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Just a 1-band parametric EQ

Just a 1-band parametric EQ

This is a simple parametric equalizer plugin. I didn't find anything like this, so I created one.
Tip: set Freq ~750Hz, Q~0.6 and gain to -8dB. Just like a variable loudness control :)
I hope you like it, and I'm expecting feedback from you all.
Cheers, Istvan

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January 27, 2006 by Istvan Nagy47979 downloads

ParamEQ - Just a 1-band parametric EQ

Staff review

Simple EQ

This worked and you could tweak it's output though if used to multi-band eq's then this is restrictive but that's how it's meant to be i guess.


Doesn't install - After installation nothing shows up in the Winamp DSP menu and the dll mentioned in another review cannot be found anywhere on my C drive. - January 2, 2007 by Max B

Good plugin, but... - but there are two issues I noticed. First, installer moved dsp_ParamEQ.dll to my root directory instead of Winamp directory. Second, I got unstable work of plugin with the following parameters: Preamp = -10; Freq = 20; Q = 12; Gain = +12. Hope it will be fixed :). And thanks for your work! - February 19, 2006 by Alexey Popov

ParamEQ - Nice one - February 12, 2006 by Carniol Dragos

Yes but... - Yes but... Q-Filter is sharware and not freeware... - February 6, 2006 by Michael Powell

Program missing - I installed the plugin, I looked in the plugins menu, but it appeares that the plugin "ParamEQ.dll" is missing.. Is there a way to fix it? - February 5, 2006 by Michael Powell

no more diff...... - I don't think so.... this plugin has nothing new.Q filter is better than this one - January 31, 2006 by Nilesh R