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Plugin for automatic calming down and noising sound when you go sleep.

Plugin for automatic calming down and noising sound when you go sleep.

This plugin be instrumental towards automatic time controlled calming down and noising playback. Its features are linear, logarthmic and exponential volume changing, turning off Winamp and computer.

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July 28, 2005 by Radek Barton43961 downloads

SleepTimer - Plugin for automatic calming down and noising sound when you go sleep.

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Timed volume lowerer

Quickly installed and easy to get working. This is configurable in a number of ways so if this is for you then it should be possible to tweak it to what you need. Worked well on testing.


Good work!! - Good program. But why don`t you add function "sleep" in the block "in the end"? I think, it will be more useful with this option. Thamk you for plug-in. - April 12, 2008 by zvuk Pavel

Very useful - This plugin is great! You can have WinAmp turn your music down gradually after a period of time and then, optionally, turn your computer off or prepare to turn your music back on later.Thanks to the author for a simple and easy-to-use plugin. - November 6, 2007 by Jack Knife

I use this every night - The ability to fade in and fade out is an excellent feature. The GUI needs some serious refinement; entering times in is a huge pain.Some features I suggest:-Save all options in a settings file, so it remembers for the next time you use it.-Wake up timer should have an option to first load a specific playlist file, then begin playing. This way you can fall asleep to different music than you wake up to. - October 3, 2007 by Brian Papantonio

good - but this thing must have more options such as wake up a computer too?or to shutdown after the end of some tracks - August 24, 2006 by Korse Korse

Simple is great! - A great simple fade-out or fade-in or both, plug-in that works well. I find the following pros: 1.Very simple to use(once you know its flaws and limits). 2.It works well. 3.I like the idea of the status bar in the bottom(more info on hand whould be nice!:)). 4.It is open source. Following are some cons and suggestions: 1.Important: Does not save settings (frustrating for a newbe to find that out by himself; useful for everyone) 2.In section "Length time", make a note that this corresponds to "hour:minutes" (frustrating for a newbe to find that out by himself). 3.More engaged options in the section "in the end do"(i whould like stand-by option). 4.There is not an easy way to start it. A suggestion to make this plug-in more flexible without loosing its simplicity: Don't separate it in two defined parts(that is "Fall asleep" and "Wake up"). Just make it consist of only one defined part(name it "fade1" or "act1" or whatever). In the options, should then be two sliders for: 1)Start volume 2)End volume. Then, that part, may be repeated in a consecutive way, as many times as one wants. This way, you have more engaged features, with the simplicity of a single set of options(repeated many times). Thanks for this one and, keep it up! - September 15, 2005 by agos a

Simple things are often the best - This little plug-in is very easy to use and understand and does the job well, that is stopping playback after a certain time or starting it at a certain time. There is 1 thing I would like thou, it would be nice if there was a "start now" button instead of having to access the current time. Anyway, great plug-in. - September 12, 2005 by Pedro Zubiri

Good, but rough edges - This plugin does what it says on the can.. However, after using it for several weeks, various issues begin surfacing that I'd personally love to see in 0.2.. for a 0.1 release this is a marvellous plugin, really. 1. No Storing Of SleepTimers: Ie, every night you have to configure the darn thing again and again. 2. Lacking documentation (although this one I can live with after some fiddling). 3. No 'Run program' option for 'In the end do:' - would be appreciated as I like to put my PC in Hibernate instead of shutting it down. 4. No easy access to start a SleepTimer; you have to through Options->Preferences->Plugins->General Purpose->SleepTimer 0.1->Configure selected plugin. What's wrong with a thinger-button, or adding it to the main rightclick menu? In short, Radek did an excellent job on this one, and I find myself using SleepTimer on a daily basis. Just has the potential to be much more userfriendly. - August 31, 2005 by Sander Bol

Works but damn confusing - basically this program starts a fade and afterwords, it'll do one of the 4 task listed below. the start time is the actual time when it'll start a fade. and the length time is how long you want the fade for. so if you want the program to start fading a hour from now and do something 2 minutes after fading, set the start time an hour from now, and set the right box of the length time to 2. the left box is for hours i believe and select one of the for tasks to do underneath. if you want your "turn down" to be "at once", make sure the length time is set to 0:0 otherwise it'll keep playing music. plug-in's trickier than it needs to be for me but once i figured it out, i think i'll use it. - August 27, 2005 by Edmond S

Great Plug-in but HELP!? - Ok, I'm probably the dumbest guy in the world but i can't get this one to work but i love the idea. Please can someone tell me exactly how to do if i want to use the fall asleep+shutdown computer function! What is length time? am i supposed to press close after setting the options? And I'm not that good at english so please explain "linear, exponential and logarithmic" Write here, PM or mail/msn at [email protected] - August 22, 2005 by micke hurtig

Great ! - 2 years now 've been looking for such a plugin.. Really I've used it for the past 7 nights, and I'll go on falling asleep with it. Really, excellent work !! - August 6, 2005 by _ _

Great reminder - Don't need to be a genius to figure this one out: Have an upcoming appointment while in the middle of a game or something else that keeps you from keeping track of time? This is a gentle way to remind you too. Think I'll end up using this a lot. Thanks to the one who created this. And btw, I'm seriously thinking about movin' the pc to the bedroom now :) - August 4, 2005 by Sool Noedig