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Skin Loving Mikros Volume 6

Fancy Pants !

Fancy Pants !

MikroAMP v2.50 Skin Pack "Skin lovin mikros Volume 6 - Fancypants !"

This is a skin pack for MikroAMP. MikroAMP is a general purpose plugin for Winamp.


This pack of skins provides a collection of skins for MikroAMP only. MikroAMP can have a seperate skin to the skin that is on winamp. Many skinners produce stand-alone MikroAMP skins, and many don't provide skins for MikroAMP in with their standard Winamp skins.

The purpose of this pack is to provide a set of skins for you to use on MikroAMP if the skin author has either badly skinned MikroAMP or not skinned it at all. Drag'n'Drop the skins onto MikroAMP to apply them.

The skins will be stored in the:

c:program fileswinampskinsMikroAMPfancypants folder.

This MikroAMP skin pack and contains skins by members of the skin love community located at

All skins in this pack are copyright of the respective artists , and remain exclusive property. See the enclosed readme.txt file for more information

Skins in this pack by.







Mr. Tough Guy

not in santiago

simon snowflake


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February 19, 2003 by Skin Lovers9923 downloads

Skin Loving Mikros Volume 6 - Fancy Pants !

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More skins for MikroAMP

A collection of skins for MikroAMP. You'll need to have MikroAMP installed for these to be of any use.