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ShowCover v211

See a slideshow of images while playing music.

See a slideshow of images while playing music.

ShowCover reads JPEG and BMP files, and can make a slideshow of CD-covers, band member pictures or whatever you like. It has a window fully compatible with Winamp's playlist. And features ID3 tag viewing and customizeable display. Improved EasyMove! and implemented "Jump to Image" dialog.

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September 28, 2000 by Christian Larsen97283 downloads

ShowCover v211 - See a slideshow of images while playing music.

Staff review

View an image library while you listen....

Great for album covers or band photos... just put your image files into the same folder as your mp3's... and you're personal slideshow shall begin. Nice customization is provided so you can adjust how fast the slides cycle among other features. Showcover window also snaps to the Winamp window. So skinners.... there's another window for you to decorate. -dg


Just works - An album cover viewer that doesn't require some kind of stupid file naming system or location. Works straight out of the box to show any pictures in your album folders. Great work. - June 30, 2008 by Bandit Jim

hi i downloaded it - its in plugins a dll file . i have also put the mp3 in folder of pictures on playing nothing happensplease need help how to use it - January 2, 2008 by gangesh sachdeva

pretty kik ass! - kool plug-in thank you to the author! the plug-in is in old winamp style (any chance of more skins please?) and gives the album info to!!! (finally winamp (functionally) is how i had it in my imagination [email protected])anyway you get: pics, album info, slide show and image fitting pretty kool huh? sorry first review*cringe* - October 6, 2007 by david shaw

Doesn't work the way I hoped for - As far as viewing mp3 album art, it doesn't do just that. What this plug-in looks for is a separate JPG file and each time a different song is played, the art does not change. I was hoping it would read the ID3 information from the tag so the art would be seen while the song is playing. Also, can't I just see the album art alone in a window side-by-side with the player? I don't need any text information about the song since it's shown in the player itself. - January 27, 2007 by Christopher Ryan

super.. - gerçekten mükemmek bi plug-in - January 8, 2007 by Mehmet Gokhan

serious bugginess - As another reviewer mentioned it tends to crash other software. I noticed that its DLL seems to be loaded as a module in each of my processes. Very strange. Also, as well as the filesharing software already mentioned, it seems to cause Azureus (a java bittorrent client) to shut down as soon as Winamp is launched. I wonder if this has been done deliberately by the programmer to discourage filesharing (?) A lesser complaint is that it doesn't display folder.gif files which is out of step with windows explorer's thumbnail view. Otherwise it's a fairly simple and functional plugin that works as promised. - October 11, 2004 by Emanuel Crisp

slide show rocks! - What sets this apart from all the other cover art plugin is the slide show. I can have bunch of album cover arts and it will show them all! No more renaming all my picture to cover.jpg or folder.jpg. It will show any jpg if you stick in the folder. - September 19, 2004 by Daniel Kim

Keep going to be a smarter - I wish the next version can also show screen savers files. It's good to realize that all skins become great after windows auto screen saver session (including Carlo's nasty lyrics skin). I'll keep one star waiting for the up-date version. It disappears in winamp 2.60 or above (Xp) but, no problems in 98. It will be smarter if Larsen can add a hotkey as well. Anyway, this a great plug-in. - May 6, 2004 by Early Morning

great, but what about ID3 image support? - Congratulation, in my opinion ShowCover is the best Cover Viewer on Plugin Database. But that does not mean it could be better. ShowCover has the advantage of playing ANY JPG file in the folder the current mp3 (not only label.jpg like other plugins) an even presents a slideshow if exist more than one jpg. My whish for a future version: Additional support for images in ID3 Tag! As you know, there is also a way of putting images into a mp3 file .. I will give 5 stars to any plugin doing a combination of ShowCover and the basic feature of Cover and TAG by Joerg Richter. That would cover all ways of combining mp3 files and images. - December 18, 2003 by Dr No

buggy! - crashing eMule+ everytime winamp loads!. I don't know about eMule, eDonkey so, but if you are using eMule+ - you can just forget about this plug-in. Use Tag&Cover instead... - November 12, 2003 by jacek karma

!!!DOES work with Winamp2.91 !!! - Sorry for the misinformation - there was something screwed up with my Plugin.ini File! PLUGIN WORKS WELL AND IS A JOY TO USE! Greetings, MARTIN - April 28, 2003 by Martin Lansky

"ShowCover v211" - Great, non crashing, big as you want display of your pictures. Will give it 5 stars when I find out a few puzzling things about setting up slide show. Can't figure out "jump to image". Shows line up of images for slide show, but always uses same directory.I would like to show a slide show of scores of pictures of the same group who's song is playing. Staff review says to put images into same folder as Mp3s. I've tried, but it seems they may mean a separate folder for each band, which includes only their images and their MP3's. Believe me, once I get the answers on a few things, and you're into showing off your picture collection while playing your MP3s, it will be my favorite plugin. Don't write this awesome creation off. It's too good. I'll post what I find on my questions. - June 24, 2002 by Ron Cooper

Brilliant. But I do not understand... - Plugin is brilliant, but I do not understand since I can make to modify index of imagenes so that they are in the order that I wish - May 11, 2002 by lionel hirard

Re-sizable Image window , IDv1 Tag info. BUT... - This Plugin has the advantage over 'Cover and Tag' in that the Image is resizable. Thus I can have a full screen window displaying my High-res scanned in Cover images. The window displays IDv1 only Tag information -It would be nice for future versions to also have v2 information (also display the embedded v2 image if it existed) I plan to use this excellent plug-in to create a PC Jukebox rigged up to my TV, It would be nice to be able to re-size the Font so I can see it from the sofa!!. I don't have Images for ALL of my files So it would be nice to display an alternative set of images if this was so (Like 'Cover and Tag' does.) Overall excellent plug-in. - May 18, 2001 by Greg Marsh