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Optimus Gaming Joystick Controller

Control Winamp with your joystick.

Control Winamp with your joystick.

This plugin was programmed so a user can control winamp without having to switch to Winamp. This plugin is handy when running fullscreen applications with winamp running (e.g. a game or a fullscreen visualization plugin). With Joystick Controller, you can control just about every aspect of Winamp by assigning commands to various buttons or axes (even hatsticks!).Now includes JostickDJ which allows you to do crossfades between two Winamp instances using a joystick axis!

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January 29, 2002 by Russell Phillips15042 downloads

Optimus Gaming Joystick Controller - Control Winamp with your joystick.

Staff review

Control Winamp with a gaming joystick

Useful for when you are in a fullscreen game application and you still want control over Winamp functions. Fairly good configuration options...and a good readme file is included. New version with dj joystick crossfading action.


Supports more buttons than the others - Useful useful as a sega saturn usb pad has marks for play/pause etc on buttons 4-8 and the other joypad control plugins i tried only support 4 buttons. - September 16, 2008 by Andy Selby

You misconfigured it! - The volume is behaving that way because you've obviously bound it to an axis. If it's a button, the axis can only be full, half or zero. However, you can fix it by binding the buttons 'UP' to 'Volume up 1%' and 'DOWN' to 'Volume Down 1%'. I wrote it to support both switched gamepad button axes and variable axes. Just remember to unbind the axes before you bind the 'UP' and 'DOWN' buttons. Oh, and for the record, I lost the code to this plugin ages ago, and I accidentally killed my old Winamp account.. so I'll probably rewrite this plugin someday. - July 30, 2005 by Russell Phillips

not compatable? - this plugin seems to have issues..i try to use it with my gamepad..and when i try to lower the simply takes it down to 1%..instead of dropping the volume by 1% is takes it down to 1% for as long as i hold the button... the interface seems good..has a lot of options. but needs work on compatability - April 11, 2005 by william carswell

Great plug-in! - This program really does its job. I was able to configure all the buttons on my logitec wingman rumblepad with ease. I can't think of anything that out-does this aside from IR remote control programs, but thats comparing apples to oranges. All I can say is I'll be using this program from now on. - August 6, 2004 by Steven Weller

It is a stick(manual) car, and it's the best. - Though it seems difficult to use, it's so simple and versatile. I dare to say it's the best jotstick plug-in. - December 21, 2002 by HyungSeok Ryu

works - works good with my Gravis GamePad Pro in Windows XP, even when winamp is not front app - June 12, 2002 by kyle smith

Feedback on Feedback - To D T: Hey, when I wrote the plugin, I was trying to think of a user friendly interface, but I decided to make it compact. As far as I'm concerned, you only need to deal with the confusing stuff for a few minutes whilst you set it up then you can just use the thing, so I didn't really put 'ease' that high on my priority list. To Stephen Yeah: Yeah, I know I should have incorporated an 'unbind all' button, or I could have shipped it with no binded buttons, however I decided to 'template' it for the standard sidewinder, which is compatible with any good stick with a POV, throttle and rudder. If you've got the 2 axis job, then just deal with it. I think the hard part isn't unbinding them, but sifting through them looking for bound buttons. I think the easiest way to unbind all of them is to edit the ini file directly. To Matt Matti: Thanks for the rating, but the Winamp forum is NOT a place to promote a web site. ***Thanks for the feedback everyone*** (except Bernard Gabon, who is trash) - March 7, 2002 by Russell Phillips

Hmm... - Contrary to the previous commentors opinion, this plugin is not "trash". He probably couldn't figure out how to configure it. It took me a few minutes to decipher the interface. :) Although the configuration window will probably confuse the heck out of you if you've just downloaded it, after messing with it for a while I've found that it's a rather useful plugin. I think it's rather advanced, considering it allows me to use every single axis on my Sidewinder Precision 2, including the rudder and throttle, and all the buttons. A little more user friendliness is all this plugin needs. - December 26, 2001 by D T

Not Trash - I would give it five stars, but it comes with a setting enbled that makes controlling the volume hell. first you have to unbind all the axis' before it starts to work properly (at least for me). It is the only plugin I found that has more than 4 button support. Once it is working it was much more responsive than the other joystick plugins. I am using a gamepad so it may be different for a real joystick. - December 21, 2001 by Stephen yeah

Optimus Gaming Joystick Controller - this plug-in is trash - December 3, 2001 by Bernard Gabon

This is a - useful if you download this then you have power of winamp in your joystick!visit my web site at - November 10, 2001 by Matt Matti