a nightmare looking for a plugin that would do gapless output correctly on Win2K - this does it perfectly with no problems. - April 20, 2001 by Valdez .

If you use winamp you will probably like this Plug! - This crossfading plugin makes switching songs much more pleasant- my roommate and i no longer need to worry about bothering each other when cutting a song short- it sounds so natural! To new users, under Win98se the plugin doesnt like to shut down unless i stop winamp play before i close it... besides that no negatives!!! - April 15, 2001 by Tony Muka

A must have! - Great plugin. We use it for parties and even at our stundent's bar. I can't live without it :) - April 14, 2001 by Martin Hobein

SqrSoft Advanced Crossfading Output - it is cool - April 13, 2001 by craig lock

It should be GPL - This great plugin should be copyrighted under the GNU Public license or any other Open Source one Mariano: the puta madre!!! - April 13, 2001 by asdsdaf asdfsadf

Mariano, colega, you are the One. - I've used it at my home parties, at work, even while sleeping. Just switch it on and forget about anything... AMAZING !!! Just what I was looking for !!! Great job Mariano !!! - April 10, 2001 by Angel Lacal

cat - tops plugin, but it canes your cpu and wouldnt be nice for beginer users, still tops plugin - April 9, 2001 by drew coggerz

Crossfading! - this is great.. MUCH improved listening experience... unfortunately, my computer is in need on a reformat, and this plugin seems to make it impossible to close winamp without nuking it... I have strange problems though, chances are you won't have that problem. and even if you do, this plug is worth it! - April 8, 2001 by spy spy

Very awesome - Written very well, runs perfectly under windows 2000 on my pIII. You're probably retarded if you can't get it to work under Windows ME, cause it works perfectly under that too. - April 7, 2001 by Tim Harper

Good, good, good - This crossfader is a very good one. Lots of settings and the result is pretty good most of the time. Get it. - April 5, 2001 by Twilight Seer

i don't get it - i never got it to work. i reinstalled 3 times, found on my computer, placed it into three different folder inside the plug-ins folder and boom,nothing!!! - April 4, 2001 by chris halligan

Nice work, guys!!! - This plugin is the best crossfading plugin I've ever seen! The only thing I don't like is that it can't use DirectSound Output (if it does, please contact me :), so I can't use it while playing games. But unless it's a nice piece of work from some people who really know what they do! - April 3, 2001 by Matthias Wichert

Edwin - This Crossfader is the best there is. - March 31, 2001 by Edwin De Boer

How about Win ME ? - Just let you know. I tryed to install the SqrSoft under Win Me but, no way, no works at all. If you try to play WMA files It freeze the screen. I'm using a PIII 800 Mhz / 128 Mb of RAM. More the enough to run the plugin I guess ... Waiting for the bug to be fixed. Thanks anyway and congratulations ! - March 30, 2001 by Marcos Bettecher

A useful piece of software... - As a DJ I like the idea of having my computer mixing all the songs I've got on the harddrive for me, so that I can do something else. There is one function I'd suggest though for next version: Automatic tempo control. Why not use a beat detector and syncronize the songs? Other than that, I love it! Thanks a lot! ps. to all you DJs out there: Remember that most mp3s are illegal, and are not supposed to be played in public. - March 29, 2001 by Stefan Bjuhr

Pretty Good! - This is the best crossfader I have ever used. - March 29, 2001 by Macro Super