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Allow send file to specified path from playlist menu.

Allow send file to specified path from playlist menu.

Do you need copy files from winamp playlist to some folder (e.g. folder for burning, portable media player, etc)? Than do it easy with SendTo plugin.

SendTo plugin add item to winamp playlist for send file to specified path from playlist.

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December 12, 2006 by Alexander Lototsky47903 downloads

SendTo - Allow send file to specified path from playlist menu.

Staff review

Send file to a specified folder

Installed and useable straight away though it ws rather basic and is only accessible via the right-click menu in the playlist editor (a keyboard shourtcut/global hotkey would have been nice). Works but nothing special in it's current state.


Multiple destinations hotkey-feature please! - January 9, 2011 by MN

Easto use but.. - Using Vista I had a large list of music to move/compile and only seemed to move 20 or so at a time?Highlighted the full list but did same thing...once 20 or so files were in the destination no others would copy? - May 17, 2009 by mbarnes6

SPLENDID! one suggestion though...... - Thank you so much for making such a simple yet useful plugin..... beautiful! I use this nearly every day!Just one suggestion for future versions..... as an option from the "configure selected plugin" menu users could have the option to prefix each file name with a track number style number (with leading zeros) referring to the order in which each track is in the winamp playlist when "send file" function is run. This way the files could be easily placed on a portable device or burned to audio CD whilst automatically retaining their playlist order if played by the alphanumeric order of the filenames. I would suggest that by default the plugin functions as it does now but I would certainly find this a highly useful extra option on occasion :-) - February 20, 2009 by Edmund Jones

Didn't work with Blackberry - Had high hopes, but got error trying to send files to MicroSD card on my Blackberry 8310.That's too bad for me, but I see that it's working well for other people. - December 31, 2008 by Richard P

GREAT for car stereo USB drives! - Now I can make play lists, and store the corresponding MP3 files on the flash drive in folders just the way I need them... NOT the way Winamp decides!Such a simple feature makes all the difference in the world for car stereos that can't run M3U play lists.Why didn't Winamp or anyone else have this ??I have literally been searching TWO DAYS STRAIGHT for a solution!! This is a lifesaver.THANK YOU ALEXANDER! - July 3, 2008 by P Logue

Very useful - Very useful - May 31, 2008 by Pero Postar

Best "SendTo" plugin.. - I have tried the gUSB but you cant configure it. This one has a much smother sendto.Not just send to a drive but to a folder!!!(And no French.:)) - April 20, 2008 by Rickard Uddenberg

Just what I needed! - Just the answer for my MP3 Player. Now I can send selected songs directly. Timesaver!Might be handy to do it from the media library too. - January 28, 2008 by Gerald Christoffel

Great! - Just what i need!! - January 27, 2008 by adrian peralta

More or less perfect... - I'd love the source code for this one, I've wanted a 'send to destination folder...' app for some time. This ones near perfect, but I would like in Media Library send support (at the mo, a track must be in the playlist window) and I'd like to change that. I'd also like the ability to define multiple destination folders, again to send from both playlist and media library. Anyone have any ideas, code snippets? As the SDK dosen't really cover this.... Thanks. - January 23, 2008 by Josh Homerston

Good one! - Great plugin ;) very usefull ^^ thank's for it - December 31, 2007 by RaPSoN HWDP

Sucks. - Tons of error messages. It was working for 1 song at a time, but that is not an option for me. Playlist unpacker works much better. - September 19, 2007 by joe gorm

Great Tool - Just what i´ve been looking for. I already used other pluguins that include file management functionality, but they had other features i didn´t need. this is simple and veri useful. - March 17, 2007 by German Ventriglia

Good one. - Useable. - March 1, 2007 by Nelson Fluckz

essentiality plugin !!!! - essentiality plugin !!!! - February 22, 2007 by max jix

send file program - does what it says, nothing special. - December 13, 2006 by anthony serna