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A directory watcher and automatic playlist enqueue plug-in

A directory watcher and automatic playlist enqueue plug-in

Watches your music directories for changes and adds new files to the end of your playlist.

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November 26, 2001 by Joshua Gerrish7029 downloads

On the DL - A directory watcher and automatic playlist enqueue plug-in

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Watches your directories for changes

The concept is straightforward... you tell it to watch certain directories for changes...for instance, if you add a new song to the directory, it will add that file to the Winamp playlist for you. Unfortunately, I couldn't get this to work right... I tried it on Win2000 and WinME...but, everytime I added a file to the watched directory, that file did not show up in the playlist until I reloaded the playlist. Hopefully others have better luck.


On the DL review - Sounds good but does not work for me. - December 23, 2003 by Tyler Haskell

Good - it does what it supposed to do. its works fine with winamp 2.8 and windows 2000. i agree exactly what Michael Postmann wrote. - January 8, 2003 by fenix brood

Sorry, it doesn't work - With Win2000, no result. Bah... - July 31, 2002 by Manu Devil

Cool! This is the feature I've missed in Winamp!!! - It works fine (Windows XP, Winamp 2.80). I copy a file to my MP3-dir (even with the Command line !!!) and it is shown in the Playlist after 1-2 Seconds. Amazing! @Staff: The file is attached to the playlist. So you have to scroll down to see newly added files! Maybe you've forgotten that ;-) - June 10, 2002 by Michael Postmann

Fine plugin - This plugin is working perfectly well for me. That's what I've searched for a long time. I can now listen to the songs as they are downloaded, whitout the need to manually enqueue them. So, 5 stars for me. - December 8, 2001 by Er Zatz