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Sound Solution

A multiband processor

A multiband processor

A complete ZERO COST solution for small radios or CD mastering. Complete with preemphasis generator and instructions manual.

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October 29, 2002 by Alessandro Tomassini304141 downloads

Sound Solution - A multiband processor

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Multiband Processing for Winamp

Solid dsp plugin that includes preemphasis generator, compressor, expander, and limiter. Definitely makes a difference to your audio. Includes a .pdf manual file as well.


Awesome - This plugin only works on 44.1Khz 16 bit encoded files. If your files are at 48Khz or 96Khz this plugin will not process them.For CD quality music, this plugin STOMPS all others I have ever used. - July 18, 2009 by confusd2

Wow!Radio!!!! - Simply mind blowing piece of work this one!!!!You actually get a radio quality sound by using this one and ya! its absolutely free!!!!!My search for a radio quality sounding plug in ends now!!!But i have noticed that a few songs are bypassed by this software.Can anyone tell me why????!!I would have given it 5 stars except for this glitch. - December 17, 2008 by Saurab Rao

this is good, but if you want great... - Check out version 2...You can find it around online if you check p2p, one that doesn't have the 4-second silence thing (and enables adds a few hidden features)And also check out my preset for it that I've been working on for around 2 years at the time of this review, on the official forums...'s called BigBaw Killah.enjoy - September 12, 2007 by jesse g

Fantastic! - This is an absolute gem! Although the interface controls may need some fine tuning to acquire the desired effect, this kit is probably one of the most useful where audio compression and levelling is required. Also this comes with many presets to save the hassle of the fine tuning and you can preset and save your own settings. If you set this up properly and listen through FM radio many would be fooled into thinking that you are using state of the art broadcasting equipment costing thousands! What a great plug-in and above all it's free! - October 22, 2006 by Andy Carlton

EUREKA! - This tool is spot-on for us micro-broadcasters! I had many people fooled when I rolled out my station,they didnt believe it was coming from my modest setup! It did take some time to get everything set up just right but it is awesome! Fine job,Alessandro! Now if I could only figure out why Winamp crashes every so often...anyone??? - March 29, 2006 by Lee W

Totally awesome!!! - If I didn't hear this with my own ears, Id never believe this kinda sound would be possible coming from a pc. I played with some other similar type software and was satisfied till hearing this. If you're serious about sound and willing to spend a couple of hours tinkering with it, you'll be well rewarded. Alessando, you are a genious and offering this for free, whatta guy. Big thumbs up dude!!! - March 5, 2006 by Bob Snyder

OUTSTANDING - This plug-in is so good, I felt compelled to add a review in recognition and support of it. I haven't even read the user manual yet but the default set-up is perfect. This plug-in genuinely enhances the sound of all that is played through it. It it amazing. Well done to the programmers that took time to write it and then give it for free. My home set-up goes through a rather powerfull 2-1 stereo system which puts too much on bass. Winamp's own eq could only lessen the bass but also took alot of the sound away. Using 'Sound Solution', all my MP3s have been enhanced to a scary level; Jack White's (White Stripes) guitar is brilliantly crisp and aggressive. Thankyou very much for what you have given so freely. - January 29, 2006 by Paul Wyatt

Long Time User - I have used this DSP since I first started my Shoutcast station 2 years ago and all our DJ's use it as part of our broadcast package. Hands down, this DSP is professional level broadcast and listening software. Sure it uses resources, and why shouldn't it? It's a DSP! We went from a dull sounding radio station with audio souding like it was routed through a tin can, to an amazingly high quality station over night with this thing, and if all the sliders, options, buttons and vu meters baffle you take up knitting. Excellent job Alessandro and thanks for making my station sound so good. Side note .. get with it WinAmp .. this guy made Shoutcast an awesome broadcast tool using Winamp and deserves much better ratings then what you gave him. - January 1, 2006 by Colorado Viper

Page 11 ? - What on earth is this doing so far down the list? The interface might not be pretty, and not necessarily intuitive, (and I haven't spent the time to RTFM) but it aint half powerful. I don't want to denigrate the other plug-ins, they are pobably very good, but so many of them just provide a few or only a single function. Many of those functions are present in this module. This plug-in is so seductive it is dangerous. Depending on the settings, you can put on the track that you have played so many times that you have become bored with it. Fire up sound solutions and tweak I challenge you not to be able to find something that you did not know was there. Nice one Alessandro. Any chance of an update? Prettier interface? Pop-ups with an explanation of the functions.? - November 12, 2005 by Brett Wing

Best free plug-in ever but not for dummies - This is really the best free plug-in I have ever seen. I have bin trying very much dsp processing plugins, but this is absolutely the best and is all the other plug-ins miles ahead. People who do say it is shit, have not managed to get the settings right. If you have the wrong settings, you can really F*CK UP the sound. This plug-in needs some reading about how processing works and needs VERY much tweaking of the settings. Don?t expect to have nice sound instandly. It will take you a long time before you will be happy with the sound, but if you managed, for sure you will agree that there is no better plug-in. Expect that it will take you maybe 20 hours of tweaking. You play your music and every time when you listen there is something about the sound that you don?t like and you start to make minor changes. This will hapen many times, but for sure you will manage to get it right and nice. All the plug-ins that provide you with instand "nice" sound will never get the sound as you like it and can never manage all the differences in the music format as I have. I have a format with verry slow, low volume songs and I have electric, verry loud music in the same format. This dsp processor manages to get them all nice sounding, without changeing the preset. Also with a hardware DSP procesor, it needs lots of tweaking of the settings before it gives you the sound that you like, so that this plug-in also needs lots of tweaking, has nothing to do with this program. If you manage to get it good, it will give you the same result as if you had $10.000 on hardware procesing. Good luck !!! PS, if you want to have a preset start from wich you can start tweaking, have a look at the programmers website. There you can download the preset files of other users. Try them all and maybe there is a preset that maches your tast or gets close. - July 30, 2005 by Claudio Bosgraaf

Works great, but... - It does NOT work with Ogg Vorbis files. Well, it does, but it distorts them and makes them skip. - April 6, 2005 by Archpope Dach

JUST AMAZING!!!!! - I don't know how the staff can rate this pluggin under 5!! This is professional stuff, guys. Perhaps too difficult for amateurish attempts, but surely worth trying and free (in contrast with izotope ozone). If you want quality in your music, try this shit, one of the best out there. - April 1, 2005 by David Abenza

EXCELLENT THE BEST EVA AND 4EVA - ... i don't understand why the staff guy gave only 3 stars... He is a kinda ignorant about dsp and sound dynamic... so little ricchioncello testina di cazzo shut the fuck up and listen: This the best dsp plugin ever on this site: this is useful for pro stuff too. So dear staff reviewer u just should learn some about dsp... fottiti in culo - March 11, 2005 by jack nerchia

For updates - If you are looking for updates, try to visit new site: - October 16, 2004 by russo lorenzo

Wow! - That is the only word that can describe my feelings towards this plugin. Granted, it took a bit of time to learn, but nothing an extra 10-20 minutes of your time won't fix. It's a blast to fool around with, and on a PIII 800, it takes up about 50% CPU, which is acceptable for the sheer audio quality produced from it, and the control the user has over it. Everything that anyone would ever need to enhance their aural experience while using Winamp is included in the plugin, and it's just overall a very fun toy. I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a good DSP plugin who doesn't mind getting their hands dirty. - August 28, 2004 by Anthonius Runeblaze

Professional sound - ok I'm not a professional sound engineer, but using this I feel like one. I have literally spent hours of continuous tweeking with this plugin because I can. Tomassini's included help docs guided my hand enough that once I started messing with the sliders I could get the hang of it. My only problem is that it takes up a lot of my measly 550 Mhz processor, not enough to stop winamp from running, but enough to make it take forever for any other program or vis run at the same time. For the high learning curve I almost gave it 4 stars, but that would be ignorant of how well programmed and comprehensive this plugin is. - June 15, 2004 by jacob schmugge

hi - .. - May 11, 2004 by Lee yj

For updates - If you are looking for updates, try to visit my site: Enjoy! Alessandro - February 2, 2004 by Alessandro Tomassini

configure page a pop up pain - Why must the configure page open with win amp EVERY TIME ? - January 9, 2004 by ray phillips

Professional Stuff - Although I am a fan of simple things - Sound Solution is everything but no simple - I am astonished with the sound quality we can obtain with this plug-in. Its fully documented and one has to spend a little time to adjust the sound but once properly done, its an exquisite piece of sound processing. Last version - v.1.2b - is much more complete and come with some presets that are really handy. Also its \"footprint\" its much smaller which its good for slower machines. All in all, an impressive DSP plug-in. If however someone finds it too much complicated, I can suggest the CompWide alternative ?n these pages - January 9, 2004 by Artur Nogueira

About plugin and Mad Chicken comment - hello, we are a lpfm station in south dakota, we were using an orban 8200 up until we found this plugin, it is truly amazing, while not everything a broadcast provessor is included, it outperforms most normal programs. we are designing a hardware bow with a dsp board, and lcd screen, and buttons programmable to tune the audio now about the user "mad chicken" lpfm and micropower radio or "pirates" as you so rudely branded them, exist to make a difference in the community, not sound like a commercial stations clone, may we suggest that you concentrate more on your content and your volunteer activitym rather on how "big" you sound, the truth is without a license the fcc can squish you like a bug. no amount of signal processing is gonna hide you, and please use good mics, it is the quickest way for a listener to figure you out, no processor will hide a bad mic setup. on the positive note: the reason your signal is clearer is because you have filled more of the spectral wave of your signal, and people on your fringe area= the area at the end of the signal) will get a stronger signal. just dont get caught up in cloning the big guys, concentrate on what its all about , making a difference ps we made a prest perfect for fm transmission, anyone who would like to use thisfor their station, email us at [email protected]. several engineers helped custmoize this, out put never falls below -2.9 and signal sounds really good. (disclaimer) may not work for your setup and\or equipment , use at YOUR OwN RISK klnk fm team - December 2, 2003 by klnk fm

Share your Presets? - Hello, I have been a long time supporter of Sound Solution, having encouraged Alessandro along it's development. Does anyone have some nice presets they'd like to share? My user is Techno-Monster2. My email is [email protected] Please let me know. If I receive many, I will post them where we can all share them, and have Allesandro include them in a future release! Thank you. - November 1, 2003 by Paul Gallo

good!!! - sound solution is good enough to produce crispier and more clearer sound but it digs up a lot of memory!! it slowers my pc a little bit...the window also is too big and takes a lot of space,for your next version, plz do some enhancement on the window...but hey!! nice work tommasini!!nice werk!! - September 24, 2003 by e3 A

Download new version ;) - Hello everybody :) Download new version from author's homepage - it's worth of it... as always... - July 16, 2003 by Slawek B

Terrific - Somthing I have always wanted, a great multi-band dsp plug-in. Perfect for broadcasting, shoutcastin and just casually listening to music. Thank You! - May 27, 2003 by N G

Pirate radio just got better - This is an excellent plugin. Im a pirate radio broadcaster, and ive been looking for a way to get multiband compression for that massive sound my legal competitors have. To set it up, i would play the same song on my FM transmitter as a competitor was playing. I then programmed my frequency and theirs, into my fm radio. I would then switch between the 2 stations, while adjusting the levels on the dsp plugin, until my station sounded exactly like theirs. I now sound like a major radio station. The results i got are much better then using audiostocker and a alesis stereo compressor. I do notice a big differance when compressing each band separately, as compared to a simple limiter. The stereo expander works quite nicely to for more brilliance. Also, By raising the average modulation level, i dont notice as much static on my radio station when driving around now. In effect, giving me more range before the static becomes annoying. My listeners and I thankyou for engineering a quality DSP, and making it freeware. - May 16, 2003 by Mad Chicken

Bugs Fixed - Hi everybody, for those who are experiencing problems, with the help of some friends, i started a little webpage to put on the latest releases of sound solution. The bug has been solved in the new version and you can download it at my homepage. Sorry, nobody is perfect :) Bye Alessandro Tomassini - May 10, 2003 by Alessandro Tomassini

It keeps Crashing :( - Sorry but everytime I load it up it just crashes Winamp 2.91 :( - May 6, 2003 by kita akita

A plugin that needs no plug - 5 stars :) - April 14, 2003 by Robert Bello

Competing with orban 8400 - Using plugin of gone out from Winamp, sqrsoft advanced crossfade, activated sound solution already regulated with a good limitation in hf limiter to avoid sibilation... In the part of dsp / Winamp's Effects, I activated izotope ozone in preset "default with less sparkle" to bring more serious to the final sound, more "punch"... does it Want to know??? It was better, but very better than Orban 8400 of 10,500 dolares that to 103,7 fm uses here in Shark - Santa Catarina...I linked in a Generator of stereo and in a transmitter of 0,3 watts, where who generated the sound was a plate soundblaster live value 5.1 . Observation: I only did not manage to take reverber of izotope, but outside that, was sensational, because sound solution multiband just is sensational, a work of a specialist, and I could compare you to Bob Orban, with who already I talked for email... You would owe registra him and to try to create a hardware that can take the delay in the processing; but the hardware would have to be as a sound board, or a peripheric of computer, because it would be in terms of broadcast, the solution that would revolutionize the broadcasting market, without having an exaggerated price... - April 10, 2003 by Simon Silveira

No PRESETS !! - Not everyone is an acoustics expert to configure this piece of software. no doubt it is good, but no one has the time or patience to figure everything out.this is where isotope scores in, may not be as good as this one but has shitloads of presets. next time please dont forget them, cause u deserve it. - March 6, 2003 by samrat patil

Excellent - Well, well, well - It's a very, very nice plugin. Works perfectly. It's a great, multiband processor that allows you to prepare the sound to put it directly into transmitter (for example). It allows you for a full control of peaks. Professional work !!! - February 20, 2003 by Slawek B

Better than Izotope! - Tomassini is a very good programmer and a good sound and DSP engineer (real engineering - I must say not recording or sound technician). This DSP sounds even better with a very good sound card and good speakers, One PC at my house is just a music player connected to a Crown Power AMP and JBL Speakers and it just makes difference. My CD PreAMp and Mackie mixer, BBE maximizer cannot sound better than this. For mastering this is defintiely better than iZotope. - February 12, 2003 by Noel Paz

Really cool!!! - My god!, ultil today i was using iZotope oZone but... this dsp makes that it turns to the second place of my favorite DSP's.Now Sound Solution is THE FIRST, because sound is near Orban Optimod professional audio processor.Tomassini, you are a real programming master. You must check Orban Optimod FM sound, because y think that you can make a processor that sound were like Orban Optimod FM. Congratulations for "Sound Solution" and good work. We are waiting impatiently for your next DSP. - February 2, 2003 by Panillo Panete Sandezes

AweSound - Hey!! What I gotta say, will have to learn how to use it. BUTTTT; just as soon as it loaded my sound became trOOOOly great. - November 2, 2002 by Wayne Radio848