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SMART Alarm Clock Deluxe

Alarm Clock for WinAmp which saves the time and song, sets itself and WORKS.

Alarm Clock for WinAmp which saves the time and song, sets itself and WORKS.

This is the new version of my Smart Alarm Clock for WinAmp. This version has a way better interface. I hope this one gets submitted this time. ;-)

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June 8, 2001 by Spiegel Man77066 downloads

SMART Alarm Clock Deluxe - Alarm Clock for WinAmp which saves the time and song, sets itself and WORKS.

Staff review

SMART Alarm Clock V12

This will definitely work to wake you up. Very straightforward interface and set up... just choose the time you want to wake up and the mp3 file you want to wake up to...and there you go. -dg


"Where is the manual?" - Can you tell me how does it work? I can't move it. I can't set it. I don't like it. When you make a plug-in, you gotta think the easier way to make it work. For me, this alarm didnt work. - March 22, 2006 by carlos reyes

Poor interface, installs adware - When I downloaded and ran this application, it gave me a pretty poor UI to use and also installed an IE search toolbar which I most definately did not want. - March 13, 2006 by Ein irvin

UPDATE - Even though the update stuff doesn't seem to work here, there's an update for this with a way better interface on my website Have fun. Grtz, MiRRoRMaN. - August 28, 2005 by Spiegel Man

It's my own plugin. - So of course it r0x0rs. It's very old but I don't feel like updating it because the guys here are very lazy updating it. I suggest you check out Akira Games MP3 replayer I made. Also I'll make a nice visualizer based on my new game Probe, I'll upload it here but it will prolly take ages again for them to upload it. Have fun with it though. And Paul by all means baffle us with your better alarm clock. I could make one in 10 mins but like I said don't feel like updating here. - April 9, 2002 by Spiegel Man

Definitly Lacking - The two stars are because it looks nice and works, but the interface could definitly use a lot of work. You have to manually type in the name of the file to start on and then click select, so there's no way to make sure it will work unless you test it. A lot of other buttons are confusing on what they do. There isn't so many so it didn't take me THAT long to figure them out, but they should be self explanitory. On the plus side it had a relitivly small interface. It would be nice if it ran as a tray icon instead of a normal program in the task bar. I guess I shouldn't complain too much though, because none of the winamp alarms are that great. Right now the best option is to use the windows task schedualer. I'd like it if I could set a few of winamps settings that I can't do with the that (like the starting volumn). If I get around to it, I'll write one of my own, but right now I don't have the time. - March 13, 2002 by Paul Dykstra

What the HECK ! - Well, it would help if this plugin actually installed. I can't find that it did, or how to configure it. - January 4, 2002 by Dave Swaney

Nice try... - I know there is just some little something that I have to do to make this work...I just can't figure out what it is and until I do, one star is all I can give it. I've put the " " around the typed in title, I've opened the Smart Alarm Clock program from the programs/winamp folder, but the best I get is Winamp is opened and the "open a file" folder is opened. It does not open the file I chose or any other one, and no music happens. - October 28, 2001 by Paul Lindberg

Its the best! - Whow I like the update even BETTER! Thanx you guys! - August 3, 2001 by Eagles Inc

Go back to user interface school - The good: it works The bad: it's user interface is terrible. I don't mean to be overly critical, but you can't browse for the mp3 that you will use, you can't minimize to the systray, no snooze, and almost no documentation. Do yourself a favor just use the windows task scheduler to run winamp with your chosen mp3. - July 4, 2001 by Mechno Sferatu

Very nice... - So far this is the only one here that I have gotten to actually work so its awesome.. - June 17, 2001 by Joshua Ferguson

Superb! - This is my favourite alarm clock! I wake up with it every morning!!! - June 10, 2001 by Pisbunker Webmaster

Wasabi!! - Thanx 2 U, I dont have an excuse to wake up late because this one works!!! Doh - June 10, 2001 by gareth terrace