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SPS Chorus Pack

A pack of chorus presets for SPS

A pack of chorus presets for SPS

Contains 3 chorus effect presets:

Chorus - Performs the effect on all the sound (Fastest)
Chorus (Vocal) - Affects center channel only
Chorus (Surround) - Affects out-of-phase sound only.

Once installed, the presets will be available from the Signal Processing Studio (Winamp Prefs->DSP/Effect).

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March 15, 2004 by Timothy Zeven138861 downloads

SPS Chorus Pack - A pack of chorus presets for SPS

Staff review

Three chorus presets for the Signal Processing Studio

After installation, load these presets in the Winamp Signal Processing Studio under DSP plugins.


Static chorus effect - 1. Too CPU intensive for a time-domain effect: 100% CPU on a PIII 700MHz @ 16 Voices. Better to build 16 separate modules with 2-32 voices. 2. At 0% level, output is mono of source. Eek. On the plus side, it can certainly be used to dress up dull static stereo sources. Did a nice job of "filling" some electronica with dry strings. - January 27, 2007 by lex ein

Turn the volume down - Judging by your comment, you don't know what a slider is. If it gets distorted, thats because the volume slider is too high up on the SPS panel. Turn it down. And if you don't like it, don't use it. - September 14, 2004 by Timothy Zeven

Garbage - The sound is distorted. Don't waste your time with this one. Sounds like crap! - September 4, 2004 by Vince Winamp

a pleasant surprise - a small plug in that does offer an improvement in the sound quality of basic players. Install it and forget it! I recommend it! - May 15, 2004 by charles shajkur

Nice for unprocessed music - The surround preset works REALLY nicely for music without DSPs preapplied such as MOD files... the other two don't seem to be worth much. Unfortunately all of them cause a bit of clipping on loud sections. - April 13, 2004 by Colin Snover

Great Little Tool - This little to is great for use with headphones, it gives a great 3D effect. Not that good if you ain't using headphones. - March 21, 2004 by Mike Mortimer