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Simply Surround

Makes sound more fidelity and adds simple surround effect. Very fast and too small

Makes sound more fidelity and adds simple surround effect. Very fast and too small

This plugin can up sound fidelity by adding high-frequency harmonics which were lossed due to sound compression. Also it can to increase stereo distance between two channels to make simple stereo effect.Very fast and too small !!!Recommended to use with headphones.Sound is better in new version.

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March 8, 2002 by Sergey Shamshin311788 downloads

Simply Surround - Makes sound more fidelity and adds simple surround effect. Very fast and too small

Staff review

Dsp plug-in to add more fidelity

Definitely helps boost the high end a bit on your mp3's. It would be nice to see some presets to this...or a smooth interface with sliders so that the user can configure the effect to their own liking. Updated version with better sound quality.


Pure soundgasm on my Logitech G35 headset. Not so much on my Logitech K-530 5.1 speakers though - June 21, 2010 by [email protected]

cool - WOW... - August 11, 2008 by soon peng

i didnt think it could get any better - i been using winampsince 2003 but only found out about plug ins in feb of 07 im slow. but i got this thing on with my enhancer 017 and wide and dynamic. i hot high end surround sound and some big old speakers to go with it and man im chubbing all the time now. this made a great sound even better. i did have to adjust my leeft speaker down a tad to normalize but thats no bid deal. u just wait. also for all u 501 and 7.1 ppl also get at surround as and outsource plug in and it realy does put out all 5 channels and gives your sub a work out . rocking in cleveland randy - October 4, 2007 by randy crawford

Most natural surround! - I have a 4.1 speaker setup and this is the only plugin among the many I've tried that delivers a natural surround effect using my rear speakers without any distortion!The only reason I didn't rate it a 5 is cuz there is a very slight reduction in the midrange frequency and there isn't a level you can adjust. The midrange can be fixed with winamp's equalizer.Please update with a level! - June 26, 2007 by Avi I

Misleading Name, Great Plugin - There are no controls, just turn it on and have better sound quality instantly. Only 22kb, too so why not? - August 18, 2006 by Tristan Unknown

emrah (er) - I have to explain it only one world. !perfect! - January 18, 2006 by Emrah Urhan

the best - the best - December 24, 2005 by airon mcphee

Simply Great - Simply makes your songs sound better. I've downloaded a lot of complex DSP plugins lately and this has to be one of my favorites. It's simple, no presets to change from song to song, no sliders to play with, no parameters to guess. Just turn it on and enjoy. It works even better with headphones. - October 27, 2005 by Javier Ruiz

this is a greeee8 plugin - i like this plugin apesialy when i play mono mp3s it convert them to stereo. thanx - September 25, 2005 by Nilesh R

Marvelous! - A few days ago I tested this and some other surround-plugins on my stereo speakers. Great, the sound became much more transparent and the pseudo-surround-effect was surprisingly cool. I hardly can believe that this plugin works just by delaying one channel. Yesterday I graded up to some sort of selfmade surround. Quadropony with two big 3-way boxes as "front" and two really big 3-way boxes as "rear", both pairs powered by a separate amplifyer. Using this with Simply Surround really blew my mind - very, very neat to the ears, the air now seems to be woven out of fine "treble-fibres", the warm bass is everywhere but it seems to come from nowhere it is simly there, you can hear big vibrating drums from certain spots in the room and sometimes separate mid/high-frequency instruments peaking in from every horizontal direction. The other tested surrond plugins are by far not so cool, in my opinion. Neither in stereo nor in quadrophony. Usually I love things with many levers and switches and so on and I hate things without that but this plugin is an exception. The "Enhancer" plugin delivers some more bass harmonics and with these two plugins (and maybe an equalizer) the sound is perfect. Well you schould get 5 stars for that but there is a tiny problem: on my system it works only on mp3-files. Not on CD's, not on ogg's and not on these lovely TFMX thingies. Thats is a bit sad but I can live with that and since the effect on mp3's is that cool I want to give you 4 and a half stars. But that is not possible so I decided that you should get 5 stars rather than 4. Highly recomended for mp3's, that is my last word...greetings, over and out... - August 19, 2005 by Someone Else

Should be integrated with Winamp dist. - This plugin is simply a must-have, with any sort of speakers or headphones. The effect is especially impressive on headphones - and not just for boosting the quality on crappy models. I have a pair of Sennheiser HD-280s I use with Winamp, and using this plugin (with no EQ on) makes a *big* difference. Without it, it's mediocre, but with it, it's like it's live and immersive. Other plugins I've tried just seemed like cheap tricks - one of them gave this "echoing" effect due to channel delay, another one made no difference... I think what makes the difference on this one is not only does it give a genuine stereo widening, but it boosts the high end on MP3s - without screwing it up like the EQ can often do. Everyone should have this - I think it's so good and helpful, they should include it with Winamp, like they do Milkdrop for viz. - July 6, 2005 by Jeff R

Awesome ! - After trying a few different plugin's to enhance my music I came across this gem. It installs real easy and has no setup. I get confused easily with all the settings and mess around with some plugin's but this one i activate it and my mucis sounds awesome !!! ..... great work i would recomened just dl this to see if you like it :) - March 24, 2005 by John Kiely

Central channel pushed right due to left channel delay - Do you know how this plugin works? It "simply" delays left channel by some milliseconds. It makes a good surround effect but central channel is moved right due to this delay. In order to balance you have to decrease left channel's volume by 33% - October 20, 2004 by Giacomo D.

Simply Simple - I was amazed by the fact that there is no configuration...just turn it on and you're ready to go. No more wasting time tinkering with all sorts of settings that you don't even understand... - September 24, 2004 by Remerico Cruz

Awesome! - Very good plug-in. All of a sudden my crappy speakers were kick ass. Thanks a bunch! - February 26, 2004 by Bruce Lee

verry verry good cool plugin - Hallo I'm from Holland and thenks for the verry verry good cool plugin. - August 10, 2003 by T.M Willems

4.1 IN MY HEADPHONES! - ...cant say 5.1, but quadrophonic sound with ultra bass is awesome in my headphones (mix it with enhancer 0.17)! the file is small too, fast download - why not try it? nothing to lose, alot to gain! - July 31, 2003 by David Tchui

Just what I've been looking for! - Clean, crisp sound. Unlike others I've had, this one doesn't interfere while using me DSP stacker. Very well done! Now I can use me DEE and this excellent expander! - July 26, 2003 by Steve Mitts

Download this now! - Alone, this is nothing special, but it does add a realistic surround effect. If you combine this plugin with enhancer 017 using muchFX and mess around with the settings a little, you will get AMAZING! audio quality. They combine perfectly together. BEST DSP SETTING! Trust me, its worth the download. - June 26, 2003 by Alex Adamovic

Really useful - Excellent ! give a very good sound. I keep it. But it would be better if we can reduce treble. - June 15, 2003 by CAZAUBON Laurent

OK - good!! - May 21, 2003 by Mario Trila

Installer has Problems :| - Installer won't Install on Winamp 2.91 :( - May 6, 2003 by kita akita

Man it's incredible!!! - It's amazing plug-in! Let's rock with SIMPLY SURROUND!!! - April 23, 2003 by Fabio Amaral

A must... - add "Simply Surround" with DEE or Izotope Ozone using MuchFX2 and u'll know what I mean. - February 3, 2003 by SENNi SIFFREDDi

Gud! - It is very kewl plugin! try it for ur self! - September 14, 2002 by Donis Mags

Great Surround Sound - This is currently the best surround sound plug-in for WinAmp. - August 6, 2002 by Luke Draayer

Not Bad! - This plugin is cool... It's superb!!! It's free!!! Download it now! - June 8, 2002 by Teo Linda

COOL !!! - Great sound !!!! 10 stars !!!! - April 2, 2002 by Radek Kuczewski

Very gooooooooooooooood - Simple en very fast. - March 16, 2002 by Peter Geurts

Great! Except.... - A very convenient plugin for notable audio enhancement. Only problem is the over use of treble. Slight improvement over the previous version. - March 14, 2002 by Jo Tora

Simply thanks Sergey! - To Staff Review: Sergey want it simply! Your thinking is very, very stereotype... :-) - February 8, 2002 by Anna Maria Sulmey

Yes, good, but... - Yes, good, but why does it convert sound from Stereo to MONO? And is it necessary to enhance so much treble frequences? - October 14, 2001 by Giacomo D.

Something Worth Download - Simple, fast, done it's job well, only I can get extra bass with it. - October 3, 2001 by Gayuh Hikmawan

Da bomb, even if it IS a homemade bomb. - This is the best surround plugin I've heard yet. As someone who likes fidelity, I can't give it four stars for the effect it had on Diana Krall, but in its own way, even that was pretty cool. It's pretty phonomenal on rock. Get this. - September 19, 2001 by Archai Valkryn

make one with bass - hey make another one bass imagin that, suround sound with bass. that will good. - August 23, 2001 by WESLEY ANDERSON

GooooooooooooooooooooooD - damn good =) - August 18, 2001 by =) =)

Great - Great plugin, good quality, If it wasnt for the tremble in the high frequency this would b pure perfection. You can sit in your room and be completely surrounded by your music, and imagine yourself to be a part of it! - August 17, 2001 by Fil Pac

ITS AWESOME - it kicks ass...if you have two little dinky comp. speakers then you have to have this - August 13, 2001 by chris huckabee

Full Surround Sound! - This is a sweet plugin, it is better, than DFX, SoftAmp, and Dee. Those 3 just cause my speakers to static at high volumes. I was running my winamp with no plugins, and you know how it is the sound comes at youfrom one direction. as soon as i installed this plugin, sound felt as if it was coming all around me. and there was no static at hish volumes, just low bass, and clear high treble. I do have good speakers (3 piece Cyber Accoustics), but this also sounded awesome with my previous 2 set! - August 9, 2001 by Harris Shaikh

Hm... it's nice but... - As many others have said, there is to much tremble. But you can always configure this away in the winamp equalizer. But if you have 800+ songs preconfigured it's to much work. But than you can use the MuchFX2 plugin (the best plugin out there) to add a nother DSP to handel that. But to what I realy wanted to say: If you have 4 speakers, "Simple Surround" does a nice thing. It takes away the surround, giving me two left, and two right speakers. Call me wierd but it's kinda cool, makes the same sound come from to places in the room. Keep up the work. And oh yeah, can you make it work with all music, not just MP3's. - July 26, 2001 by Loxuz Punitor

Simply superb - Now this is a damn good plugin. Nice, light and accurate sound. Although just a touch less treble (use the EQ) would make this legendary! - July 5, 2001 by Matt Neale

sounds like simple eq to me - sounds like a simple eq to me. not too good. - June 12, 2001 by yo go

Excellent - Uses less CPU than any other plug I've seen and it truly sounds great and I?m thankful its freeware im tired of finding nothing but shareware or 30-day trial-ware. This hits that spot perfectly in my collection along with iZotope Vinyl! - May 31, 2001 by Steve Beer

hmm..good..but need more improvement - Try to remove the treble a lil bit..and make sure that `surround` sounds more alive from this version..if the MAKER of this Simply Surround do the thing i said..i`ll bet there is no other DSP plugin can do better than this one..Keep up the good work,Bro! - May 31, 2001 by Eddie Hashim

great sound - I thought this was a great plugin....I have a sound card that can support 4 speaker setup, and i have my stereo and pc sound system hooked great!!...better than WOW thing...well that's my opinion...u guys decide - May 31, 2001 by Chris unknown

Too much treble - I'm not very fond of this plug-in. I hear way too much treble added in and there is no way of removing it. It didn't sound any better with headphones. Yuck. - May 26, 2001 by Kim W

Hard to go back... - With my cheap speakers or headphones, this plugin makes so much difference it's hard to go back to listening to music without it. Personally it think it's refreshig that it just does it's job without any fancy options or heavy CPU load. It's greatest effect seems to be on spacialising drums and base sounds, so it doesn't have much effect on music without a heavy beat. - April 3, 2001 by Matthew Johnson