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SIGamp for Winamp V2

Tell the world what your listening to with a now playing signature from SIGamp.

Tell the world what your listening to with a now playing signature from SIGamp.

This plugin lets you have your own "sig" image that says what your currently listening to in Winamp. No server required. Its as simple as one, two, three. One, sign up on Two, Install and configure plugin. Three, post your image anywhere you want. This plugin works with Winamp 2.9 and Winamp 5. It will not work with Winamp 3. Need help? Get it at

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May 10, 2005 by Ryan Gatewood82472 downloads

SIGamp for Winamp V2 - Tell the world what your listening to with a now playing signature from SIGamp.

Staff review

Now playing sig

Well it does what it says and it is free (it appears that if you want to alter the image/style used then you need to become a subscribed member of the service, wasn't too clear i found).

Was installed quickly and the installer provides good information on what's needed to setup the plugin so you can start using it asap.


Response - SIGamp was originaly a free service, but due to bandwith costs, had to become a free trial. I would like everyone here to know that the BASIC SIGamp service is again free for as long as anyone wants, but to have the ability to change your image you must subscribe for $1.50 or $2.50 a month (or cheaper if paying every 6 months or 1 year). I would love to give the pro service away for free, but at the current time that is just not possible. - May 3, 2006 by Ryan Gatewood

Greed Ruins Promising Plugin - Sigamp was arguably the first serious Now-Playing plugin/service and a promising one at that. The plugin half ran without much in the way of difficulties and was updated regularly. The site itself left a lot to be desired, though, having so much it wanted to provide but so few people and resources to distribute it. The basic service (whose features are NOT visible in the screenshot) was free with an option to upgrade to a customisable pay-per-month subscription, which offers users a choice of different graphical wrappers and a couple text-display options. There are a good number of these on the site and you can even make your own from what I gather, a truly unique offering among NP/sig services. Unfortunately, the people behind this rising star of a plugin apparently couldn't bear to continue offering the service in the same totally free and nagless spirit in which Winamp itself is offered. Recently they decided to impose a twenty-day limitation to the duration of a Free subscription and your account will be deleted (they say "banned" but strangely you can just resignup for another free 20 days with exactly the same account info as before. You're welcome :>) I'm issuing a zero-star rating on basis of the indian-giver tendencies of the authors. It would be one thing if you warned us in advance you were issuing a gateway to a pay service. I'd never have downloaded it, and you wouldn't be shafting people by giving them such an excellent gadget and then cruelly yanking it away without warning. If you want to make money, sell your product up-front. There's nothing a consumer dislikes more than being lied to, especially in a situation like this where the product goes back on its word, its promise of a free plugin for a free program. I hope this review is recieved and understood as a being critical of authors without integrity rather than accusing them of any incompetence, which I cannot claim. Everything works perfectly, but that's a moot point when you're being jacked around by greedy, two-timing inconsistent and disreputable subscription policies. - December 10, 2005 by Ike Eisenhower

Good idea. Has been done before! - Well. This plug-in is nice for those who can't run a tiny web-server their selves. But the best is to use one of the other signature plug-ins out there which actually allow you to either server the signature image directly from your computer (requires you to have your PC online at all times) or upload to some FTP server of your own choice. - July 29, 2005 by Nicolai Syvertsen

NOW ONLY A 20 DAY TRIAL! - its not free to use anymore because the server is loaded up which sucks so your account will only last 20 days unless you pay for the pro. besides that its a good little program very easy to use:) - July 23, 2005 by koala man

havn't tried and won't... - ok i can't wait to see that plugin finished bro, and also it has been done b4 by a guy named killercpu. its a awesome app and is free and fully custimizable, cept fo gif's - July 23, 2005 by Jeremy Kuhens

Sucks! - This plugin really sucks...They got rid of their server overload problems and charge you after the use of 20days!! WTF? Now I have to wait...What a shitty plugin! - July 19, 2005 by Dingo Bob

I second that - Too right. Plus, its been done before, BY ME! Arg. but I never submitted it as a plugin. That was in august last year... and it worked with winamp 3, too =D Nice idea and such, but don't go making people pay. Thats stupid. I'm gonna redevelop mine, anyway, now we have a new server and gif support... - July 19, 2005 by Barney Gale

its nice - this sofware is nice..can show poeple ur musics - July 5, 2005 by darwish hatta

The next big thing...? - I just installed this a few minutes ago, and it's looking great. I may even fork over some coin to use the other images or make my own. nice. Good work. - July 4, 2005 by CodeBlue40 Jackson

Good - But Not Great - SigAmp is fantasic in the fact it is so easy to set up and is an interesting idea, but does have a few bad points such as: -Their is no option to locally host (not that important) -It relies on one server, if that goes down it won't work -And finally: There is only one free sig you can use - so no Hitchhikers I'm afraid. It has never blocked my computer, and though it runs as a seperate app, it works fine. No spyware or anything. - June 15, 2005 by Joe Anderson

To limited - Personaly i think its a great service. But it could be beter. I know that not everybody has dedicated webhosting with php. And that some people don't have the time/money/knowledge about pc's to learn php. But if you know then you can make better things. Their is another now playing plugin that perfectly is able to send the data by a http request to a php script. but like i said before. Its a quite good service. But i will keep my own made signature. - May 20, 2005 by bart plovie

One word describes this.. AWESOME!!!! - Thanks SIGamp..for a very useful plug-in.. I had it set up in less than 10 mins and I love it.. you'll have a PRO member with me shortly.. nice work.. GHOSTRIDER INTERNET RADIO - May 15, 2005 by Rod GHOSTRIDER