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RemAMP v 2.0

RemAMP v 2.0

RemAMP is a remote control for WinAMP over a TCP/IP LAN, and features full playback control as well as playlist support. This file contains both the installation files for the server plugin as the client application. Consult the readme file for installation instructions.

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April 19, 2002 by Michel Berger9551 downloads

RemAMP - RemAMP v 2.0

Staff review

TCP/IP remote control of Winamp

Allows for you to remote control Winamp over a LAN... I tested it on win2000 and it worked fine. Standard play/pause/etc. functions are included.


This is funky funky - This is a truly funky remote control. I'm using it to remote control winamp on a stationary computer hooked up to my hifi system from my WLAN laptop. One hitch, and I would appreciate feedback on it: when I click OPEN (open playlist) the player doesnt open anything at all? Whats the deal with this? Suggestions: @Fix OPEN function. Perhaps option to select playlist or open directories to manually select songs. @Change vol buttons so that if mouse click is held in, the volume changes continuously @Have a selection of player sizes available. I have a very high resolution screen and almost have to squint to see the player details. @Would you consider making a similar remote control for Media Player? - February 10, 2005 by Paul Nolastname

NICE!!! - This is the best plugin yet... though there is still some minor things that could be improved. Like the display only shows three digits of the song number, (ie. 013 instead of 1013, or 110 instead of 1105). I experienced some difficulties using the volumecontrol(server winamp stopped responding) Other things that I miss is the progress bar/counter, RemAMP only shows total time of each song and when you start RemAMP the display doesn't automatically update to current song. But this is like I said minor flaws. The client player has a very cool look and doesn't spoil your desktop with sharp colours and screaming buttons. This is a very good piece of work. Well done Michael. ;-) - October 29, 2004 by Roger Jacobsen