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Screen Lock Detector

Pauses/stops Winamp when you lock your screen, resumes afterwards.

Pauses/stops Winamp when you lock your screen, resumes afterwards.

This little Winamp plugin will make Winamp stop whenever you lock your screen or return to the Welcome Screen using Fast User Switching, resuming play when you return to your session.

In addition, it can behave differently for streaming and non-streaming media; for example, streams (like web radio) can be stopped and restarted while "normal" media is paused and resumed. All this is subject to your configuration choices, of course.

Improvements over other such plugins: More functionality, configuration dialog, small DLL size, no crashing.

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February 26, 2006 by Joachim Fenkes9478 downloads

Screen Lock Detector - Pauses/stops Winamp when you lock your screen, resumes afterwards.

Staff review

Screen lock/XP fast switching control

Note: this is for XP or higher only and the plugin will not load into Winamp if run on anything below.

This works well and the choice of what to do with the different actions was nice.


Very good! - This exatly (or near by) what i was looking for.But when i logout, for fast switch to another user, winamp is paused. very good. When logged in with another user, the winamp comes do play again. That is not so good, becouse the other user cant control the winamp.And that broke, in a half, the functionality of the plugin.Fixing this, the plugin deserve 5 stars.PS: the "Abbrechen" button could be "Cancel" or "Close". ;) - September 2, 2008 by Fabio Brandao

that's good! - exactly what I was looking for, works great, thanks! - May 2, 2008 by seb seb

Great little plugin - The screen shot that you are watching is all you get. Which also means is super great because it is just what it is supposed to do. Thanks Joachim. - January 28, 2007 by diego garcia

Does what is says on the tin but.... - Well the plug-in does what is says on the tin but literally so. For instance if you set your screen saver to lock your computer then only when you move the mouse/click etc does it bring up the lock screen and hence pauses the media (or stops). If you then leave it to go back to the screensaver it will start playing again, even if you never unlocked the computer. Therefore, it appears to only work when the screen lock window is open (i.e. you can see the dialog saying the PC is locked). This might not be a problem for some. This aside it does indeed pause local media and restart as required! Sturdy except for the above limitation, add the feature to pause on screen saver and also locked screen saver and this would be a 5 star - July 25, 2006 by Richard Jarvis

Great job! - I love this plugin to bits, it does excatly what it says on the tin with no issues whatsoever :) - March 13, 2006 by Chris Thomson