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OhmBoyz Funky

Super multi-modelay effect

Super multi-modelay effect - v1.20 Funky Skin

This delay combines 4 pre-delays, 2 delays, 2 resonant filters, 2 high shelf controls, 2 distortions, and enough LFO's to keep any tweakhead happy! The combinations that can be made with this plug are staggering - from simple dub delays, to huge complex repeating patterns; you can create any sonic landscape with OhmBoyz Delay !

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November 7, 2001 by Ohm Force156495 downloads

OhmBoyz Funky - Super multi-modelay effect - v1.20 Funky Skin

Staff review

Great dsp effect tool

These people design some of the tightest skins out there... this one is no exception. Some really enticing knobs to twiddle here... and the effects you can achieve are really quite powerful. You have full range to distort your songs in a subtle manner or completely make them into unrecognizable sound. Good stuff. Demo version.


it's wonderful - cool - March 19, 2007 by izetergun ergun

Same like VST! - I have this Plugin as a VST-Plugin for my is great! But in Winamp i dont really need that! Anyway, great Plugin for Music-productions! - December 2, 2004 by Andreas Urbaniak

You Have To Register - this is a really neat plug in but you have to register it after like 6 hours which is a HORRIBLE draw back.......... - August 4, 2002 by Sean Shannon

Gimmick-ware....and full of bugs too - Crashes Winamp 2.7 under Win98. On the few occaisions I even got this plugin to load, it hardly made any difference to my output. Don't bother with this plugin! - March 20, 2002 by Luv Dup

Remarkable - The most outstanding WinAmp plugin available. The basic #1 generic delay routine is the best, and consequently the complexity of the program seems wasted on slobs like me. Do not use this product while high. It will kill you. - February 15, 2002 by Jon Savory

this is so cool - What gives? this is a great effect I had no problems??!! - January 25, 2002 by tom allen

Shame to the angry developpers - Here again they strike, here again they suck with their stupid 0 star votes. This plug is excellent, tell them all. 5 star again ! - November 24, 2001 by Ed Wood

ohm - sorry its not instel i still work for it - November 17, 2001 by shmuel david

Ohmboyz ' WICKED ! - This plugin is really powerful combining graphics coming from space and a complexe effect machinery. I use it on everything - November 9, 2001 by Sin Zopera

Good plugin - Ohmboyz is consists in powerful "sound machinery". This is the ultimate delay in particular for dub songs. It is really amazing. - November 9, 2001 by Shankar Rav-e

ok - ok - November 9, 2001 by macarie horea

Umm.. - Umm....may look nice to someone, but I don't care about this one. - November 7, 2001 by Nary Oung