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ShoutAmp General Purpose Plug-in

For Shoutcast lovers... it's creamy good!

For Shoutcast lovers... it's creamy good!

Shoutcast without all those web pages. For more info/documentation, check out the website:

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January 29, 2004 by Clay Stallard142161 downloads

ShoutAmp General Purpose Plug-in - For Shoutcast lovers... it's creamy good!

Staff review

Browse Shoutcast channels inside Winamp window

Very useful plug-in that allows you to bypass a web browser when you want to listen to shoutcast stations. Relatively easy to set up and create a favorites list. New version adds internation language support, keyboard shortcuts, and proxy support.


Shoutamp - This make looking for a particular genre much easier than mucking through the Shoutcast webpage or using the "internet radio" option in Winamp. It short-circuits a lot of stuff because of the way it sorts by genre. I would recommend it highly for someone who's primarily interested in internet radio. - July 29, 2005 by Frank Bell

ShoutAmp - Huh, gee and clicking on media library/internet radio is too hard.Thats the little ML on the front.Where do you think all those stations come from. - June 9, 2004 by Kittredge Gagnon

Just rocks!!! - Thank god somebody came up with such a cool plug-in. - March 31, 2004 by Charles Ghantous

I use this all the time. - Very good. For some, the banner in the middle may be irretating. But I think it's cool. Specially when the banner colors matches the WA skin ;) It even looks sponsored. heh - August 24, 2003 by Daniel Lunde

Wicked - If u aint got it, why the hell not? - January 2, 2003 by philip Kerman

Works good but... - The selection of stations stinks. - May 19, 2002 by Tony Cuccia

cool - Works well, found some good stations. Easier than having to back to the Winamp Shoutcast webpage. - April 15, 2002 by Richard Minter

This is the way the world should be! - ShoutAmp is a remarkable piece of programming. Function you always wished you had is right here - I suggest it's an essential plug-in for WinAmp. Fantastic! - January 13, 2002 by Leo Feret

You've gotta have this plugin!!!! - Must have if you like shoutcast!!!! - September 28, 2001 by Tom Maldonado

I love-it !! - I enjoy very much shoutcast and this plugin make shoutcast even the better!! - July 10, 2001 by Katsura Nakamura

Ummm.... it's creamy good indeed! - Shoutcast RULES!!! I hate having to open a browser just to find another choice Shoutcast stream... this plugin helps tremendously. - July 10, 2001 by Eric Tums

... - Not bad... - July 9, 2001 by Tim Schnurpfeil