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Qmp3D - Improve your Winamp Audio

Qmp3D from QSound Labs is a software plug-in for maximizing your audio listening experience - for use exclusively with Winamp. When using Qmp3D, MP3 files are converted to full, rich 3D stereo sound. It adds an amazing rich audio texture to your MP3 files. In fact, we GUARANTEE the software will improve your Winamp MP3 audio. The effects are THAT dramatic!Qmp3D includes audio effects that are not found on other QSound products, including QBass and QVerb.

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October 3, 2000 by Perry Longinotti90298 downloads

QSound Qmp3D - Qmp3D - Improve your Winamp Audio

Staff review

Spice up your sound

Nice plug-in that gives Winamp extra bass, reverb, and full 3d sound. Definitely enriches your listening experience. It would be nice to have an option to save presets of your own. -dg


Demo (ns) - It's a demo, AND it does not work. Please, winamp people, ban demos that don't say what they are in the description. Let us know what we are downloading. Let us chose. - September 16, 2005 by eloy esp

First Impressions - The author does not suggest specific speaker arangements with this demonstration. I assume, by the inherent quality, to use high quality speakers for traditional style stereo recordings. It works best with music without excess DSP effects. QMp3D will likely sound best with typycal home speakers and might even integrate into home theater as well. If you're serious about DSP, take a look. Space replaces resonating midrange around guitars and vocals. Fortunately bass isn't forced to suffer phase shifting either, unlike many programs. This is a well executed addin and the premium features are certainly worth a look. - July 18, 2004 by Eron Fowx

totally ineffective!!! - This program is smoke and mirrors. It's not good enough to be called a bad plug in, with a support group to match. Multiple reinstallations of this program produced no effect whatsoever, Zippo! I bought this crap hook, line and sinker!... major, major, major rip off! - May 15, 2004 by charles shajkur

Not Great - I could get better sound quality fidling with Winamp and windows myself. - April 16, 2001 by Gary Weddle