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SLIMP3 Server for Winamp2

Remote Playlist Management

Remote Playlist Management

* Manage playlists and create personal streams on remote computers (@ home) * Listen using Winamp (@ work) * Free * Broad OS support.

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June 26, 2003 by Slim Devices, Inc.60136 downloads

SLIMP3 Server for Winamp2 - Remote Playlist Management

Staff review

Just like the Winamp3 one but works for Winamp 2.

Neato. The picture says it all.


This Rocks!! - I have been trying to find something that I could listen and play my mp3s without having to connect to a shoutcast server, and the look is over! I had a bit of a time understanding how it works, but for all you not sure have to connect with winamp (http://HOST:9000/stream.mp3) before you can even add files to the playlist. After that, love it. Would like two things though...a option for the sample rate of the stream.mp3 file would be nice, in case you don't want to run 128. And an option for changing the port used, if you want something else than 9000. Great program!! - August 20, 2003 by T Blain

SLIMP3 instructions - You can find instructions for remote streaming/playlist management in the "Getting Started" file. - August 8, 2003 by Slim Devices, Inc.

Batman is a Tard - Listen, it's NOT a waste of time, all you do is load the SLIMP3 server, select your mp3 directory and if you want to use winamp to access it, just open winamp, press CTRL+L (to connect to a location) then type in http://IP.OF.THE.SERVER:9000/stream.mp3, then once connected with winamp open up your favorite web browser and connect to http://IP.OF.THE.SERVER:9000, there you go, now instead of dogging this program, perhaps now you understand how to use it a little. GG! - August 7, 2003 by john doe

Waste of time - Maybe on the old versions of this software you could stream but not all it says is Slimp3 player not found and wont let you stream crap. So its pretty crusty looks like i might dl winamp 3 just for its remote streaming option. Pretty lame you have to buy the hardware to stream you some music over the net. Shoutcast should add that option to its server =) would be a nice improvement. - August 7, 2003 by Batman Robin

Awesome! - This piece of software is incredible! Just stumbled upon it by mistake and now I'm totally hooked. The software is originally intended to go with a piece of hardware that will allow you to bring your musical library anywhere in your home via ethernet. But the software goes way beyond that! It allows you to bring your musical library to any corner of the world! The setup is as easy as 1,2,3 and suddenly your music is reachable from your office, summerhouse or whatever. Just point the URL to a specific address and bring up the SliMP3 website on your computer to start zapping about! Warning! Software is incredibly addictive and the chance that you will soon consider the hardware is overwhelmning. - August 5, 2003 by Stefan Christiansson

Mista - this program is really bad - July 29, 2003 by nic_da_ gang