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Speakers Simulator

Loudspeakers soundfield simulator for headphones.

Loudspeakers soundfield simulator for headphones.

Makes headphone sound more comfortable, eliminates headache due to natural soundfield simulation. Requires big processor power. About 10% from Celeron 500. MMX highly recommended.

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December 27, 1999 by Vladimir Kopjov123245 downloads

Speakers Simulator - Loudspeakers soundfield simulator for headphones.

Staff review

Is this extra subtle or am I missing something?

I put on the headphones, tried all the settings, hit bypass a few times, and couldn't hear any difference. Let me know if your milage varies.


f up winamp - this plugin just messes up all my audio setings after using it i gote no sound wat so ever bad p - October 9, 2008 by arno knoester

Not Sure man - i donno man, my headphones sounded better without this thing. no matter how i tweaked the settings. raising the bar seemed to just dim the sound to a bland mumbling. it didnt improve at all, or even sound like real speakers. im sure it works for some type of headphone or it wouldnt have been made. would it? and if you want to tone down the irritating loudness, just use the WA equalizer and tune down to a softer preset or tone down the treble and bass and your head wont hurt as much. ~~Bottom line~~ The headphones sounded better without this plugin, 100% certain. I suggest if you want a more stereo, use Bobware stereo delay, its very simple and seems to help a bit. combined with nice EQ settings, can have a nice booming, or soft resinating effect on the ears using headphones. Set bobware: Delay: 20.0ms, Crossover 25.0%, Del Amp.: 40.0%. sorry to babble, but i'd definitely try that out instead of this wimpy plugin. im sorry to put it down, it just really doesnt seem to be very good in my opinion. thanks to the author for his time though, keep at it! - May 4, 2005 by Jonathan Dark

If you want it to imitate a Center Channel of Sound... - That's really what this does. It does not really make headphones feel like speakers... and some headphones are so advanced that, why would you want it to feel like speakers? It works fine with XP. - March 12, 2004 by Frederick Szczepanski

Tic - They doesn't work on Windows XP. - March 1, 2003 by Viktor Abramov

It's great ! - I don't know, what is the solution for Staff's problem. On my PC perfectly working. I think this is great plug-in. I use with Terratec DMX-1024 soundcard and Beyerdynamic DT-131 Headphone. Although the headphone is common, the difference is nicely audible. The sound is more natural. Always better than without this plug-in. With disco or house music the diff. is not too big. With 80's and acoustic music better to use. - August 17, 2002 by Krisztian Aklan

good idea, not working - I was looking for something similar for a long time, but when I switch it on I just hear a noise like old LPs used to sound like after you listened to them for about a hundred times. I don't think other had the same problems? maybe the version on winamp? (2.8) windows? (w2k) Does anybody know help? - June 27, 2002 by Vikas.Sunny Christopher

Very useful for headphones - Firstly, let me say, if you're one of the unconverted and are using speakers to listen, you're not going to hear any difference at all. Secondly, if you've got a pair of ?20 headphones and are tone deaf, don't come running to complain. However, this plugin really makes a difference with my HD600s, it's the difference between hearing the singer inside your head or in front of you. - February 10, 2002 by Russ Garrett


Gret for headphone listening - Listening to music on headphones gives me headaches after a while because the sound is "in my head," not "out there" like speakers. This plug-in, similar to Headroom Corporation headphone amplifiers, delays and blends the left channel into the right, and v.v., simulating the time sound takes to travel from one ear to another. Worthless, of course, if you're using speakers. But if you use good headphones (Grado SR-80 for me) and listen to jazz or symphonic pieces where instrument positioning is important, then this is godsend. /patiwat - September 15, 2001 by p kj

YES, it's subtle, but all the best effects are! - When using headphones, this plugin will bring the soundstage forward, eliminating the sensation that music is playing between your ears. The effect is subtle, but all the best effects are, too! How many times have you installed a plugin that you grew sick of in 5 minutes?! This one's a keeper, it reduces the fatigue of listening to headphones. At work, I listen to Sennheiser HD580s connected to a outboard DAC connected to my laptop. So I'm serious about headphones. And this plugin is *ESSENTIAL* - August 5, 2001 by John van Ommen

only good if... - This is only good if you have i think something like 3d wax but that was like last year when i had this but it did make a small difference but i uninstalled it. if you have crappy speakers you should get it - May 28, 2001 by Devon Ripperger

Well, it does give a live sound to it.... - if configured one way, it gives a live sound to it, but does not make it "spacy" as intended. when pressing next or back, some "squelch" is added, as if you unplugged your speaker set... it's... annoying... /Beo - May 6, 2001 by Bjorn A