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cleans your playlist from duplicate entries

cleans your playlist from duplicate entries

This plugin can clean your playlist from duplicate entries. This is done by comparing each entry with all the others.

News in version 1.21:
- Just fixed a bug that made plCleaner crash due to a missing file

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July 22, 2003 by Dennis Hospach15652 downloads

plCleaner - cleans your playlist from duplicate entries

Staff review

Clean your playlists of duplicate entries

Fairly straightforward and easy to use; load a playlist, choose a name and location for an output file (the modified playlist), and then hit 'engage.' You will be notified of any duplicate entries in the list and you will even have the option to remove these files physically from the harddrive. plCleaner then outputs the modified playlist file without any duplicate entries.


Very useful program - This program does what it says for the most part, but I noticed that I have some duplicates of the same song with different spacings like Radio Ga Ga and Radio Gaga, so if this program got an update that let you tell it to ignore whitespaces or not that would make this one program even better. - April 10, 2009 by Darque Flux

Better than I expected - I loved how not only would it remove the multiple entries for you, it would also list what they were, where the file was located, and even had the option of deleting off the harddrive. I kind of wish it would just delete it to the Recycling Bin in case there was a mistake, but when I went and checked it by hand, it matched what the plugin in was saying, so I trusted it. - February 7, 2007 by Tatiana Kettenhofen

very nice - Works well, removed 11 hrs of 60 hrs from a playlist; most all duplicates are gone. - August 10, 2006 by Travis stoner

Great Plug-in - a must for large PLs - I searched this site and the 'net for ages before stumbling on this gem. It does exactly what it sets out to do, remove duplicate entries from nominated playlists. The Author was also very helpful when I emailed him with a question. Fixed my problem (LARGE playlist for background music at work, with many duplicates) very easily. Well done, Dennis! - May 30, 2004 by john smith

Works ok, update suggestion - Maybe this could be updated, so that it removes duplicates from the current playlist as winamp plays, and new songs are added to playlist. - December 29, 2003 by Phil Doyle