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Quick, flexible and convenient search from any application (Now supports huge playlists!)

Quick, flexible and convenient search from any application (Now supports huge playlists!)

This is WinAmp general purpose plugin that allows you to perform quick search within current playlist from any application using global hotkey.
Just press the hot key (by default it is Ctrl+Space) in any application and the small window with current playlist will appear. Type few letters and the list will contain only those items that contain the word you have typed.

Flexible configuration.
A number of search criteria you can choose from.
Small file size.
Now with huge playlists support!

Most rescent version available here:

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October 9, 2003 by Yason Belarus22239 downloads

QuickSearch - Quick, flexible and convenient search from any application (Now supports huge playlists!)

Staff review

Very functional search plugin

This is one of the coolest and most convenient search and enque plugins out there. When in another applicaction, simply press cntrl + spacebar (configurable to other key combos) and a little search window will pop up that allows you to enter text to browse for a song in your current playlist. The search parameters are also configurable. Highly reccommended for anyone that uses hotkeys.


Simple and quick - It works very well. Getting accustomed to Quicksearch is very quick and it finds your file in no time.Less is more. Some plugins have just too much graphics, this one does the trick. A useful addition, and it delivers what it says. - October 3, 2009 by Ikke

Works quite well! - There's really nothing I would change about this plugin, it seems to work just the way it's supposed to. Good stuff! - September 28, 2006 by Chris Young

Great quick search software - The last time i was able to use a quick search ability in the winamp playlist was in the winamp3 "Boom" skin, but since it was updated to winamp5 and "Boom" was also updated, it no longer had the quick search in the playlist, and alot of my playlist are in the 500's so makes it hard to find what i want without it. i'm glad i ran across this plug in, works and narrows down to the right songs and not just selections like the older skin "Boom" does. - December 28, 2005 by Charlot Ductan

Good - I'd just like to see one thing. Font controls, mainly font size. - October 27, 2005 by Allen Moore

works awesome! - This does everything you would ever want it to! what a great plugin. However, I do have one suggestion: It would be great if you could integrate the search box and results into the actual playlist editor (like a searchbox that is always there). But thats merely cosmetic! Great job Yason. I'll buy you a drink if you could figure out a way to integrate! Thanks! - September 15, 2005 by Aaron Hansen

Great! - This is the very plugin i've been looking for! I can search for a song in my large playlist, play it.. and winamp then plays the next track in the playlist without me having to do anything. I also like the simple design and the useful hot-key option. What would perfect this plugin for me is if there was an enqueue option, to enqueue tracks i search for instead of play them straight away. Thanks Yason for this cool plugin. - August 23, 2004 by Chris L

Very good, but... - Great plugin, where was it when I needed it months ago? :) However, the searching becomes very slow with large (multi thousand) lists. (possibly the listbox control's limitations?) - August 1, 2003 by Josh Kostelecky

I like it! :) - Small and very convinient plugin. If you have large playlist and don't want to loose the time for manual search - it's for you! Lots of configuration options. Need more? - your feedback is welcome. Try it yourself! - July 21, 2003 by Yason Belarus