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Sort by length

-- sorts tracks by length

-- sorts tracks by length

Sorts your playlist by the length of the track.

23/05/06: Rewritten to be faster (a 1000 song playlist is < 1sec on my pc), more robust etc.

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August 21, 2001 by Peter Windridge5756 downloads

Sort by length - -- sorts tracks by length

Staff review

Does what it says

Simple and straighforward plug-in that sorts your Winamp playlist based on track length.


Does not work with current Winamp version (5.581)It demands the winamp.m3u playlist which is not in the Program files. - August 5, 2010 by Ivars Brencis

could be useful - Must say, when I installed this I was thinking in other things that it's final (ab)use...Now I use it to sort out the shortest tracks when I Format convert my tunes, so I can start with the "shorties" and go further up... - September 15, 2008 by Alfonso Rodrguez Martnez

Great! - This plugin is fantastic! I have 500 m3u files that I need to check for dead links. Now I can simply import these into 1 playlist in winamp and perform a time sort. The resulting 0:00 files show up the dead files! Well done Peter, and I hope they include this feature into the distribution! ;) - May 25, 2005 by addy biru

Nice...!!!! - Good plugin. This is what i was looking for. Winamp Crew should add this plugin to thier basic program. I need it , i love it :) - June 23, 2003 by Gediminas Janisauskas

good prog - it's no very interresting, but the idea is good !! can u do the same program who sort by date ??? - April 23, 2002 by zain jar