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Playlist Autosave

Automatically saves your Winamp playlist

Automatically saves your Winamp playlist

Playlist Autosave V1.0 automatically saves the current Winamp playlist every minute.
I wrote this small plugin because your playlist gets lost when Winamp crashes. Furthermore Winamp doesn't seem to save the playlist when you exit windows with Winamp still running.

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January 26, 2006 by Bernhard Caspar20246 downloads

Playlist Autosave - Automatically saves your Winamp playlist

Staff review

Playlist saver

A simple little plugin which does exactly what it says it does. There were no issues to be found. (The issue with shutting down Windows with Winamp running is due to the online media check for new media options on exit which delays Winamp's closing time, an easy option to disable in the player to resolve it)


Installer is broken - It keeps trying to install into C:\Program Files\Winamp\\Plugins,note the two \ between Winamp and Plugins, and keeps complaining that it cant install there - August 14, 2009 by David Wolf

HELPP - how can i get this plugin to work? where is the playlist saved? because its not automatically saving in the Winamp folder, if it doesn't save in there can i change it to save into another folder? - April 8, 2008 by Dashawn Thompson

Sweet - A Plug-In I've DownLoaded Every Time I've Re-Installed Winamp-Thumbs Up- - March 29, 2008 by Anthony Marfilio

Does what its ment to - This is awesome, i use winampswitch to turn the volume up when i need to get up in the morning, and if i forget to save my playlist that night i lose it. Whatever your use it does what its ment to and is completely transparent. - September 23, 2007 by Brian Johnson

the best winamp plugin ever seen - this plugin is the best winamp plugin which I have ever seen. I have lost my playlist changes very often because I forgot to save it. but this plugin solves that problem =) - June 22, 2006 by jan blum

It really works!!! - You don't need to worry about your playlist...just add files and it autosaves!!! - January 31, 2006 by paul hell

fantastic! - thx, this is precisely wut i wuz looking 4, as my winamp tends 2 crash sporadically, i adjust my playlist often & i don't always remember 2 save it. - January 31, 2006 by NeyeL8R L8R