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OpenAL Output 1.0.0

OpenAL Output Plug-in

OpenAL Output Plug-in

Wumpus OpenAL Output Plugin for Winamp. This plugin lets you use OpenAL which is great for Windows Vista users who no longer have Hardware Acceleration. 0.9.0 contains XRAM support and optimisations for lower CPU utilisation.1.0.0 is mostly bug fixing

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November 22, 2008 by Sam T40692 downloads

OpenAL Output 1.0.0 - OpenAL Output Plug-in

Staff review

Better Sound for Vista

OpenAL provides some enhancements for soundoutput under Windows Vista. The difference is most noticeable with highend cards and speakers.


Simple and effective - I needed a plugin that would allow stereo upmix to stereo surround (4.0) and this accomplished that goal. My onboard audio has very limited surround settings so I am unable to adjust the volume output from the rear speakers. This plugin does not allow that either. Still, it is an improvement. - October 15, 2009 by Michael Beutler

amazing - I am using Sennheiser headphones on a Dell XPS m1530 laptop with Windows 7 installed and this output plugin really enhanced my sound output a whole lot! More crystal clear sound and for sure higher range of tones I did not notice with the standard winamp direct output and standard vista 64x sigmatel driver. Now my ears itch again after 2 hours of progressive @ 320 bps :-) - September 25, 2009 by petralian

hardware output :D - finally being able to take advantage of my x-fi notebook expresscard. Excellent plugin, although not the newest version, 0.8.1 final is available on sourceforge - December 13, 2008 by ALEX Vercetti