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skin randomizer

randomizes skins at winamp startup, uses subsets

randomizes skins at winamp startup, uses subsets

this plugin randomizes skins, i wanted more functonality than winamp had, now you can have winamp randomize only the skins that you want to, and only at startup, not every time you hit play.

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March 6, 2002 by mark minshall5322 downloads

skin randomizer - randomizes skins at winamp startup, uses subsets

Staff review

Randomizes skins

Nifty plugin that randomizes your Winamp skin at startup...nice to get a little variety in your everyday routine. The author lists some really handy features that may be implemented for the next version if enough people contact him. I think the timer option would be very nice to have personally.


No modern skins? - Pretty limited, because over half of my skin collection is uncapatable with this plug-in. - November 11, 2005 by Justin Le

Usefull but... - ...I can't select Modern Skins ? I can only choose between classic/old skins. Why? - August 9, 2005 by Kris Lee

Crashes - This was excatly what I was looking, but it does not work. It always crashes my Winamp before I've even started it "Winamp has encountered a problem, and will have to close". I can't even get into the programme to uninstall, so I have to uninstall and reinstall Winamp. I wish I could find this plugin in a form that doesn't crash my programme!! - August 9, 2005 by Heidi Sproke

Simple yet .... - ... very effective. For those who hate the skin changed every song.... - March 11, 2002 by Darren Morrison