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Relic AIFx Decoder

Input plugin that supports AIFF/AIFC uncompressed and AIFR compressed.

Input plugin that supports AIFF/AIFC uncompressed and AIFR compressed.

The Relic AIFx Decoder is an input plugin forWinamp v2.x supports the uncompressed AudioInterchange File Format (AIFF/AIFC) standard aswell as the derivative, compressed Relic CodecFile Format (AIFR).

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December 16, 1999 by Janik Joire168052 downloads

Relic AIFx Decoder - Input plugin that supports AIFF/AIFC uncompressed and AIFR compressed.

Staff review

Nice to see added support....

Nice to see added support....But I cant test this I have no AIFF/AIFC files.


This plug-in is ancient and does not seem to play 24-bit 96000 Hz files from e.g. Logic 9 on the Apple. Also, it is not capable of displaying the info window (samplerate, bits, channels etc.) Someone really should update this. - July 13, 2010 by Pferdstock _

It doesn't work... Wait, IT DOES! - This thing did work for me eventually, but it took more effort than just installing it.First: Instead of using the installer's suggested directory, install it into the "plugins" folder of winamp.Second: If any of your files have a ".AIF" extension (some of relic's do), turn it into an AIFF before playing it. - June 11, 2008 by R B

Works fine. - This plugin works great. Installed with no problems and was immediately able to play aiff files (uncompressed with Windows file extension of .aif) - June 26, 2007 by David Boothe

Excellent - Works like a charm, plays all the homeworld music flawlessly. And the \'Nullsoft Waveform Decoder v2.0 error\' means that aifc files have been wrongly associated with the winamp wav decoder instead of this plugin, thats a winamp issue, not the plugins fault. - April 10, 2007 by Marco Lucifer

SUCKS - I normally use a different player. I bought Winamp 5.0 Pro thinking it might help. I have done as all the other users have suggested, but to no avail, does it work. Some one change my mind with suggestions. I give it 1 star for availabillity. - August 10, 2005 by Michael Jones

Dawn Of War - This is a great plugin, but is it possible to update it so that it works for Dawn Of War. - September 19, 2004 by Paul Dukes

Perfect - I needed a plugin to listen to some quirky AIFF files that I ripped from a game. This plugin plays them flawlessly - and, unlike some other people have found, I did not need to disable the normal wave input plugin. - April 12, 2004 by Greg Toombs

It's the best - WinAmp is gettin better and better.This plug-in is cool.Good job to Janik - July 11, 2003 by Mihai $uspectu

After quite a while, I got it working again. - Edit: Yeah, I finally figured out what I was doing wrong here, and here's my fix: Delete the dll and then reinstall it. That was simpler than I thought.----20011012: I don't know if it's just me or what, but this thing worked fine--when I was using 2.76--until I installed Winamp 2.77. Whenever I click play, I get the msg "Nullsoft Waveform Decoder v2.0 error: Unable to start playback. Missing codec or unsupported format." Suggestions?------ - April 20, 2003 by Ryan Nickell

Using with 2.80 - It works fines now with 2.80a (in the normal, 'plugins' directory), you just need to stop the Nullsoft Waveform Decoder (IN_WAVE.DLL) from trying to decode it: just deselect them from the config. Easy as. Great little plugin. - May 6, 2002 by matthew hasteley

FINALLY GOT IT WORKING - I too had the same problem that Ryan Nickell had, but it appears I got it working. The fix: Extract the file into the Winamp directory and every other subdirectory. One of them fixed it, not sure which, but I can finally listen to the Homeworld version of Barber's Adagio for Strings. WOOHHOOO!!! - March 24, 2002 by t h

Works like a charm. - Now I don't have to use Mplayer to play my aif samples I get from my studio buds. - April 9, 2001 by Brian Haberer