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The plugin, that lets u select more than one output module

The plugin, that lets u select more than one output module

This plugin allows u to select more than one output module. So it is possible to select out_disk and out_wave.dll to here what u store

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February 5, 2001 by Frank Simon99242 downloads

Output-Switch - The plugin, that lets u select more than one output module

Staff review

Output Switch

Conceptually, this is a great plug-in... lets you listen to your songs as you output them. However, I didn't actually get it to work properly as it crashed Winamp several times. Hopefully, others will have better luck than I did. It was also not too easy to deactivate the plug-in itself... everytime Winamp starts, Out Switch automatically acts as the default output choice... kinda annoying.


Good plugin for accomplishing two output methods in Windows 7. But, the added DSP window is extremely annoying, and buggy. Get rid of it, and this would be rated higher. - December 30, 2010 by wjaspers

great stuff - I went through all your complicated ways of trying to find out how to register in a way to be able to post this just to be able to say that this tool is great! I have no other intentions...... I am not good at producing musik, I am just good at listening to it and cutting it down to just save my preferred stuff. But I had to register as some kind of producer..... sorry I can not provide that sort of skill...... I just wanted to give some credit to a person that has that kind of skill: I have been looking around for something like this ever since version 2.91 asked me to update and I accidentally clicked "ok" After that my fine-tuned plugins did not work anymore. Finally after long search I found this and I am able to listen in to what I am recording again and cut it off at the right time without having to listen to the whole thing again first after recording before I can cut it into fitting pieces. Finetuning after recording is finally easy again :-)))) ok, it is kind of hard to configure it at first, but when you get the hang of it, it is just great! - October 27, 2005 by Mysteria I

perfect - in combination with directsound output & nullsofts diskwriter (with mp3 encoding) this works like a charm. now i can record all shoutcasts streams without having to run a second program or being worried that some "new email (p-toing)" sound comes in. running with winamp 2.91 & kx project drivers - October 1, 2005 by floris schropp

3 stars for ider 0 for not working - This Plugin is the best idear in the world unfortiantly it does not work if you run 2 DS plugins it just goes MAD. I dont know where you would be able to use it tho... - August 19, 2005 by Johannes Yde

Just the same as output stacker. - I can't seem to get these to sync up with the gapless output. I always get an echo like effect. - December 22, 2004 by Kenta Yoshikuni

ESSENTIAL - brilliant plugin, works perfectly, when used with out_MP3 you can save out your shoutcast streams and hear them at the same time (this really should have been built into WinAmp). The one single problem I have is I haven't figured how to close that window (can someone let me know) - May 13, 2003 by Sarah Davis

bah - A for effort but it could use some more... - July 3, 2001 by Robert Russell

HELP!!!! - This would be a wonderful plug-in, except for one little thing, it doesn't work... for me. When I install OUTPUT-Switch it asks if I want to create a new "out_switch.txt" I said yes, then whenever I open WinAmp it tells me that "The application or DLL C:\Program Files\Winamp\out_switch.txt is not a valid windows image. Please check this against your installation diskette." Then WinAmp run when I hit OK, but if I use Output-Switch the program freezes and I have to close it with Task Manager. I have Windows2000 Pro, if anyone can help me (I REALLY want to use this plug-in) please e-mail me at [email protected] Thanks. P.S. How the hell do you a)get that damn window off your screen, and b) uninstall it? - June 28, 2001 by Tim Mullally

Good job! - Thought this was a great plugin. Took me a while to figure out how to get rid of that annoying window, though! Turns out that the check box is a little off. I had to click below it to make it work. All in all, great job! - May 14, 2001 by Ryan Anderson

Output-Switch - Very easy to use, for mixing at parties it's perfect! - May 5, 2001 by Vincent Vincent