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PluginStarter v1_2

Comfortable Plugin-Manager /-Profiler for Winamp

Comfortable Plugin-Manager /-Profiler for Winamp

DON'T ALLOW PLUGINS TO CRASH YOUR WINAMP!PluginStarter is a comfortable Plug-In Manager.Simply click on the plugins you want to start or just choose a saved profile and PluginStarter will launch Winamp with the selected plugins.Its useful if you have a lot of plugins installed, cause you can change between different profilesin one single click.Even plugins which can't be disabled in Winampspreferences won't start if PluginStarter deactivated them.Changes since v1.0:- real/own plugin-descriptions- default plugins- supports different plugin-directories- start with playlist / mp3-directory- replaced '*.exe-plugins' with 'Other'-programs (start every program with winamp, no renaming)- possibility to run profiles from systray- double-sized window/xxl window- a lot of minor improvements and additions- some minor bugfixesYou need Visual Basic 6 - Runtimes in order to run PluginStarter.Here are some links where you can download them:(WindowsXP/2000/ME should already include the runtimes) would be happy if you could give me a feedback by voting or sending an email (!

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July 19, 2002 by Martin Weber22902 downloads

PluginStarter v1_2 - Comfortable Plugin-Manager /-Profiler for Winamp

Staff review

Great way to manage plug-ins

This comes in really handy when you have conflicting plug-ins that crash Winamp. This way you can load Winamp with only those plug-ins that you want. You can save profiles too. Very easy to setup and use...also includes an extensive readme file. New version with many updates and fixes.


Brilliant! Finally a solution to... - ...all those conflicting or just plain badly written plugin woes we all have.I even found myself disabling perfectly fine, non-conflicting plugins that I never use and I swear the load time (and hopefully the memory footprint etc) have plummeted...!Well done, and I am addicted to the Easter Egg Game, maddeningly addictive! I hate you Herr Weber! - June 25, 2008 by Simon Manning

doesn't retain proper path in options following install - I just downloaded it and it looks very promising. I have only but one gripe... I have multiple installs and chose to install it to one Winamp location (C:\\Program Files\\winamp) It had drawn the plugin listings, etc, from the other Winamp location (D:\\My Documents\\Winamp 5.092; still installed at C:\\ location though) o_O and I had to fix that from the options menu. Otherwise, looks like it will do what I want it to do :) Thanks. - June 1, 2005 by Jonathan Matthews

Great - This was just the perfect Plugin controller. :-) Very nice work - April 7, 2005 by Yngve Laanan

its all i use on the toaster - this is a great program it can run everything on my machine with one click i cant say enugh good things about this program like i said i own a toaster and i runs great the read me to the end this guy is a crack up emotion deteter hehe well in dude LOVE IT :) - May 16, 2004 by achmed mandula

PluginStarter and Winamp 5 - YES, PluginStarter is compatible with Winamp 5. :-) - November 17, 2003 by Martin Weber

Cool ! - This is really very useful!!! I've got a lot of profiles for different usages, and i can start them with a simple click on the tray-icon. And with every profile, i only start the plugs i need. (i have a prof for writing mp3s, for different visualisations, for different playlists and so on...) Pluginstarter (imho) saves you lot of time... ...and, hey, there comes a really nice avs (breakdown) with ps that you should try with different types of music... its really, really cool, i guess. anything else to say? oh, i found a nice little game which the author didnt mention... nothing big, but funny for some time.... read the faq and do what the author dont want you to do at all... ("NEVER right click...") ;-) - February 18, 2003 by Tk W

Woot! - This is great. I have a buttload of plug-ins... and most of them start up when Winamp starts. But some i want just to open every once in a while. I can control every one of them in this. - August 5, 2002 by Sam Stopit