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QuickBurn MP3

Burn directly from your Winamp Playlist!

Burn directly from your Winamp Playlist!

Burn Audio CD's directly from the MP3 and/or WAV files in your Winamp playlist with one button-click!

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August 7, 2002 by ClickSmash Productions27807 downloads

QuickBurn MP3 - Burn directly from your Winamp Playlist!

Staff review

Burn cd's from Winamp

Allows for you to burn cd's straight from Winamp. This did not work for my machine; it recognized my CD burner, but, whenever I hit the 'burn' button I would get a 'file not found (error 53)' alert. I tried it with fully legitimate and findable files. Hopefully others have better luck.


Now My Winamp (2.65) Is Complete! - Bravo, well done! Now Winamp really can do it all.Put the songs that you want to burn on to your compilation CD in the playlist, a blank CD in the drive then click 'Burn'!Simple, straightforward and FAST up to 35X! - September 18, 2007 by Dave West

cool - nice - January 30, 2006 by Sean Burton

Works perfectly - Create a playlist, select the burn speed you want, tell it how long the blank cd is, and hit burn. Displays a nice little fire-pattern progress bar, with another small window you can open to display the progress of the current track. That's it. I'm listening to the cd I burned right now, and it worked perfectly. Very good and simple. Does it's job right. Only thing I'd like it the option to burn a data cd with mp3 files instead of an audio cd. But since that's more of a feature request than a problem, it gets five stars. - April 17, 2004 by Isaac Raway