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Sound Colorizer -v1-

A nice SPS preset for enhancing low/high frequencies.

A nice SPS preset for enhancing low/high frequencies.

It accentuates the low and high frequencies by colorating them, it has simple dynamics control so it doesn't clip. The result is a very powerful low bass, and noise sharpened highs. It works very good with low to mid quality headphones or speaker systems, and with the effect lowered a bit, even with good stereo lines. Enjoy.

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May 17, 2005 by Bogdan Badea68713 downloads

Sound Colorizer -v1- - A nice SPS preset for enhancing low/high frequencies.

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Headphone preset for DSP Signal Processing Studio

Worked reasonably ok and with headphones on it did make a bit of an improvement but having to boost the output since the default signal was too low was a pain. There may be better alternatives to this but possibly worth a look since sound tests are always somewhat subjective.


Craptacular POS - Made my brand new winamp 5.2 install crash, thanks dude - May 5, 2006 by Jason Vajgrt

I like it, but as it's my plugin, that's subjective :P - Thank\'s for your feedback, keep posting here, it doesn\'t matter if it is a one or five star review... :D Also, send me mail with what you don\'t like/would like to have and I will try to do it. The mail is: [email protected] P.S. What\'s \"overkill\"? :-( - June 18, 2005 by Bogdan Badea

I've been waiting for this - I have one song here that for some reason, I could never find the right equalizer setting to make it sound good on my stereo. This plugin does the trick. It's a lot like turning the contrast up on a TV. Clarifies and sharpens everything. And it soups up the bass like you wouldn't believe, with no autable distortion whatsoever. Only downside really is a lot of the time it can be overkill. But for the times that it's not, it's definately worth looking into. - June 17, 2005 by X X

Hmm ..... - It certainly works, and does what it is supposed to at that. The sound is clearer as far as the high ranges go .... Very good for when you have no idea what the artists is saying. - June 10, 2005 by Sean Williams

Sound Colorizer -v1- - This plagin is real crap :) I don;t know whot it is doing - May 25, 2005 by Dominik Niakov