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Mutes winamp when phone rings

Mutes winamp when phone rings

This plug-in listens for a phone ring using your modem, and when a ring is detected it mutes winamp.

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April 9, 2002 by Yura Danilenko5195 downloads

PhoneRing2 - Mutes winamp when phone rings

Staff review

Makes handling your phone calls easier

Handy plugin that listens for a phone ring thru your modem com port....allows for you to either stop, pause, or lower volume of Winamp when phone rings.


The instruction on installation - For install rename Phone_Ring.exe in gen_PhoneRing2.dll and copy in winamp\plugins\ directory - July 17, 2008 by Yura Danilenko

Needs Tapi otherwise perfect - Great plugin have not had any problems with it and it works like a charm! - October 13, 2006 by Patricio Rivero

perfect! if it worked... - Crashes winamp on exit. Crashes winamp when hitting ok in the config. Would be absolutely perfect, if it worked properly. - November 30, 2003 by Gabriel Luci

It doesn't work at all - Bad thing ! Make winamp freeze without mute anything, I'll do it by myself, won't be worse - May 21, 2003 by luguen luguen

It works great, but. . . - you have to disable it to go on the internet or it won't dial. Also you have to be off the internet to configure it properly. But it's still a great plugin. - August 5, 2002 by Karl K'Deklk

Excellent !!! - This is great if you have your computer hooked up to a home stereo and like to crank it up. Keeps your friends and family from getting pissed 'cause you never answer the phone. - August 1, 2002 by Rick R

Just what I was after, but.... - This is exactly what I was looking for, something to mute winamp when the phone rings as I often miss calls when playing loud music ;-) Unfortunatley, it doesn't seem to work well on my computer (Windows XP and 3Com/USR 56K Voice) in that it somehow prevents the winamp.exe process from ending whenever I close winamp. Until I manual end the process I can't play anything else as something gets confused with the two winamp process running. Winamp also sometimes crashes and the explorer window I opened the mp3 file from has also crashed several times. - July 17, 2002 by Wes Hooper