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Developed to unpack (copy) the files in the playlist-window into a directory of your choice.

Developed to unpack (copy) the files in the playlist-window into a directory of your choice.

With this plugin you can unpack the current playlist-files into a directory. You can choose languages, english and german are avaiable. Some options allow you to keep the playlist's sequence or to unpack the songs into subfolders. It's quite useful for burning CD's or collecting songs for a mp3-player. So just enjoy it.

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June 5, 2005 by Michel Helms34012 downloads

Playlist-Unpacker - Developed to unpack (copy) the files in the playlist-window into a directory of your choice.

Staff review

Copies current playlist files to a specified folder

Copying the current playlist files to the specified folder worked well. However the accessing of the menu option to start the mode is a bit awkward and some form of hotkey/shortcut would be useful. As well i found that this could lock up the UI when opening the preferences dialog.


Exactly what I was after - Was exactly what I was after to make an mp3 CD for my car stereo.One suggestion though, could you PLEASE add the playlist unpacker option to the media library playlists? Its annoying having to be playing a playlist to be able to unpack it.Thanks! - March 24, 2008 by Ashley Steel

Great - I think its great. I've been looking for a tool like this for ages! Its so simple to use, even my grandma could use it :PFirst i was using KingLister but it had a lot of problems copying all irems form the list, so there were 10, 20 tracks that couldn't be copied :/But this tool has absolutly NO PROBLEMS, I can only recommend IT! - November 20, 2007 by Michal Wons

Can't get it to work for multiple users - I've used this app for a long time but recently set up multiple users on XP sp2 and it locks up when opening Winamp for other users. We all have the same levels of access so not sure what the deal is. - November 18, 2007 by David Cummings

good but anoying bugs - Its an fantasitic idea but has a few bugs, in PL-file \"open PL\" disappears (hotkey still works) and \"open media libary\" is duplicated, it can freeze UI so far hasn\'t been permament but it is a significant delay, working on saved playlists with a right click function would be awesome. fix the bugs 4star, work on saved playlists with right click 5star. - September 23, 2007 by Brian Johnson

Excellent plugin - This plugin is just what I have been looking for! Works great with Winamp V5.35 too. I would l_o_v_e to see that one could only copy selected (highlighted) tracks as well. Well done! - July 31, 2007 by Bruce Humphrey

Great Little Plug-in - I've used this with many versions of WinAmp 5 and haven't had any problems. Like many other reviewers, I needed an app to create playlists in a directory to burn CDs or to keep the songs in order when copied to my MP3 player. I don't have enough room for my entire song collection on my MP3 player, so I create a mix with WinAmp and copy it to a directory on the player. The filename prefix addition is invaluable because of this. However, my own wish would be for an editable prefix, not just the standard PL**. - April 15, 2007 by David Cummings

. - winamp crashes on load w/this installed - December 4, 2006 by tr 67

Works like a charm - This neat little extention does exactly what it says on the cover: I usually make small selections from my library to share with others or to burn on CD. This usually involved putting up a playlist and the manually grabbing the files - usually restricting me to whole albums as it takes ages otherwise. Using this plugin I simply compile my playlist and when done I simply hit the button and all files are exported. Simple as that :) Now, why only 4 stars? I'd like to see a renaming function to rename files according to their tags and perhaps even sort them in directories based on genre or album. Small detail but when it does that I'll give it 5 stars :) One detail I liked as well: one of the other playlist exports reviewers stated that it didn't provide messages when something went wrong: this plugin notifies the user if something goes wrong and also wht file errored - awesome! - September 22, 2006 by Berend Dekens

Works for me. - I like it. It has given new life and interest to the various MP3 CD players around the house. Especially handy is the append PL000 option to get around self alphabatization. - May 25, 2006 by John Strager

Unusual needs met by this plug-in - I often need to make playlists for performances and move them to machines that aren't mine. Getting them from directories and keeping them in order was a thorough pain, with this I just save them with leading numbers and say 'play folder' on another machine. - February 24, 2006 by Thomas Summersell

Didn't work - It doesn't work with my version 5.08e (x86) i got off a demo disc with plugins. The option to save the files doesn't come up when i click on the Manage Playlist anywhere. And it's not anywhere else. But the box comes up when I click on the plugin in the Plugin menus. So 2 stars for me. I had a Subway sandwich with olivs today. - July 16, 2005 by Jim Acrodeodoran

Got what I wanted - I had spent much time making "the perfect" playlist mixes and wanted to make an MP3 CD with them but discovered WinAmp doesn't have that feature. This PlugIn allowed me to do that. I haven't had any problems with it using WA v5.08, however I don't use the "calculated common paths" as one reviewer tried. I especially like the setting in the configuration that adds a prefix to eachfile name to keep the exact playlist order. Constructive criticism: It makes my life so much happier and shinier to be able to copy playlists into a folder, however it would be even more so if I could just be click and drag without having to go through the hoops, short though they are, to get the job done. With some hunting, I got to the configuration window. I know these are free and all, but I would love it if people would include a simple readme for directions and whatnot - we're not ALL technophiles. - July 12, 2005 by David Cummings

Nice plugin - The plugin is really nice, but there are a few bugs, it seems. When using this, my 'manage playlist' button seems to stop responding for some time, and the plugin will fail to export the playlist if you use 'calculated common paths' on files which are lacking info in the ID3-tag. - June 25, 2005 by Henrik Christoffersen

Nice - This is a pretty useful plugin. Thanks. - June 24, 2005 by Lucca Krstulovic

Just what I was looking for - Good work ! I rate my mp3's and the new mp3 player I bought doesn't support subdirectories - so I was looking for a way to put all my highest rated mp3's to one folder in the player. Thank you :) - June 19, 2005 by Guy G

good plugin - I like this plugin and works only I can not change the lenguage - June 6, 2005 by GOKS Z