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Initial release 1.0

Initial release 1.0

Remote plug-in, for Asus My Cinema-P7131, should work with Dual version too, and maybe another saa713x chip tv card.

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December 26, 2006 by Boris Barbulovski10475 downloads

remote713x - Initial release 1.0

Staff review

ASUS TV Remote support

This appears to attempt to auto-detect a compatible card and so could not be tested any further. It didn't cause Winamp to crash in the unused state.


tip-Top - Installed and worked fine.I just can not configure it in order to make the Next/Last button work like the Up/Down. - October 28, 2007 by Jul Kien

Don't work - Don't work with Aver 505 (Philips SAA7130) - April 14, 2007 by Uncle Rus