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QuicKey V 1_2

TrayControl, HotKeys, TitleBar

TrayControl, HotKeys, TitleBar

Hotkeys and tray control Provides two handy ways to control Winamp's main functions. There is the tray control buttons that reside in the bottom right of your screen near the clock; these are pretty straightforward. And there are also programmable hotkeys. Makes for a good download for those that like to access Winamp quickly and easily.
Now with "TitleBar". Shows the actual SongTitle in front of active window.
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July 1, 2003 by Philipp B.10664 downloads

QuicKey V 1_2 - TrayControl, HotKeys, TitleBar

Staff review

Very handy all-in-one hotkey and display plugin

This one covers three areas; customizable hotkeys to control Winamp's main functions (play/pause/etc.), a tray bar display of Play/Pause/etc. buttons, and a track info display in your Windows title bars. It's nice to have all of these features wrapped up into one plugin. Easy to configure and setup too.


perfect for volume control - Great tool. The big advantage over Winamp's Global Hoykeys, is that the volume control is really direct and fast. That's why i use it. - August 7, 2007 by a b

Good - es muy bueno, sobre todo para la version 2, que puse en una pc. that's really good for version 2 - February 2, 2006 by Juan_Antonio Feria_Luna