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OSS3D R7 for Winamp2

Multifunctional dsp component with tons of features.

Multifunctional dsp component with tons of features.

Trial - this plugin contains the latest EQ10, multiple algorithms for 3D stereo expansion, and more.This component is designed exclusively for polite and respectful users. Others shall not download this plugin.

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December 5, 2003 by George Yohng158549 downloads

OSS3D R7 for Winamp2 - Multifunctional dsp component with tons of features.

Staff review

Extremely clean and nice sounding DSP plugin

Well worth checking out... sounds great, and the user interface is clean, stylish, and easy to use. Includes settings for 3d surround, Environment Space, fidelity, reverb, virtual subwoofer, etc. Comes with several useful presets and also gives you the ability to save your own. It will really add some sparkle to your audio files. This is a trial version.


Just do it - Up until now I thought that Wave Surround was the ants pants. I had been using that one for 3 years, and I don't move across very easily. I am VERY particular about my music and how it sounds. But wow, this is soooooo clear, and a tight full bass to die for. I'm in heaven! Just get this one. Worth a few bucks too. Damn, I ran out of stars! PERFECT JOB. - January 28, 2007 by Peter Zawacki

Fantastic !! - This is what you call quality and hard work . I don't even bother with paying money for a plugin cause i am always dead set against it but this is well worth it . Great job !! - March 12, 2005 by Nikkie c

Good job George! - I've been listening with this plugin for over a year now. It works with ALL kinds of music, it's clean sounding, (if setup poperly) and the settings are endless. I have Monsoon speakers and I can make even these speakers sound BIG!! Thanks George! - February 25, 2005 by Tony Hobbs

this is cool - I'm not usually about extra thingies on my programs but you should try this if you want your music to sound better. I don't know how to adjust it but the default setting makes everything sound soooooooo cool. all those little sounds in the backround that get drowned out when you listen to loud music are now easy to hear and that improves the experience. - February 1, 2005 by Hammer McGee

The Best!!! - The Best Plug-in i'we ever had!!! - December 30, 2004 by Marin Alexandru

Dont barther ! - Don\'t barther downloading it. It is neither sounding much different from so many other \"environmental\" manipulators, nor is it anymore useful. Clear sound - perhaps, but also quite hissing sound. Like all other I\'ve heard so far, it pushes the sound to far out from the listener. 3 stars for the sound. But what the heck is that - a winamp plugin as a trialversion? For that alone i\'ll tke the 3 stars back again.......... Winamp plugins should NEVER be trialversions! - October 2, 2004 by Trina Dawson

hey george! - i give this 1 star because it's my favorite plug-in, and because it's only got 30 days of a trial. what a bullshit thing to do for a winamp plug-in. tease people, then snatch it out from under them. this also makes it where you can NEVER try it again. come on, what kind of shit is that? this is my favorite plug-in, but i can't see paying ANY money for ANY plug-in; ever. i also don't have a credit card, which is currently the only way to purchase this.(which shouldn't be) and, if i did have one, it would not be spent on plug-ins. i can achieve the same sound, it just takes 2 or 3 plug-ins (.dll's), and they are free... i just can't see why you and a very small few think there shit is better than everybody else's, and feel the need to charge money for a plug-in. good luck in your money quest.... mine is still in my pocket. - June 15, 2004 by bart heyman

4front does it again - Another great plugin from 4front technologies. Remember that 4front demo plugins use more cpu than registered versions, because they dont waste much time upgrading/optimising the demos. Which is ok by me :) - January 14, 2004 by jesse g

I remember you - you made 4 front headphones god bless you! Is this for winamp 5? I need an enhancer for it. - December 20, 2003 by Estepha Francisque

Freeware, please. - I hate trials, shareware'n'stuff, considering the amount of good freware software available out there. A shareware stuff it's like an ugly rainy day on an otherwise great holyday. And this stuff here it's just a plugin for a main program which is free... just think about it... Make it addware or something, if u must, but the very concept of shareware upsets me. And I can't even dl it. The link doesn't work... The plugin seems pretty good, though... - December 15, 2003 by Sam T

I like it .. - its not so bad.. sounds decent and i listen to mostley rock/alternative etc... dee and all the others seemed to have been made for rap and things with more bass.. though that option is in this plugin , it just sounds the best for rock tunes ... im sticking with this , im comfy with it now..... - December 14, 2003 by nikkie c