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Free w/ source.

Free w/ source.

SimplySurround is a pseudo-surround plugin. Unlike the other "invert left channel" this plugin keeps the bass intact! Sports a trivial normalizer too.

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August 22, 2001 by tom st denis40400 downloads

SimplySurround - Free w/ source.

Staff review

Liven up your mp3's a bit

Surround and Normalize options for this dsp plug-in. The audio difference isn't extremely drastic, but, it's noticeable.


Great job! - I am very lucky to download without any information about this. It increases the volume when the volume is low, It decreases the volume when the volume is high. Good work. But I need, default option to get the normalizer mode with just one click. Any way, Nice!!!. - October 8, 2003 by Rajesh Kanna

Updates - Check out my website for the latest releases! - August 22, 2001 by tom st denis