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songtitle to msn

Update your msn name to your current playing song!

Update your msn name to your current playing song!

This plugin allows you to update your msn name everytime a new song starts! here is an example on how it will look: (8) YOUR-NAME (8) Is listening to >> (SONG TITLE) Aint that funny ;) ENJOY!!

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June 6, 2002 by Jeffrey Jeffrey45755 downloads

songtitle to msn - Update your msn name to your current playing song!

Staff review

Update your MSN name

Sends current Winamp info to your MSN name to keep your profile up to date with what you are listening to at the moment. Not much in the way of configuration or help as of now.... author talks of an interface update in the future.


sh!t - First it didnt work.. then is crash my winamp.... pure sh!t - April 19, 2005 by Carly VaughanWilliams

It could be good... - It crashes my Winamp. Full Stop. - April 19, 2005 by Anna Fry

MSN Messinger songtitle plugin... - The efort is ok, but it doesent work(atlest not here). I have Win XP pro sp2 and MSN Messinger v6.2 (with MSN Plus v3.25.106) and Winamp v5.08c I installed it(this plugin) on my Winamp too and when i run winamp the plugin configuration window apared. I configured it (filled the fields acordingley), and clicked on aply. Then when i tryed to doble-click on a song in PlayList, but could't (PlayList did't work :(). Then i just pressed play to see does the name thing eaven work,.. but it did't :((. So i had to uninstall it(this plugin) to get the PlayList to work again. So i thin the long-lost(msn name, songtitle changer) plugin was better (had some bad sides too but syll better), too bad thet it is't up here enymore :(. This wersion wos't so goot,.. hope the next wersion works on most of the times. Best wishes and hopes to the creator (, and ofcorse to the Winamp team). KrK - January 30, 2005 by KrK kaur

POS - Nothing. It does absoultely nothing on my computer. It could be that different machines react differently to different programs, but it doesn't work AT ALL with mine. I wish there was a workable MSN one that showed not only in the list but in the message box as well. - December 13, 2004 by Xavier Gold

Not that good!! - Why can't i select a song in the playlist when i have this plugin installed, also u should do somethin about the thing that u should retype ur name everytime Winamp starts................for the rest it's a good plugin.............(i use winamp 5) - April 7, 2004 by Niels van_der_Varst

good for msn - January 27, 2004 by Mike255 Mike255

Nice - The plug-in is ok, but it doesn't work with messenger 6, according 2 me - December 12, 2003 by Thomas Franken

Yes - Il faudrai vraiment que ce plug in soi compatible avec la version 6 de msn et la version 3 de winamp, faudrai aussi ne pa devoir encoder le nick a chake foi qu'on lance winamp... enfin soit on peu tjs reve... - October 9, 2003 by smk PAul

NICE PLUGIN!!!! - umm yah i love it i have been looking for a plug in liek this for a wile if yah wanta but it up on thay havea lot of msn stuff im sure it would get realy popular hehe, but i would realy like to se a never vertion maby including in new vertion... suport for MSN 5 and 6 and make is so it does nto rest you name ever time you start winamp up also maby a link on your GUI with a little info about the progeram anyway CEEP UP THE DAM GOOD WORK THERE Jeffrey Jeffrey!!! hope to see a new vertion soon hehe PS: you might wanta put in you info that it only works with msn ver 4.7 and older PPS: by the way your first vertion of this plugin is goign to ahve a few flaws like all first vertions :) though keep up with teh upgrades... -Gram - October 2, 2003 by Gram Mist

Cool, but no support for versions 5 and 6 - Nice, dude ;) But do you have updated for versions 5 and 6? - July 28, 2003 by Joel Almeida

LOOKS GOOD, however... - doesn't work... what version of MSN or winamp are required??? (i'm using MSN 5.0.0543(spanish) and Winamp 2.90) - May 16, 2003 by oscar montano

Needs many improvements - The basic idea is great, and works fine, but PLEASE make these changes... - Compatability with msn 5.5 (crucial) - Save settings on exit (crucial) - Allow 2 people to see each other's msn updates (crucial) - Possibly change name to just the name without comment or song title when you close winamp (not very crucial) - Make a Trillian one too (not very crucial, but would be nice) - November 30, 2002 by Ben Haytack

Very cool plugin - but it doesn't work with msn 5.5 :( so if you could change that.......... :D - November 24, 2002 by Marijn a

nice plugin but... - I love this: it's a great idea. The only problem I've found so far is that two people with the plugin working can't see each other's songs updating. - August 7, 2002 by Dave Tickle

Trillian - Hey dude, nice plugin! One thing, I use Trillian and this plugin doesn't work with this program :( But, It's a very nice plugin - July 2, 2002 by Marcel Groenouwe

Re-review - hey dude you get two more stars if you fix the following: when i quit winamp and then restart it, I have to type my name again... - June 17, 2002 by Jeroen Schilleman