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Slow Me Down

Slows down the music without changing pitch. Great sound quality!

Slows down the music without changing pitch. Great sound quality!

This plugin lets you slow down or even speed up the music by stretching itbetween -50% to 70%. Without changing the pitch! You can also fine-tune thepitch in cents (100ths of a semi-tone) to suit your instrument.Version 1.02

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March 6, 2001 by Rolf Nilsson222106 downloads

Slow Me Down - Slows down the music without changing pitch. Great sound quality!

Staff review

You can get some nifty effects out of this one...

I had some fun just loading vocal track mp3's and messing around with the stretch... great little tool for computer music producers and good food for your sampler as well. I think it would be nice to jazz up the interface a bit and also to add some more efx to it... sort of turn it into a mini Winamp multi efx processor. Not sure how much appeal this will have to the average Winamp listener... but, I can personally find much use for it. -dg


Bad - not usable - I installed it for slow down music. For the first minute it worked, but then the quality went bad. Finally Winamp crashed. - September 29, 2007 by Klaus Klapperon

Poor sound, but works as advertised - The plugin has poor sound especially with MP4 files. It may be acceptable for MP3, or wave files. Its main virtue is that it works and does not crash Winamp. It also does not work at all with FLAC files. The same people who created this plugin also market a high quality slow down program. It is too bad that they never ported the better sound to the Winamp plugin. - September 29, 2007 by John Clement

title of what? - I tried several plugins that perform this same function, including \"Arnab\'s DSPs\" (which I believe is listed on this site as \"Fourier Pitch Tempo Control\"), and this one works far better than all of them. - January 30, 2006 by Oliver Klozoff

title of what? - I tried several plugins that perform this same function, including \"Arnab\'s DSPs\" (which I believe is listed on this site as \"Fourier Pitch Tempo Control\"), and this one works far better than all of them. - January 28, 2006 by Oliver Klozoff

Musician paradise - If you're a musician trying to figure out a tricky cover tune, or if the song you want to play along with is in a (slightly) different key or even out of tune, this plugin is a life saver. If you need even slower speed or more pitch change, see the author's Amazing Slow Downer app at I'm not related in any way to this plugin or product. I'm just one very happy user/customer. - May 24, 2005 by Johnny Rock

Garbage - It doesn't do anything, save your time. - April 7, 2005 by adam muir

Awesome Plug In for Guitarists...but... - It's an awesome tool for guitarists who want to learn songs that are too fast at normal speeds. I find the best way to learn any song is by learning to play it real slow at first and gradually increase your speed. And this plug-in does just that. The pitch shifter is cool when you don't want to down-tune your can just down-tune the song! A cool upgrade I'd like to see is a wider range on both sides. The audio quality is the best I've seen yet, but could still improve when the song is slowed to it's max. - March 17, 2004 by Daemon Tate

GREAT!!! - This does exactly what it says, and in a pretty cool way. It's fun. Try it! - March 1, 2004 by The Great C Gerlein

great for slow machines - I use it on a rusty P200 and it works. Pace maker used to eat up all processor time but slowmedown does fine, even in stereo mode. OK, the sound is somewhat crunchy sometimes, but thats the matter of pitching, but it's great to learn to play along songs. Great job Roni! - September 19, 2003 by Rob Low

Excellent quality - When I'm learning tunes from MP3s, I don't want to have retune my guitar a 1/4 step (especially on older recordings when they used to tweak the master tapes) for every other song. This plug-in literally makes my life easier. It sounds better than Pacemaker to me, but both are stable and functional. - September 9, 2003 by Johnny Million

4 for longevity's sake - Hey, I've been using this plug for a few years now. When I first started using it I could slow the tempo by 100%, then it got to be that I would occasionally get artifacts at certain levels PLUS I could only go to 70% slower before the plug locked winamp up... which was ok with me. Now, and read on afterwards, now I can once again get the full range but I have CONSTANT artifacts at any level. The funny thing is that I didn't install a new version, just reinstalled the same ol' version... I suppose most of the problems come from the plug not being able to handle me upgrading winamp (now at 2.81). I could be wrong, but anyways, some folk say "this has artifacts or this doesn't have artifacts" but really it might be something more like your computer setup or winamp version etc. If this doesn't work for you try Pacemaker. Also, Ronnie has a MUCH more in depth standalone program for tempo and pitch control at his homepage (of this plug author), plus several other apps. They cost money tho and again are standalone... I got it but I REALLY would have the standalone be usable as a PLUG for winamp RONNIE!!!! Who wants to stop winamp and have to open another program to do what could be done in one program? Not me. Still, the standalone is nice, but now that it isn't working for me I am finally going to check out the new pacemaker beta (available through that authors homepage)... laters - March 15, 2003 by Ranger Lacy

Cooll - This thing is awesome. Does exactly what it says it does. And my reason for using it is I play guitar, and there are certain parts in songs that are just too fast for me to tab out by ear, this thing helps a lot. Thanks!!! - March 1, 2003 by Felipe Rivera

too limited - It works and has an excellent output sound quality. But it's way too limited !! you can only modify the pitch by 100 cents !!! And there is no option to match the tempo and speed , just like the plugin "pacemaker" does. Answer to the previous reviewer's question: I would use it because a bug in my system makes the sound play 20% too fast, and I can't fix it ( I don't own this computer ). So this plugin would compensate for this problem ... if only it could lower tempo and pitch by 20%. - February 6, 2003 by Space Dreamer

CPU - This one uses more of the CPU than Nullsoft DSP Effects - wich is better than this one. - May 2, 2001 by Bramley Turner-Jones

It actually is... - I've personally never seen an FFT stretcher that can work on both tracks in real time without lagging. Good work - April 23, 2001 by Anthony Williams

Fantastic! - Fantastic!! The best free transcriber tool I found on the net so far. The sound quality is amazing. And it's small Rick Tretzow - March 29, 2001 by Rolf Nilsson