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The in_sid2 Winamp Plugin plays back C64 SID files (extension: .sid).

The in_sid2 Winamp Plugin plays back C64 SID files (extension: .sid).

The in_sid2 Winamp Plugin plays back C64 SID files (extension: .sid).

Copyright ? 2003-2005 Michael Fink

Sidplay 2 is the second in the Sidplay series originally developed by Michael Schwendt. This version is written by Simon White and is cycle accurate for improved sound reproduction.

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May 2, 2005 by Hans Molin103476 downloads

Sidplay2 - The in_sid2 Winamp Plugin plays back C64 SID files (extension: .sid).

Staff review

C64 SID file support

Worked well on the test files thrown at it (you've got to love that oldskool thing!). The only thing was that there's no seeking/time display (though this may be a limitation of the file format).


Crashes my winamp :| - On my laptop with Vista and Winamp 5.541 this plugin crashes winamp. At least it's better than the PC64 plugin which caused my entire system to hang! So far only an old SID-Winamp 1.34 plugin seems to work. - January 8, 2009 by Tim Timson

So unusable! - How a person knowing how to write a winamp plugin and use sidplay2 source code couln't write the simple functionality of advancing to another song - it beats me. I have (like most users) thousands of sid files. There is SIDPlay2, windows version, standalone program which has much more features than this plugin. And yes - automatic playing was also beyond skills of geniuses who wrote it! It's unimmaginable. Writing a sid player is hardcore for a true hacker. Detecting loops, counting/limiting playback time is DAMN SO SIMPLE! Why it has to play untill I want to puke with my favorite sid, and angry hit NEXT (after interrupting my work, switching windows and stuff). PLEASE, CORRECT IT! See in_asap (Atari tunes player) - it's perfect. - June 28, 2008 by Adam Lyskawa

Works good - I installed it and every SID/C64 file I tried so far worked flawlessly (I downloaded the full archive from the High Voltage SID Collection). The missing timestamps are propably due to limitations of this file format. - April 18, 2008 by Oliver Paul

Has Potential - Using the seekbar slider to hear the subtunes doesn't always work. For example I can't access the 3rd track in Commando. - April 3, 2006 by Sky Walker

Doesn?t work with Winamp?s built-in EQ - I must say I?m impressed. I love to hear all those oldskool-SID-tunes again finally. But one important thing is missing: This plugin doesn?t work with Winamp?s built-in equalizer...too bad, because SID-tunes are always low on bass and high on treble, so it would be nice to have the opportunity to change that on-the-fly. That?s the reason why I can give it only *** Maybe you could add that feature in the very-near-future? Pleeeeeze. Anyway, great work! Thumbs up! :D - January 14, 2006 by Alex Gibshmir

too limited - does exactly what it says on the tin, would have gave it a higher score than 2 but its too limited.. Features I would liked to have seen.. 1. Ability to scroll through the different songs in the sid file instead of being stuck at 1 2. channel off/on toggle for the 3 playback channels 3. Speed control, speed up the sid or slow it down other than that, thanks for the ol c64 memories ;) - September 23, 2005 by TRIaXOR _

Doesn't work - Hi, I tried to download the plugin,but when i want to open the the file to install it,i get an error. What ever i try,it won't work. I have the latest winamp installed,so i assume that's ok. Can you fix this please ? Ok Greetzz...Eric - September 5, 2005 by Eric Hemming

There are two main bugs - Hi. Your Sid Plugin produces more decent sound than SidAmp, because it emulates the c64 hardware in a more accurate way. Well there is one main features missing and one bug to report: + The Built-in-Visualization(s) in the Winamp main window does not work. (Visualization plug-ins do not work at all?) +This plug-in uses the seeking bar to select / choose the sid tune - subtitles. This is a great idea, but select a subtitle with the seeking bar does not work everytime. Very often, you have to click / hold and click the seeking bar to a certain subtitle again, if seeking does not work the first time. In other words: to choose and hear a certain subtitle successfully you have to repeat selecting the wanted subtitle very often. You can try this one: If you can fix the mentioned bugs, then your plug-in beats "SidAmp". PS: SidAmp also works in Winamp5 , you just have to disable your "Modern Skin". - August 1, 2005 by Borg Number_One

Very Cool! - I got the old original SidAmp that only worked with WinAmp v2, but needed to reinstall. It's pretty awesome to hear some of my old favorite tunes. I don't know of any other Sid player so this rocks! - June 7, 2005 by Dan McDonough

Lacking Features - This is better in someways but it is considerably lacking in somethings. The PRO of this plugin is that it knows how to read the embedded SID Info Tag unlike any other plugin which is a BIG plus. :) The rest though are CONs compared to SIDAmp: The Sound Fidelity sounds less crisp and loud when using SIDAmp. This should have support for a few other formats besides SID since MUS is another SID format and I know exists in libsidplay. I know this because SIDAmp provides this support. SIDAmp also provides support for the Visulization to be detected as well as time display movement. True this is plugin is a Beta 2 but I wish I knew exactly who made it and what their website is since I can't tell if it is since there's no new NEWS for a couple years on that page :|. Anyways, thanks for all the fish. :P - May 19, 2005 by Jeremy Priest