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Playlist Selector

Keep a 'Playlist of Playlists' and cycle through them

Keep a 'Playlist of Playlists' and cycle through them

This plugin allows you to keep a 'Playlist of Playlists'. You can either set a directoryto look for the playlists in, or you can have a file with the names of the playlists in them.Should allow virtually and unlimited number of playlists to be loaded (limited by memory) Allowsthe user to customize the forward and backwards keys. Also supports sequential advancementor random advance.

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June 1, 2002 by Joey Richey8457 downloads

Playlist Selector - Keep a 'Playlist of Playlists' and cycle through them

Staff review

Functional tool for controlling playlists

Allows you more control while selecting and listening to playlist files. You can customize what happens on playlist switch and even hotkeys for playlist advancement. Handy tool for playlist control.


Works, but one problem - This plug-in does what I want, but with one major problem. For some reason it doesn't support keypad buttons. It recognizes the buttons (at least / * - + ) but it doesn't switch the playlists when using them. I use the keypad to control Winamp in my car so it's pretty necessary. If the author is reading this please add this in! - July 4, 2004 by Tom Alberi

Perfect for X10 / Max10 Combination - I've been dying for this feature to be added to the max10 software which is what I use with a remote control to have the ULTIMATE JUKEBOX. Now I'm so happy, I can chill and flip through my playlists as if they were just hundreds of cd's lined up in a jukebox. Thank you so much! - July 17, 2002 by Imad Jureidini