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Remote Control plugin

Control Winamp using almost ANY IR remote control.

Control Winamp using almost ANY IR remote control.

Remote Control plugin for Winamp allows you to control Winamp from your IR remote control. You can see all the information about the current track or playlist in a full screen, add songs to playlist, browse for them on your HDD or CD, control playback and volume, switch on/off the screensaver, monitor, even shut down computer, using any IR remote control, e.g. from a TV or an amplifier.

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January 14, 2002 by Andrey Moujikov66054 downloads

Remote Control plugin - Control Winamp using almost ANY IR remote control.

Staff review

Very complete remote control plug-in

By use of just about any IR remote control, you can control a wide variety of key Winamp functions. Plug-in is very intuitive and easy to configure... a very smooth remote control and button setup section.


Great Plugin !! - This plugin does work. I had to tell winlirc to learn my remote and the names I used in this precess, are the same names I used when creating a new remote in the plugin. Great Plugin and it works correctly. - March 19, 2006 by Hillary Ford

bad reception - I tried several remotes with it with no success. The open source program it relies on (separate download) couldn't interpret the remotes' signals. - November 3, 2005 by Jim Foldesi

This is a WinLirc Client - I Haven't Jet Tested this plugin because i've not jet the supported Hardware. - May 10, 2005 by Simon Roder

Ebat v tolstuu zhopu all russians - Have seen last remarks about it... and just want to add my opinion for those who never uzed it... Sit down in your corrupted huge country and be happy that your president didnt put you in jail yet... Unless of coz you are money sucking "new russian" that can just buy any way out ... - May 14, 2004 by Alexandre Ostanine

This might be good...if I could figure it out. - This program sounds really good in theory, but I have no idea how to get it to work. It seems to need to connect to something but won't do it even though I am connected directly through cable to the internet, asks for a registration, and all the help files are "in a language not supported by windows." This claims to be able to work with any ir remote, but even my ATI Remote Wonder computer remote wasn't able to do anything with this program. - May 2, 2004 by Thom Sweeney

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Very good! - Very easy and comfortable to use. The best IR remote plugin for Winamp! - January 22, 2002 by John Smith

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