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QuickTracks v0_5c

Quickly manage your music collection through right mouse menus. Perfect for Windowshade mode.

Quickly manage your music collection through right mouse menus. Perfect for Windowshade mode.

QuickTracks gives you the ability to display the music you want to see in the form you want to see it via right mouse menus only.

Customize where the right mouse menus appear, customize where to display from (Media Library, Playlist, or Directory), and customize what information is displayed on each right mouse menu (ie Artist, Title, Album, etc). Above that, there are 5 different play options to suit all your needs.

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(updated versions and even a non media library based version)

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October 6, 2004 by Todd Wilfling16436 downloads

QuickTracks v0_5c - Quickly manage your music collection through right mouse menus. Perfect for Windowshade mode.

Staff review

Acess Winamp music by way of popup menues

Very customizable way of setting up popup menues to manage your music collection. Not overly simple to setup, but, there is a fairly extensive readme.txt file to help out.


YOU ROCK - This is the best plug-in ever...and I hear that Todd guy is a hottie, too! - November 7, 2004 by Lauren Sachs

One of the BEST plugins!! - I've always been stuck having to either deal with sub-par sound in QCD or being uncomfortable with Winamp. Now, your plugin has allowed me to hear better sound with the feature I loved so much, QuickTracks!!! The Playlist (Raw) option (and allowing the list to come up by right clicking the Play button) is great! Thank you!!! - October 26, 2004 by Komplex Nous

:D - This is a VERY good and useful plugin. With as much music as I have and how much I use winamp I really needed something like this. Thanks! - October 24, 2004 by Alicia R

Excellent - This plug-in fills a much needed void for me by allowing easy access to all of my music. You can customize it to meet your own needs and access stuff right from the tray icon or other menus. Get it. - October 20, 2004 by Sammo Deadhead

Works fine - needs some time to be set up - As stated already, it's a very customizable plugin. Pretts good! Some of the good things it does: it can read your song collection from your media library database to be enlisted as submenu (so no additional scan necessary for the plug in); it understands the advanced ML queries to limit results; you can add submenus by specifying particular folders; the plugin can run its own internal enqueue list, so you can select and play a song by the plugin between songs in the main Winamp playlist. Winamp will continue with your normal playlist afterwards. You need some time to understand the way this plugin works. Then you really see how much potential it has. To add the 5th rating star, it should have some further development: the main wish is that the QuickTracks menu should be available globally, not only by either right-click on the QT Winamp item or the songticker window. If you could acess it within any application and directly on the dektop or at least within Explorer and your internet browser, it would do what it could. Secondly the plugin seems to be a bit slow, it doesn't seem to slow down Winamp in general though. GREAT stuff - looking forward to the next version! - October 7, 2004 by Rainer Labie