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Show your website visitors what you listen.

Show your website visitors what you listen.

Want to show everybody what you are listening? Use SongStat 1.0
winamp plugin tool. It reads and sends info about current
song in winamp. You need php script that you put on
your webserver. This script will get the info. You just do
a simple include of the file winamp.php. PHP script is avalible in setup file!

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March 18, 2006 by Sam Ceh8347 downloads

SongStat - Show your website visitors what you listen.

Staff review

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Once all of the required file permissions had been altered on the test setup this worked as expected. Since you have full control over the php files in use you should be able to alter this to show what you want. Not as easy to use as some other inplementations but it does the job.


Nice idea but some problems - I installed the plug-in and the installation was considerably easly. The song information soon showed up on my homepage. However, when there were issues with my server, the plug-in caused a disturbing error code. That problem persisted. Also, you have to be aware that this plug-in will indicate whether there is activity with your computer. People can see whether you are working with your computer and thus track you down. I eventually de-installed it. - September 1, 2006 by az frankie

Errors - Yeah... Well almost all errors are now fixed! SongStat V2 Is out! Check for more info! - July 17, 2006 by Sam Ceh

Intersting gadget - I installed the latest version of the plug-in and it worked quickly! However, what disturbs me is the output in connection with an apostrophe. The title \"It\'s Been Long\" comes out as \"It/\'s Been Long\" this way, and that doesn\'t look very good. Also, for some strange reason I detected, the currently played song is not always displayed accurately on my homepage (even though I reloaded the page a few times and all MP3 files have accurate tags). Then again it works. Funny... - July 3, 2006 by az frankie

Update - Hey! Yeah I know about these problems. I'm currently working on v2.0 with fixed problems. Check for more information. - May 13, 2006 by Sam Ceh

Cool idea, maybe a few problems? - Hey I really like this idea. I'm using it on my website and it rocks. Very easy to use in my schema, I write the song name to a database instead of a textfile, etc etc... but it works. A few things to note... maybe I am just doing something wrong, but... 1) Are you escaping non-url-friendly characters? Whenever my song title contains an ampersand, it seems to come through to PHP in the URL as if it were a nearly-well-structured URL variable (i.e. "?song=Johnny Cash & Willie Nelson - blah.mp3" ... PHP sees this as "song=Johnny Cash " and a separate variable "Willie Nelson - blah.mp3" with no value. Odd that. I made a workaround, but it would be better if the URL was well formed I think. 2) It doesn't seem to update on song change? Am I missing something? Looks like it only updates on a 2 minute interval. Isn't on song change possible, and wouldn't that be better? 3) Consider allowing user-defined params in the URL. I run Winamp on 4 different systems in my house. I have them all reporting in, and I am currently using 4 different passwords so I can tell which is which. It'd be nice if I could add "location=den" or similar... Still, good job! Che - March 29, 2006 by che mame