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RealReverb Convolution 3.1.0

Advanced sound reverberator using convolution.

Advanced sound reverberator using convolution.

RealReverb is an advanced reverb effect, that will make Winamp sound EXACTLY like a big theater or stadium. I emphasize exactly, because it truthfully simulates the echoes and frequency response of any particular place. To do so, RealReverb uses "impulse responses". These .WAV files contain the acoustic information of a location.Please read the review at:

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February 21, 2000 by Marc S. Ressl116487 downloads

RealReverb Convolution 3.1.0 - Advanced sound reverberator using convolution.

Staff review

Back at it with 3.1.0, Try it today

Does what it says. Man winamp is getting more sound stuff then I have buttons for on my home system. Ok the reverb works little odd with headphones. Can tune for my room with speakers. Kills my cpu DEAD. c


Я закачал вирус вместе с этой программой!!!!!!!!!! - February 27, 2010 by Aleksandr Baranov

Effects that can take me back to the clubs - Overall it's a nice plug-in, easy to use and makes nice effects. It's just too bad that it's loaded with spyware. Only download this plug-in if you have Ad-aware the anti-spyware at your disposal (you can get Ad-aware at - May 22, 2002 by Tony B

EXcelent!!!! - ^_^ Excelent reverberator. It "traga mucho" CPU... - April 4, 2002 by Jafo C-Null

nice one - my respects to the autor - July 20, 2001 by Adrian Iosif

very nice but......... - very nice plug in ,nice as in make you feel like your in a club nice or even out side of one ,but it doesnt have much distance with winamp alone you can get more distance and louness from your music soo...for loudness realreverd fails but for kool effects yea it passes.but then i can be wrong but give it a try - July 15, 2001 by kayc trini

The subject says it all. - The subject says it all. Loading up the mediumhall profile takes me back to the last time I went to a dance club. The lockerroom profile sounds *exactly* like the janitor's stereo in the Washington State University pool lockerroom did. Amazing stuff! I congratulate you. - June 16, 2001 by Jason Martin

Good job ! - This reverb plugin really does the job. Very profesional. I'm particularly reluctant to reverbs, but this plugin is good work. - May 19, 2001 by guillermo etcheberry

Interesting - Great Plug - Full Version (no expiry) little out of my price range tho. - April 1, 2001 by Steve Beer