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oxos Winamp MIDI Control

Winamp MIDI Control

Winamp MIDI Control

Lets you control Winamp by an external MIDI controller. main functions are included such as Play, Stop, Volume up/down, Stereo Panning, Next track, Previous track, play number xxx in playlist.

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April 23, 2002 by M. S.29740 downloads

oxos Winamp MIDI Control - Winamp MIDI Control

Staff review

Nifty Midi control plugin

This allows for you to control Winamp's functions by use of an external midi controller. You can press a key or tweak a knob on a synthesizer for example, and have it control Winamp's volume, balance, etc. I tested it out with a Juno106 synth and a USB midiman connector and it worked fine. Make sure and check out the included readme good instructions on how to operate the plugin.


Works but.... - Although it says you can select your MIDI input, it only works on the device IT wants to use. Selecting a different device gives you a "deviceID" error when you click "start control". Don't know where its picking its default from either - not from windows MIDI default... So as long as you use the controller it wants to use, it works great. And if you don't know what Controller ID means, you shouldn't be using MIDI to control anything. - October 14, 2007 by C V

unable to use it! - this is a very good idea to design such a plug in; unfortunately, i couldn't select the midi device i wanted to use. this must be a simple bug and i really wish it could be fixed, so M.S., if you ever read me... for others with the same problem, there's a freeware called bome's midi translator that can do the same job, i think, by "keystroke emulation". ciao - June 10, 2004 by kepa1 buh

What is this? - Whats with all them damn Id's, and values? - May 13, 2002 by Ben Jolitz