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Like winamp 3's alt click.

Like winamp 3's alt click.

Primary function is like winamp 3's alt clicking, you add a song to be played next (overrides shuffle).There is a repeat selection button that repeats the selection of songs forever (or until you press the button again).The plugin also has a 'blank entry', i.e. it lets winamp select the song. You could make a selectionof songs with some blank entries, lets say a song, a blank entry and another song and hit repeat. Theplugin would then play the first song, then a random song that winamp chose, then the third one andthe process would then start over (first, random, second, first, ...)The plugin also has some hotkeys for some basic winamp buttons.Read the readme file for the whole list of functions.

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September 20, 2003 by Loki Eblis8439 downloads

Playlist improver - Like winamp 3's alt click.

Staff review

Control Winamp from Windows toolbar... plus much more

This is a fairly full featured application that includes toolbar control for Winamp as well as hotkey configuration, bookmarks, and a sleeptimer. Very extensive and clear manual/readme html file is provided...definitely check it out to make sure you are getting the most out of the application.


Great idea, rotten UI, not w5 compatible - I feel horrible about bagging what should be a useful plug-in and dismissing someone's hard work, but I hope the author will take this as a call to action. The one feature I liked about W3 was the Enqueue feature, which doesn't seem to work in W5 (oh, there's a button but nothing gets queued and I shouldn't need to configure something like that). I saw this plugin and my heart swelled -- my fickle, anal-retentive needs met! Okay, see that picture of the window? You can only access that through the Winamp Preferences screen. Notice the nine picto-buttons, two of which are greyed out? Yeah. You only find out what each does once you click on a working one. No hints, just random actions. I assign a key and -- surprise -- it doesn't do anything. Bah! Make it so I know what you mean by a button! Please? Sorry to bug out. - September 13, 2004 by Sausage McNasty

Staff review - The staff review is a little off :) (it's for another program) I've email them about it but nothing changed. - November 19, 2003 by Loki Eblis

Nice Add On - This plug in can seriously help you out.. It makes it much like Winamp 3 Alt setup thing. - July 19, 2003 by Nick M