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QuicKey 1_1a

HotKeys / TrayControl for WinAmp

HotKeys / TrayControl for WinAmp

Easy way to control your WinAmp.(QuicKey 1.2 is comming soon)

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February 8, 2003 by Philipp B.5895 downloads

QuicKey 1_1a - HotKeys / TrayControl for WinAmp

Staff review

Hotkeys and tray control

Provides two handy ways to control Winamp's main functions. There is the tray control buttons that reside in the bottom right of your screen near the clock; these are pretty straightforward. And there are also programmable hotkeys. Makes for a good download for those that like to access Winamp quickly and easily.


Not bad. - The assigned hotkeys work well. I liked that you combined the play/pause button (practical). And the taskbar control player is a nice touch. I just wish there was a non-global hotkey option, additionally. I use Dvorak (instead of Qwerty) so I need hotkeys to replace the "zxcvb" default keys. So I assigned my left hand homerow (aoeu - your asdf, without shift/ctrl/etc). But then I couldn't type this review without screwing up the winamp player. Unfortunate. - January 9, 2009 by Bryan Canaanabolaanan

Simple and good - Easy to use and configure. Does what it needs to do. Buttons however appear at random on system tray and this can be confusing at first.Managed to freeze WinAmp Preference while configuring as well, by clicking on Tray Buttons in Config.Otherwise works well and good interface. - July 7, 2008 by Ina Petersen

Very good winamp control tool - The thing I looking for many time. You can use any keys to control your winamp. Note: disable "always on top" before configure the tool. - January 14, 2003 by Alexander Shaida